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The return of the two-stroke engine?

Very light, very fast and even eligible for approval, that is what the manufacturers of this two-stroke rocket with a 250 V engine promise. To achieve this, they have found interesting technical solutions. Does the Vins Duecinquanta have a future??

M.aranello is already home to crazy petrolheads thanks to Ferrari. Vins Motors is also based in the central Italian town and they have set their sights on bringing an approved two-stroke engine with the Euro 4 standard onto the market. The name of the bike already reveals a lot about its engine, because "Duecinquanta" means two and fifty. VinsMotors did not want to reveal what the twin, which is designed as a 90-degree V-engine and has two counter-rotating crankshafts, should do at EICMA.


In addition to the standard version, there should also be a "Competizione" – even lighter, stronger, more expensive.

Around 70 hp could be realistic for a water-cooled 250cc two-cylinder with injection. According to the manufacturer, the top speed should be 200 km / h with the engine turned off on the "Duecinquanta’s" clock. In our opinion, that sounds quite plausible, because with a total weight of less than 95 kilograms, this Italian Rang-Dang-Dang is a real flea. The injection should always take place directly into the combustion chamber, but only after the exhaust port has been closed. This is how you want to achieve clean emission values ​​that comply with the Euro 4 standard. The placement of the cooler in the middle of the carbon fiber monocoque is solved in a technically interesting way. It sits in front of the tank above the engine. In addition to the frame, the Hossak fork, the swing arm and even the wheels are made of carbon.

It is therefore clear that the price for this two-stroke 250cc is not quite in the everyday range, as we know it from the Suzuki Gamma or the Yamaha RDs. The Italians want around 40,000 euros for a copy. For the racing version “Competizione” an extra 10,000 euros should be charged. And so this two-stroke dream will remain a dream for many fans of the technology that has been extinguished on a broad basis.

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