News – Everything you need to know about the new 2011 Kawasaki Z 750 R – Used KAWASAKI

Everything you need to know about the new 2011 Kawasaki Z 750 R

News - Everything you need to know about the new 2011 Kawasaki Z 750 R - Used KAWASAKI

Presented yesterday at 2:30 p.m. on the Site, the new Z750R has now been revealed in every detail: MNC reveals the ultimate secrets of this new Kawasaki with new photos, videos and explanations…

Following our presentation of the new Kawasaki Z750R 2011 (read), we learned that the new Zed would be available not only in green / black biton but also in a matte black of the most beautiful effect and more and more in vogue. Note that in this configuration, the rim borders turn red.

Two colors

The set thus gives the Kawa a stealthy look very different from the "100% Kawasaki approved" green / black decoration. Future customers will therefore have the choice between two very distinct paints, but many will choose another color. !

"Indeed, many of our dealers team up with local custom paint specialists to offer exclusive colors, which our customers love.", confirms Antoine Coulon, marketing manager of the Greens.

Sold more than 125,000 copies in Europe – including nearly 45,000 in France – the Z750 crosses on every street corner and their owners naturally wish to "customize their Zed". The new Z750R finds its origin precisely in this desire for customization.

Noting the impressive number of more or less happy – but above all more or less legal … – customizations of its bestseller, Kawasaki decided to offer to lovers of the Z – as well as to new customers that the cycle part of the basic model rejected until now – a "pre-" prepared version.

"The disadvantage of some preparations was that the manufacturer’s warranty jumped with the addition of certain unapproved parts on the cycle part", confirms Maurice de Rochefort, responsible for the Kawasaki press service. With the Z750R, the presence of" new "brakes, swingarms and other equipment does not therefore call into question the warranty..

Everyone has their Z !

Some of the improvements made to the cycle part of the Zed were specified yesterday at the press conference. Because Kawa has carefully and meticulously tweaked its Z750R…

The diameter of the front wheel is increased "to improve rigidity", while the diameter of the rear brake master cylinder is on the contrary reduced from 14 to 12.7 mm"to optimize the braking dosage with steel hoses"At the same time, the rear brake pads are made of resin and no longer sintered."for better precision".

The R’s new rear shock is also fitted with a separate cylinder and the anchor position of its link is moved back 2mm to "gain flexibility at the start of work and progressively over the entire race.

A refined cycle part

As we reported yesterday, no changes have been made to Akashi’s 4-legged which still develops 106 hp at 10,500 rpm and 78 Nm at 8,300 rpm. The explanation is simple: "the look and the engine of the Z are its strong points, which is why we have contented ourselves with slightly reviewing the front optics and its speedometer", specifies Antoine Coulon interviewed by Site.

In Kawasaki dealerships, we can already hear a few sighs because many customers were waiting for a "new Z750" inspired by the very last Z1000 … Yes but here it is: "in Japan, senior officials have grabbed the brakes because of the economic crisis and that’s understandable", reminds us Fred, sales representative at Dinatel, the Houilles concession, expert in Zed sales..

"The Z750R therefore appears to be a good waiting solution because for 1000 euros more (even if the official price of the Z750R is not yet fixed, editor’s note), customers will be entitled to better equipment", sums up our interlocutor who is waiting to know"how much this will revitalize sales".

"A good waiting solution"

The "R" inherits the grips of the Ninja ZX-10R 2010 and "Supersport" type footrests that lower the anchor point of the brake pedal by 7 mm. Front optics, mirror brackets and even the chain guard are redesigned.

Kawasaki also specifies having modified the throttle body and the throttle cables, the clutch cable and the main harness. Much more remarkable, the new treatment of engine surfaces (cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, crankcases, exhaust mufflers, etc.) in matt black "underline the R key", explain the Japanese.

Finally, the original fit is changed and the controversial Dunlop Qualifiers are replaced by Dunlop 210: "more sporty, they must in particular optimize the stability of the motorcycle", indicate Kawasaki France officials.

Obviously, Kawa offers many accessories in order to highlight, italicize and / or bold this new "R" mention of the Z750. To conclude, here is the exhaustive list of accessories, most of which will be available upon the release of this new model: "at the end of the year".

Z750R Accessories:

  • Grooved, brushed and anodized specific mirrors.

  • Custom Alcantara saddle

  • Rims

  • Tank protectors: set of 6 semi transparent elements

  • Anodized handlebar trigger guard with laser-etched Z750R logo.

  • 15 liter tank bag attached to the tank cap ring

  • Akrapovic nestable silencer: available in titanium or stainless steel

  • Engine guard: polycarbonate / ABS, available in all trim colors

  • Seat cowl: available in all trim colors

  • High density material cylinder guards, mounted on metal supports

Matthieu BRETILLE – Photos MNC

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