News – Motorcycle news 2013: everything on the Honda CB500F – Used HONDA

Motorcycle news 2013: all about the Honda CB500F

News - Motorcycle news 2013: everything on the Honda CB500F - Used HONDA

As planned, from tomorrow Honda will exhibit in Milan three of its main novelties for 2013 as part of the EICMA motorcycle show: the CB500F roadster, the CB500X trail and the CBR500R sporty, three entry-level motorcycles designed around the same platform. Detailed review of the CB500F, descendant of the unforgettable CB500.

As planned, from tomorrow Honda is exhibiting in Milan three of its main novelties for 2013 as part of the EICMA motorcycle show: the CB500F roadster, the CB500X trail and the CBR500R sports car, three entry-level motorcycles designed around the same platform . Detailed review of the CB500F, descendant of the unforgettable CB500.

Basic but not sad !

Surprised on several occasions by indiscreet objectives (read in particular), the new "CB500 saga" is officially unveiled in Milan. Cleverly, the world’s leading manufacturer applied the same process as with the NC700s: designing three different motorcycles around the same technical base (identical engine, cycle parts and peripherals). A practical and economical choice called "platform sharing" in the automobile.

The similarities between the NC700s and the new CB500s do not seem to stop with their single concept of manufacture: some parts are visually very close like the two petal brake discs, the stick rims, the square section swingarm or again the fully digital instrumentation that indicates the speed, engine speed, time, as well as the level and fuel consumption. Backlit in blue, this console also includes two daily totalizers.

Primarily intended for beginner bikers, the Honda CB500F is positioned as a small basic roadster meeting the requirements of the new A2 motorcycle license which limits power to 35 kW (read our).

Aesthetically successful, it is inspired by the lines of the excellent CB1000R: here is what is rather well seen insofar as the look of the big sporty Honda roadster is unanimous! The lineage is evident in the forms of its front optic, which adopts the same type of bluish night lights on its ends.

The elegantly tapered rear shell pointing towards the sky also produces its small effect, without neglecting the practical aspects since it is surmounted by passenger handles and a U-lock would find its place there. The whole is harmonious, even a bit sporty: gone are the days when the design of basic motorcycles went second (or even third …) in the specifications of the manufacturers, and so much the better !

Technically, the CB500F and its two "sisters" (read our detailed presentation and the CBR500R) are powered by a new parallel twin of 471 cc (67 mm bore and 66.8 mm stroke) with liquid cooling. Given for 47.6 hp and 43 Nm of torque, this 180 ° engine is compact and easy to use but not devoid of character, assure its designers.

Parasitic vibrations will be filtered by a counterbalance counter-shaft installed behind the cylinders, while its six-speed gearbox is inspired by that used on CBRs. The cylinder head and its double overhead camshafts use light roller rocker arms and valve clearance is entrusted to pellets. The timing chain receives a vanadium surface treatment which would limit friction while providing additional protection against corrosion.

A secondary air injection system is integrated into the cylinder heads to prevent the release of unburnt gases, a device which is added to the oxygen sensor and the catalyst integrated into the 2-1 exhaust to limit pollution. The intake is through two 26mm valves and the exhaust through two 21.5mm valves.

To contain gasoline consumption to a particularly low threshold (3.7 l / 100 according to Honda), the Japanese have mainly focused on reducing internal friction and treating gas flows. For example, the skirts of the pistons feature ridges responsible for "trapping" the oil, while a separator placed in the air box allows each cylinder to benefit from its own air flow..

420 km of autonomy: nice for a roadster !

Participating in the rigidity of the cycle part, this engine is connected to the frame by means of four fasteners. This "Diamond" type frame is articulated around a main beam 35 mm in diameter and the use of steel for the manufacture of this frame undoubtedly explains the significant weight of the CB500F: 192 kg all full made with ABS (the only model imported into France) and 190 without ABS (not imported into France). The wheelbase is 1410 mm and the caster angle is 25 ° 5.

Wanted to be accessible, the CB500F has a saddle located 790 mm from the ground, which should allow as many people as possible to put their feet on the ground, especially since its tank is not too large (15.7 liters ) and looks well indented.

According to Honda calculations, this container would allow a range of about 420 km: a practical aspect damn well seen !

To contain costs, the CB500F has a conventional 41mm non-adjustable fork, while the monoshock can only adjust in preload. However, if Honda has found the same excellent compromise between comfort and efficiency on these suspensions as on those of the NC700s, this lack of adjustment possibilities should not pose any problem..

Prices, colors and availability

The Honda CB500F will be available from March 2013 in white "Pearl Himalayas", black "Graphite" and red "Candy Ruby" at a price of 5500 euros.

As on the NC700s, the CB500F is braked by a single petal disc and a two-piston caliper at the front. Its generous diameter (320 mm) should however be enough to ensure convincing decelerations to this bike mounted in 120/70/17 at the front and 160/60/17 at the rear..

Honda CB500F 2013 tech. Sheet


  • Type : Water-cooled, in-line twin, 4-stroke
  • Distribution : Double overhead camshaft, 8 valves
  • Displacement : 471 cc
  • Bore and stroke : 67 x 66.8 mm
  • Food : PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
  • Compression ratio : 10.7 to 1
  • Engine torque : 43 Nm at 7,000 rpm
  • Power : 47.6 hp (35 kW) at 8,500 rpm


  • Length : 2,075 mm
  • Width : 780 mm
  • Saddle height : 790 mm
  • Ground clearance : 155 mm
  • Caster / Caster Angle : 25.5 ° / 102 mm
  • Wheelbase : 1410 mm
  • Full weight Weight: 190 kg (ABS version: 192 kg)
  • Fuel tank capacity : 15.7 liters (including reserve)
  • Front tire : 120/70 ZR17M / C
  • Rear Tire : 160/60 ZR17M / C

Cycle part

  • Frame : "Diamond" type in steel
  • Fork : 41 mm telescopic fork, 120 mm travel, non-adjustable
  • Rear suspension : Pro-Link single shock absorber, adjustable in preload in 9 positions
  • Front brake : Single 320 mm hydraulic disc, 2 piston caliper (ABS as standard in France)
  • Rear brake : Single 240 mm hydraulic disc with single piston caliper (ABS as standard in France)


  • Final drive : O-ring chain
  • Clutch : Wet multi-disc, cable control
  • Gearbox : 6 reports

Commercial information

  • Price : 5500 euros
  • Guarantee : Two years parts and MO
  • Availability : March 2013
  • Colors : White "Pearl Himalayas", Black "Graphite" and Red "Candy Ruby"
  • Main options offered : Side cases, Luggage rack, Top-case, Suitcase bag / top-case, High screen, Saddle cover, Shoe, Chain guard, U-lock, Tank protection, Heated grips (12Ah), Protective cover

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