New products: Triumph Erlkonige

New products: Triumph Erlkonige

News from the roundabout

Anyone interested in new motorcycles knows this roundabout in the English Midlands without ever having been there. Resourceful photographers regularly shoot Triumph prototypes there.

This time there were four ?? all new or revised Triumph models for 2009 that drove the Erlkonigjager in front of the lens. And because it will be discussed in more detail, the first remark applies to a motorcycle that will not be part of the British model range next year either. Triumph is not building a new, large-volume super sports car until further notice. The sporty spearhead remains the extremely successful Daytona 675, which is receiving its first facelift after its third year of existence.

The three other machines show that Triumph offers and is further expanding a remarkably broad range of models. An upgraded version of the Street Triple, the R version, as a sporty naked bike. Furthermore, a new Bonneville and the two-cylinder cruiser with 1600 cubic centimeters, which has already been caught and shown several times. In relation to the Triumph Rocket III, it is practically a mid-range cruiser.

Erlkonig 1600 cruiser


Unfortunately, there are no indications of an ABS to be found. That would have been a good deed.

Thanks to the roundabout mentioned at the beginning, the new 1600 twin-cylinder cruiser is already an old acquaintance, but never before has it been seen with a windshield, in such neat condition and from the right side. There you will immediately notice the huge chrome cover behind which the pinion of the toothed belt drive is hidden. The same panniers as on the new Bonneville float heatedly just above the exhaust pipes of the low and long cruiser. Unfortunately, Triumph only announced the name of the machine shortly after this issue of MOTORRAD appeared.

Erlkonig Bonneville


Typical of the early eighties: Characterized by the classic look of a bare motorcycle, but with modern elements such as disc brakes and cast wheels.

Anyone who thinks of a Yamaha from the early eighties at this sight has exactly the right association. But it would be short-sighted to reduce the latest Bonneville variant to the predicate retro bike because of its somewhat wooden cast wheels and the faded-looking tank paint. Thanks to the 17-inch wheels, the seat height is very low, which the tall guy who drives it in the photo does not need, but many newcomers and returners or people of a more delicate stature do. And a luggage system with visibly spacious pockets, which Triumph helped develop, significantly increases the everyday practicality of the new Bonnie. The fact that she displays it in such a striking way can confidently be understood as a request:? Take me every day, to work, to go shopping or anywhere else. I can do it. ?? After the 865 in-line two-cylinder with fuel injection and catalytic converter were only made suitable for Euro 3 this year, engine modifications are not expected. So it remains at 67 hp, so the Bonneville does not make optimal use of the insurance class up to 78 hp.

Erlkonig Daytona 675


So the sporty spearhead remains in the model range of the English.

You have to take a closer look to find the novelty status of this Daytona 675 model documented from the outside: the front paneling was modified in the area of the air inlet, the headlights are cut less angular and got an additional paragraph on the lower edge so that they are now after run out at the back like a seductively intended eyeliner.

Not much can be seen of changed technology. The front brake calipers are designed differently than on the current model, and a photo of the Daytona taken at an angle from behind, not shown here, reveals two adjusting screws to the left of the shock absorber reservoir for the separate adjustment of the compression damping in the high and low-speed range. However, it is no longer a secret that the engineers of the Daytona breathed more power and released higher engine speeds for it. This is where the experience of the supersport races pays off. Perhaps the somewhat bony gearbox was also cultivated.

Erlkonig Street Triple 675 R

An engine full of pressure and character, agile handling and an affordable price with very simple equipment characterize the Street Triple. Because the underdamped spring elements hardly spoil the joy of driving, many were satisfied with this stand. Others, on the other hand, promoted the talents of the little triple with more noble parts from the accessory trade. What Triumph did not go unnoticed and which led to the Street Triple R. Radially screwed oven-piston fixed calipers instead of the simple, yet effective double-piston floating calipers appear almost like the brake overkill, but they add value to the R version as well as adjustable spring elements. As a visible sign of this, note the small, blue anodized compression setting unit at the bottom of the fork.

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