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Victory Octane in the driving report

petrol in the blood

News from the US gym: "Modern American Muscle" is what Victory calls his power chopper self-consciously. The Victory Octane is by far the smallest and lightest model of the brand. Thanks to 104 HP and water cooling, it is also the fastest!

Victory invited to the American pentathlon with the new one Victory Octane to Florida: cruising on highways along the east coast, dipping briskly over empty streets in the backcountry, drag sprints over the quarter mile as well as burnout and drift lessons. Clear announcement: By US standards, this is a sporty motorcycle, a real fun bike. After all, it represents the production offshoot of the racing machine "Project 156".

Victory Octane in the driving report

petrol in the blood

Octane “only” 104. So she didn’t become an American monster or Super Duke. Nevertheless, the smallest engine from the second largest American brand shines with the greatest output and the best power-to-weight ratio of Victory’s model range – under otherwise loud air-cooled 1731 cc V-Twins.

Somewhere between a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 and a V-Rod

The water-cooled 1179 cubic V2, on the other hand, is intended to appeal to a younger audience. The design and purpose of the Victory Octane are somewhere between the reduced power chopper and the potent muscle bike, between the Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 and the V-Rod. Long and low is the Victory, long and flat. The rear flats in the strongly contoured, 66 centimeter low individual seat, the hands grip the “pullback” deer antler handlebar.

It creates a slightly reclined posture. The optional drag bar handlebars give you a more aggressive, front-wheel orientation. The legs are stretched out to the far forward footrests of the Victory Octane. The knee joint on the strikingly shaped 12.9 liter metal tank fits small and large drivers alike. Well done, Victory.

The lively engine is clearly the icing on the cake of the US bike

Ignition, ignition! From the first moment the clean designed V2 of the Victory Octane has a stimulating effect. It sucks in 91-octane mixture, which is a lot in the USA, through a single, electronically operated 60 millimeter throttle valve. As with current BMW boxers, there are a total of four overhead camshafts, eight valves plus 101 millimeter pistons. Atypically for Victory, they are designed with a short stroke.

The dohc V-Twin pulsates comfortably, bubbles nicely to itself. The V2 turns up nicely, depends directly on the e-gas. Only in the lowest engine speed range does it respond to gas commands with a delay. It comes powerfully from the smooth-running, easily adjustable cable clutch, and pushes the machine, which weighs 245 kilograms with a full tank (factory specification). From a standing start, the flat iron sprints over the quarter mile in twelve seconds. This lively engine is clearly the icing on the cake of the Victory Octane!


Clear, no-frills line. A dynamic conglomerate of corners, edges and curves.

He hardly knows vibrations, if then out at the top – the balance shaft works well. Somewhere at 8000 revolutions, the rev limiter turns off the light. A speed of 100 (km / h, not miles) in sixth gear means 3600 turns. The transmission of the Victory Octane shifts exactly and much smoother than on all Victorys before.

In addition to the Indian Scout, the Victory Octane is the second motorcycle from the Polaris group with a 60-degree V2. The basic architecture of the firmly screwed, load-bearing engine, crankshaft and transmission including the gear wheels remained identical. But cylinders including pistons, connecting rods, valves and heads are different. Cannibalism? No, "addition", say the company spokesman. "As with Audi and VW."

More agile than any fat cruiser

The chassis was derived from the Indian Scout: The cast light metal segments are modified to accommodate the steering head (they include the water cooler on the side) and swing arm bearings. The tubular steel backbone of the Victory Octane, hidden under the tank, is identical. The mid-size chopper with a 1.58 meter wheelbase tilts easily from the vertical. He’s not afraid of the corners that are extremely rare in Florida. So more agile than any fat cruiser! However, the large 18-inch front wheel results in significant understeer with wide front tires. The fork looks soft. It is not adjustable, appears slim with thin 41 mm standpipes. The progressively wound struts make the most of just under 76 millimeters of spring travel.

The brakes of the Victory Octane decelerate rather weakly, at the front only a double-piston floating caliper bites the single disc. ABS was still a nil in the pre-production models. A must in Europe. And strongly advised in view of the hard rubber tires from Kenda from Taiwan that are not very sticky. The 160 cm rear tire with the Victory logo is often whimpering for traction. Good thing for Joe Dryden, driver of the Victory Stunt Team: On March 2, 2016, he spooled 2.23 miles (3.59 kilometers) on a production Octane with the rear wheel spinning on the oval of the Orlando Speed ​​World in Florida – until the Rear tire burst. This has been recognized as the new official Guinness world record for rolling burn-outs!

Motorcycle with rough edges

The small pane above the stylish lamp cover protects quite effectively against the wind. Even at tempos that are in the USA for which one is in the kitchen. A motorcycle with rough edges, this Victory Octane. On the one hand modern, on the other hand old-fashioned. Monochrome gray matt lacquer is her stylistic device, the fork alone carries the chrome sheen. There are positive things in the pan: massive metal mudguards, hip LED turn signals and taillights and a full five-year guarantee.

The toothed belt, practically the gear indicator, is low-maintenance, and the tachometer can be used as a numerical value in the speedometer. But an on-board computer without consumption or fuel level indicator, non-adjustable hand levers and the sometimes quite rustic workmanship of the Victory Octane are sobering. These include the simple steel swing arm and cheapest hardware store screws. The modern American biceps will soon be available for 12,950 euros.

Technical data Victory Octane


From a lean angle of 32 degrees there are flying sparks, the manifold keys down to the right.

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