All-terrain – Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) wins his second Enduropale du Touquet –

Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) wins his second Enduropale du Touquet

All-terrain - Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) wins his second Enduropale du Touquet -

For the second year in a row, the French rider Adrien Van Beveren won hands down the Enduropale du Touquet this weekend on the handlebars of his Yamaha YZ450F in the colors of Moto Land Yamalube Racing. The native of Racquinghem (62) is nearly 6 minutes ahead of Daymond Martens (Yamaha) while Julien Tournessi (KTM) is on the third step …

For the, the French rider Adrien Van Beveren won hands down the this weekend riding his Yamaha YZ450F in the colors of Moto Land Yamalube Racing. The native of Racquinghem (62) is nearly 6 minutes ahead of Daymond Martens (Yamaha) while Julien Tournessi (KTM) climbs on the third step of the motorcycle scratch podium.

Adrien Van Beveren’s trajectory

Adrien Van Beveren was born on January 4, 1991 in Racquinghem (62). At six years old, "VBA" debuts on a Kawasaki KX60 and catches the "virus". He participated in his first cross-country league race in 1998 then in 2007 turned to the French championship, after several titles in regional championships, and signed two promising podiums (Bitche and La Fare).

The following year, he tasted sand races in the E1 category and won the title of champion of France. At the same time, he finished eighth in the world championship of the category.

He lined up for the Enduro du Touquet in and finished sixth before finishing second in, fourth in and, third in and finally winning his first victory in and confirming this year.

"This is my second victory and I’m very happy!", Rejoiced Adrien after doing the holeshot in front of more than 1000 competitors and dominating the race until the finish: "I managed to do the difference from the start of the race and I continued to increase my pace ".

"I do not intend to stop there", warns the "regional of the stage" (see opposite) who also wins the title of champion of France of the Sands for the second time, hoping that "it is" that the start of a long winning streak. My bike was very efficient, I was able to do the holeshot thanks to my excellent top speed in the straight line ".

Despite a minor collision with a late driver, Van Beveren managed to complete his 14 laps of 13 km in 3h02’46.986 with a 5’50.964 lead over Daymond Martens and 6’32,862 over Julien Tournessi.

Yamaha also dominates the Quad category with the fourth victory of Jeremie Warnia (YFZ450R-Les 2 Roues-Yamaha Racing) ahead of Matthieu Ternynck (YFZ450R-Yamaha Racing Yamalube) and Jeremy Forestier (YFZ450R-Yamaha Racing), as well as the Junior category won by Maxime Renaux (YZ125-Yamaha Racing) ahead of Jeremy Bonneau (Husqvarna) and Jimmy Cossus (Sherco).

Not even tired…

"I led the race almost from start to finish trying to maintain a good pace without making any mistakes," said Jeremie Warnia. “There were less than ten riders on the same lap. Yamaha believed in me and my quad. In addition to being efficient, the YZF450R is also very strong, which is important in these types of races to be consistent and aim for victory. I hope to start again next year and would like to continue working with my technical team who did an incredible job today ".

For Maxime Renaux, the race started badly with a crash in the first lap, but "then I gave everything to get back to first place", explains the winner of the Enduropale Juniors. "The race lasted 1h35 and I won with a 1’30 lead over the second. It was a good race, I had good feelings. At the beginning I wanted to win and at the end I was not even very tired, the conditions were not very difficult. Yamaha has supported me since 2012 and for the last three days they have helped me to have a great bike for the European and French championships, so I am happy to work with them ”.

Abandonment for Steve Ramon

Deep disappointment on the other hand for the Belgian Steve Ramon (Suzuki), forced to retire due to a technical problem when he had finished … The former world motocross champion had crossed the first corner in 11th position before recovering on leaders, but had to retire after his first pit stop.

"Obviously I am disappointed, because everything seemed to be going well today", regrets the Belgian driver of 35 years. "I had trained a lot and I felt great, the bike was easy to handle in the dunes and we had a good top speed in the straights. All the conditions were there for a good result, but it remains a motorsport so we know that stuff is part of the game ".

"Mysterious breakdown"…

These will also leave a bitter taste to Pierre-Alexandre Renet (Husqvarna), victim of a "mysterious breakdown" when he had "worked a lot this week with Louis, my mechanic, and the staff who came from the factory to bring to the bike the necessary changes following the Hossegor race ".

"Sunday noon, I had a little trouble starting the bike in the closed park but I didn’t worry about it", says "Pela": "we paraded in the city before going behind the line I turned 11th at the end of the range and passed a few riders before reaching the end of the circuit. As I came back to 6th, the engine made a weird noise, I saw sparks and the motorcycle stopped. I didn’t even ride 10 minutes! "

"When Louis went to retrieve the bike at the end of the race, he saw that there was no more suppressor", continues the Husqvarna rider: "he connected the rest of the wire to the spark plug and the engine has restarted. On my bike, by design and with the large tank, the interference suppressor is not exposed at all. The reasons which could explain such a failure leave us at the very least perplexed "…

Top 10 of the Enduropale du Touquet 2015 (scratch)

    1. 1 VAN BEVEREN Adrien FRANCE Yamaha
    2. 12 MARTENS Daymond BELGIUM Yamaha
    4. 1082 PAIN Olivier FRANCE Yamaha
    5. 11 CAILLY Nicolas FRANCE Honda
    6. 34 BIGNOT Rodolphe FRANCE Yamaha
    7. 10 LETEVE Nicolas FRANCE Suzuki
    8. 36 MOLLON Eddy FRANCE Yamaha
    9. 19 MORAS Arnaud FRANCE Suzuki
    10. 37 TOSATTO Cedric FRANCE Yamaha

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