New Suzuki big bikes


New Suzuki big bikes

Think bigger

Naked bike fans watch out: Suzuki will delight the community of torque fans with the thickest in-line quad of all time. And for the retro friends there is also a new highlight.

Suzuki doesn’t want to miss anything in the big bike class. The sales successes of the Yamaha XJR 1300 were such a thorn in the side of the market strategists that they had to go one better. With the new GSX 1400, Suzuki is now putting the most powerful in-line four-cylinder in series motorcycle construction on wheels. Traditionally air / oil-cooled, but with injection. 81 millimeter thick pistons whizzed up and down 68 millimeters, which in Japan provides 100 hp at 6500 rpm. Not an exhilarating performance, but it should be a bit of an understatement. On the other hand, the 130 Nm torque that is applied at 5000 rpm and which will massage the rubber of the 190 rear tire vigorously is violent.
The chassis and design have been kept as classic as the engine. Double loop frame made of tubular steel, two-sided swing arm made of aluminum with two spring struts and conventional telescopic fork are in line with the 80s design. Nice that the spring elements at the front and rear are fully adjustable in terms of damping and spring base. The large 22-liter tank and the bench seat, which promises a lot of pillion suitability, are also practical. A motorcycle for a casual tour for two.
Lots of chrome and polished aluminum show attention to detail, which, like the high-quality brakes and chassis components, is reflected in the price. The classic naked bike will cost the torque-oriented biker around 19,000 marks. Although he has to be patient a little longer, because the GSX 1400 will probably not be on the market before summer.
Retro fans can initially only get an idea of ​​the GSX 1200 SS, which is only available in Japan. So once again pep up the old GSX-R 1100 for the coming season. Based on the GSF 1200 Bandit with its 100 PS strong in-line quad, the very sporty GSX with a four-in-one exhaust system and the homely charm of previous long-distance World Cup machines are appealing. There is no doubt that the wide half fairing and the tank with the indicated quick tank caps gives a racing feeling à la Bol d’Or or Suzuka. The hump seat bench with the bulges for the two suspension struts is also in proper style.
S.The end piece of the silencer was punched more beautifully and more regularly than by any hobby tuner. How might that sound? In Japan, the dry 210 kilogram 1200er should cost around 17,500 marks. Whether and when she will come to Germany has not yet been determined.

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