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Voge 300R, Voge 300AC, Voge 500R and Voge 500DS

China bikes celebrate market launch in Germany

The motorcycle brand Voge is unlikely to be known to too many people in this country. That could change soon, because the bikes of the Chinese motorcycle brand will very soon also be available in Germany.

B.Before we dedicate ourselves to the models offered in Germany, a few lines about the Voge motorcycle brand, with which very few people know what to do with. Voge is a subsidiary of the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Loncin, which according to its own statements is one of the three largest two-wheel manufacturers in the world. The group was founded in 1993 in Chongqing. Loncin now employs around 7,000 people worldwide. Loncin also builds engines for BMW, more precisely the in-line two-cylinder for the 750/850. Recently, a cooperation with MV Agusta was announced. The Chinese manufacturer is to build motorcycles in the displacement range from 350 to 500 cm³ for MV Agusta in the future. Otherwise, the focus of the manufacturer is on two-wheelers with weaker engines, which are mainly offered in Asia. The aim is to make a name for themselves in Germany with the Voge motorcycle brand. The Bavarian company MSA GmbH will import the Voge motorcycles. The four models 300R, 300AC, 500R and 500DS will initially be offered.

Voge 300R


Voge 300R.

The Voge 300R is one of two naked bikes that will be offered in Germany in the future. A liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with 292 cm³ is installed, which provides 26 HP at 8,500 rpm and 23.5 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The Chinese give 170 kilograms for the ready-to-drive weight. Pilots take a seat at a height of 780 mm. 15 liters should fit into the tank of the naked bike. A 35mm USD fork, 300mm discs in the front and ABS from Bosch are also on board. Additional features include LED lighting and alloy wheels. The prices for the Voge 300R, which will initially be offered in two color variants, start at 3,699.33 euros.

Voge 300AC


Voge 300AC.

In addition to the 300R, a second model with the 292 engine will be offered in Germany in the future. Technically, the two bikes are very similar. In terms of optics, however, it looks a little different. Compared to the 300R, the 300AC has a significantly more retro-heavy look. The LED round headlights and the stainless steel exhaust system make the bike look more classic. The background color of the display can also be set. The manufacturer specifies 805 mm for the seat height. Tea Voge 300AC is also initially being offered in two color variants. In terms of price, the 300R and 300AC do not differ from each other: the retro bike is also available from 3,699.33 euros.

Voge 500R


Voge 500R.

The Voge 500R is the manufacturer’s second naked bike, which will soon be available in Germany. The two naked bikes look very similar, but there are some differences in the technical basis. Overall, the 500R is somewhat better equipped in comparison. The 500R is powered by a liquid-cooled two-cylinder engine with 471 cm³, which develops 43.5 hp at 8,500 rpm and 40.5 Nm at 7,000 rpm. The Chinese manufacturer donated the 500R a 41 mm upside-down fork from Kayaba, 298 mm wave brake discs from Nissin at the front, Bosch ABS and Pirelli tires as standard tires. 16.5 liters fit into the tank. Ready to ride, the naked bike should weigh 198 kilograms. The seat height is 800 mm. The Voge 500R is available in three color variants. The price: From 4,869.08 euros.

Voge 500DS


Voge 500DS (including adventure kit).

The Voge 500DS is the fourth bike from the Chinese manufacturer that will find its way to Germany. The 500DS can be classified as Voge’s top model. Accordingly, the Enduro is Voge’s most expensive bike and is available in Germany from 5,161.51 euros. A slightly upgraded version including an adventure kit is available from 5,795 euros (excluding transfer costs). The motor from the 500R is used in the 500DS, which is declared as a travel enduro. The two bikes also share some other features. Voge states that the weight is 208 kilograms. The seat height is 815 mm. The manufacturer promises that the ergonomically shaped bench should ensure a high level of comfort even on long tours. Also included are a 41 mm telescopic fork from Kayaba, 298 mm wave brake discs from Nissin, Pirelli standard tires and Bosch ABS. The Voge adventure bike is initially available in two color variants.


Voge is initially starting its Germany adventure with four models. All bikes are also suitable for owners of the A2 driving license. It can be assumed that more models will soon find their way to Germany.

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