News – Motorcycles news: BMW R1200RT 2014 presentation – Used BMW

New motorcycles: BMW R1200RT 2014 presentation

News - Motorcycles news: BMW R1200RT 2014 presentation - Used BMW

Its presence at the Milan Motorcycle Show was not a surprise, but the launch of the new R1200RT equipped with the air-water-cooled flat-twin is the most important event for BMW in 2014 since it has the heavy strives to perpetuate a reputation for excellence. To achieve this, the star road bike …

Its presence at the Milan Motorcycle Show, but the launch of the new R1200RT equipped with the air-water-cooled flat-twin is the most important event for BMW in 2014 as it has the difficult task of perpetuating a reputation of ‘Excellency. To achieve this, the German manufacturer’s flagship road bike plays the innovation card to the full..

Water in the engine, less air on the face !

Hardly completed the complete and successful redesign of its icon R1200GS (read in particular our), BMW put the work back on the job by attacking its famous cousin "first" – necessarily! -, the R1200RT (read in particular our).

2014 BMW R1200RT: Key Info

  • Engine : air-water cooled flat twin
  • Perfs : 125 hp and 125 Nm of torque in Full
  • Weight : 274 kg in running order
  • Rate : 18 100 €
  • Availability : February / March 2014
  • Colors : blue, gray or ebony
  • At the center of this profound overhaul is naturally the new 1170 cc flat twin with mixed cooling (65% by air, 35% by water) discovered on the .

    The adoption of this modern engine (electronic ride-by-wire accelerator, crankshaft smaller and lighter than on the old "air-oil" Flat, multi-disc clutch in oil bath with anti-dribble function) allows the German road to show increased performance: 125 hp at 7,750 rpm and 125 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm in Full, or 15 hp and 5 Nm more than the old version. In order to give it more velvety than on the new R1200GS, the engine manufacturers have made the crankshaft heavier – as on the R1200GS Adventure 2014 – and reworked the injection.

    More fishing – and character, if one relies on the performance of the new R1200GS – welcome, especially as this 2014 edition takes 15 kg on the BMW scale with 274 kg in running order announced (259 for the previous model). This weight inflation is partly due to the engine, the more enveloping trim and the bubble but also to the additional equipment.

    State-of-the-art electronics and semi-automatic selection … optional !

    This 2014 vintage includes a complete on-board computer as standard (read "Instrumentation section below), ABS (like all recent BMWs), partially coupled braking (from front to rear), anti- ASC skating and two riding modes, "Rain" and "Road".

    These modes intervene both on the engine response and the degree of intervention of the ABS and traction control, but also on the operation of the semi-active suspensions ESA Dynamic which are offered as an option..

    This sophisticated damping system acts in real time on the setting of the Telelever and the rear monoshock according to the condition of the roadway and the driving phases. Used in particular on the R1200GS, it also makes it possible to reduce to their simplest expression the mass transfers backwards during acceleration and forward during braking..

    The "traditional" functions to which ESA BMW users are accustomed are retained: when stationary, it is possible to influence the preload depending on whether you are driving alone, with two people and or with luggage, while the ” you can choose between different comfort modes while driving (Soft, Normal, Hard). 

    As an option, it is possible to benefit from an additional driving mode, "Dynamic", which offers instantaneous engine reactivity and aid intervention reduced to a minimum. This mode is coupled with an unprecedented function described as a "world novelty": the Hill Start Control device which fulfills the role of assisting hill starts, as has been found in cars for many years..

    Once activated, this mechanism locks the rear brake in order to facilitate stopping and restarting in steep areas. This system in fact automates what we learn at the driving school when passing the car license, when it comes to mastering a hill start with the help of the handbrake. Be careful not to "confuse it with a parking brake", however specifies BMW.

    The second "world novelty in the construction of production motorcycles" is proud of the German manufacturer: the BMW Pro shifter, which not only allows you to shift up gears without disengaging or cutting the throttle, but also to downshift without touching the left lever and the right handle !

    Derived from competition (MotoGP, then World Superbike), this very elaborate system offers great ease of use and can – to a certain extent – be presented as an alternative to a semi-automatic gearbox..

    The pilot no longer has to worry about managing the throttle and the clutch when changing gear, a bit like the sequential type transmission in "manual" mode..

    A comfort of use which should appeal to a certain very precise fringe of users according to Marcel Driessen, CEO of BMW France, who admitted to us that he was addressed in particular to the many French "RT-ists" who use their R1200RT in as part of their urban travel (see).

    Cycle part: more rigor

    The cycle part follows the same trend as that initiated on the R1200GS 2013: the trellis frame in two parts gives way to an element in one piece, which would give it more rigidity, hence a "significant improvement in the course holding "according to BMW. An even better studied placement of the center of gravity would also allow the new RT to be at least as easy to handle as the old one, despite its extra pounds..

    The Paralever Evo cardan shaft final drive benefits from improvements allowing it to display smoother operation, while combating the tendency to extend the monoshock spring on acceleration and compress it at the gas cut.

    As on the R1200GS, this transmission is now done on the left side while the exhaust migrates to the right. A permutation imposed because of the new configuration of the primary transmission but also, according to BMW, to reduce the risk of burns when the rider pushes his motorcycle …

    New look, new comfort

    In terms of trim, the front part of the new R1200RT refers directly to the K1600s (just like the 5.7-inch instrumentation in smartphone-like color), while the electric windshield sees its protective potential improved..

    According to the Germans, this windshield with memory function and return to the low position when the engine is switched off would be "the quietest ever developed by BMW" and would also minimize aerodynamic noise..

    Slightly smaller than the old models, the "mirrors-hand protectors" would however offer a better field of vision and can now be folded down, to facilitate parking for example. Note that the rearview system progresses "naturally" thanks to the consequent increase in volume of the front part: according to the BMW tape measure, the maximum width is now reached at the level of the mirrors (983 mm), which was not not the case before (905 mm for mirrors, 980 for suitcases) !

    The ergonomics have also been reworked through in particular a triangle "saddle-footrest-handlebar" lowered by 20 mm "without hindering the angle of the motorcycle or the feeling of comfort", s hasten to clarify the engineers. Passengers also benefit from this desire to improve accessibility, since their seat and footrests are lowered by 20 mm.

    Comfort would also improve thanks to saddles offering a longer useful length, two centimeters for the driver and one centimeter for his guest. The pilot seat is always height adjustable (from 805 to 825 mm) and can be replaced by a high or low model as an option ex works.

    Which brings us to the recurring "annoying" subject: the number of equipment and accessories that are essential on a good road bike – especially at this price: € 18,100! – but which unfortunately appear in the long list of options (read the commercial information section of our technical sheet).

    MNC is thinking in particular of cruise control, central locking (suitcases, storage space in the left return of the fairing and top case), heated saddles, the second 12 V socket and the audio system…

    BMW R 1200 RT 2014 tech. Sheet


    • Type : Flat twin (Boxer) air / water cooled
    • Distribution : 4 valves per cylinder, double overhead camshafts
    • Displacement : 1170 cc
    • Bore and stroke : 101 × 73 mm
    • Food :: Indirect injection, BMS-X management
    • Compression ratio : 12.5 to 1
    • Engine torque : 125 Nm at 6500 rpm (full)
    • Power : 125 hp (92 kW) at 7,750 rpm (full)


    • Length : 2222 mm
    • Total width including mirrors : 983 mm
    • Saddle height : Adjustable, from 805 mm to 825 (high or low saddle option)
    • Hunt : 116 mm
    • Wheelbase : 1485 mm
    • Weight : 274 kg in running order
    • Fuel tank capacity : 25 liters
    • Front tire : 120/70 ZR17
    • Rear Tire : 180/55 ZR17

    Cycle part

    • Frame : Perimeter in steel, motor with carrier function
    • Fork : Telelever
    • Rear suspension : Mono-shock absorber
    • Front brake : Double 320 mm disc, radially mounted 4-piston calipers (partially integral and disconnectable ABS as standard)
    • Rear brake : 276 mm single disc, 2 piston caliper


    • Final drive : By cardan shaft
    • Clutch : Multidisc in oil bath and anti-dribble system
    • Gearbox : 6 gears, selection by forks and dogs
    • Primary reduction ratio : 1 / 1.65
    • Secondary reduction ratio : 1 / 2.91


    • Dash console : tachometer, odometer, total mileage, distance traveled, 1 + 2 daily mileage, automatic daily mileage (reset after a 6 h interruption), ambient temperature with ice warning when the temperature drops below 3 ° C , average consumption 1 + 2, average consumption since reset, instantaneous consumption, average consumption for calculating range, range, instantaneous speed, average speed, oil level, tire inflation pressure check (only with the RDC option), on-board network voltage, date, duration of the break, duration of the journey, date of service, mileage remaining until the service.

    Commercial information

    • Price : 18 100 €
    • Guarantee : Two years parts and MO
    • Availability : February / March 2014 in the
    • Colors : blue, gray, ebony
    • Main options offered : LED daytime running lights, ESA Dynamic, Hill Start Control hill start assist, Shifter Pro, high or low saddles, heated saddles, GPS, tire pressure indicator, regulator, "Dynamic" driving mode, 2nd 12V socket, alarm , Akrapovic silencer, suitcase bags, top case (large or small size available), bluetooth sound system, USB, MP3, iPod,

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