News – First series of new Kawasaki 2008 models – Used KAWASAKI

First series of new Kawasaki 2008 models

New products - First series of new Kawasaki 2008 models - Used KAWASAKI

For 2008, the new ZX-10R is intended to be more efficient thanks to increased communication between the pilot and his machine. The VN2000 Classic gets a makeover and the Z1000, Versys and ZX-6R receive new colors. Kawasaki news, chapter 1…

"Like good fairies, the Kawasaki engineers wanted to endow the Ninja ZX-10R 2008 model with exceptional communication skills that would ensure between rider and machine the real dialogue required by professional riders to race at the highest level.", Kawasaki tells us straight away in its fairytale-like press release…

Are we to understand that it will finally be possible to have access to the electronic data of the engine and the cycle part from which Regis Laconi benefits on his track, then to reprogram his Superbike oneself? It’s still a bit early for that and Kawasaki is cleverly managing the suspense

However, by observing the first official photos of the Ninja, we quickly realize that there is no trace of sensors attached to the fork or placed on the swingarm to monitor the temperature of the tires by infrared! So difficult to collect quantified data…

In fact, Kawasaki wanted to play the feeling card in 2008: "the most significant modifications concern the sensations transmitted to the pilot, absolutely essential when piloting at the highest level", agrees to indicate Akashi’s firm.

New 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R: "communicative"…

On the engine side, it is not possible to check for the moment the presence or not of a USB port under the saddle, as on the Ducati 1098 S … It is not even a question of speed, torque or maximum power. Patience therefore, all this information will fall on the eve of the opening of the Mondial … Stay tuned !

In appearance, the "Big Bad Ninja"continues to evolve: an ever more protruding and thin mouth, more downward-oriented, an ever shorter and more upward-facing seat backrest, an increasingly discreet fairing and a refined general line, in particular thanks to the adoption of a simple, fairly short silencer. At this rate, it will soon become difficult to tell a Superbike from a MotoGP !

The frame of the ZX-10R seems to have evolved and its swingarm is totally new, as are its rims and front brake calipers, still Tokico brand but visibly changed. On the other hand, Kawa remains faithful to its "petal" discs and its green color. Would be missing more than that !

Last point: unlike other Kawasaki models which accommodate their front turn signals on the sides of the fairings, the ZX-10R innovates and houses its turn signals on the mirror brackets! To see "in real life" at the Mondial

In a completely different register, the Japanese manufacturer presents its VN 2000 Classic, "a fabulous custom with good quality classicism", modestly announces the press kit…

New VN 1200 … Classic !

Launched in 2004 (read), the VN 2000 has the particularity of being "the biggest production V-Twin in the world", recalls Kawa. For 2008, the Greens have decided to give it a more" classic "character. Because if most of this new model remains identical to the previous version, there are still several retouches.

The first and inevitable evolution concerns the engine which now meets the Euro3 standard. More striking, the modification of the optical unit gives the new Custom a much more retro look than that of the old model.

According to initial reports, driving should be even more relaxed thanks to "on "buckhorn" handlebars made of cow hornsThe passenger would also be better installed, the rear seat having been thickened and remodeled.

On the tank, we note the appearance of a new speedometer dial and the migration of the fuel flap to the right to allow the switch to take place facing the pilot. The final touch is on the right cover of the airbox: the "2000" logo gives way to the "2000 Classic" emblem. Bioutifoul, izeune tite ?

While waiting for the continuation…

While waiting for the presentation of the two other "Sport" oriented novelties – to be discovered on September 25 at midnight on the Site – Kawasaki also announces the arrival of new 2008 colors for its Z750, Z1000, ZX-6R and Versys … peepers !

Kawasaki Z750 2008

A frame repainted in black, colors stitched to the Z1000 2007 version and it’s off again for a ride for the Z750, French best seller in the field of motorcycles !

Kawasaki Z1000 2008

As on the Z750, the frame of the Z1000 is painted black. For 2008, the maxi roadster "made in Kawa" also receives a "classy" white color adorned with red on the saddle, fork sleeves and wheel poles..

2008 Kawasaki ZX-6R

The 2008 ZX-6R keeps the color black in its catalog, modifies its Kawa green livery and abandons the orange to adorn itself with an electric blue dress.

Kawasaki Versys 2008

Finally, the Versys keeps its black mat color and trades its gray and orange for the same green and blue as the little Ninja.

See you on September 25 for the second chapter of "New Kawasaki 2008", then at the Mondial du deux-Roues in Paris Porte de Versailles to contemplate them more closely (read our) … Stay tuned !

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