News – MV Agusta 2016 news: new Brutale 800 and Dragster RR LH44 – 2016 news from the MV Agusta stand

New MV Agusta 2016: new Brutale 800 and Dragster RR LH44

News - MV Agusta 2016 news: new Brutale 800 and Dragster RR LH44 - 2016 news from the MV Agusta stand

MV Agusta presents at the EICMA 2015 motorcycle fair in Milan the new generation of its Brutale 800, announced recently by a photo of the new Tre Pistoni. Lewis Hamilton’s limited edition Dragster also unveiled… Discovery.

The 2016 novelties of the MV Agusta stand

If the update of the MV Agusta logo may go unnoticed by visitors to the 73rd EICMA fair, the new Brutale 800 is likely to surprise them: its aesthetic changes for 2016 are not major, but some are obvious. !

Brutal 800

This is the case in particular with the new rear buckle which, like the one designed for the recent one, is perforated. Not very practical when it comes to storing a disc lock or rain pants, this piece has the advantage of distinguishing the bike from all its competitors.

The Italian (top) model – who "represents more than 25% of production volumes", says the Schiranna factory – take the opportunity to polish its impeccable line: raised radiator scoops, sharpened muffler flutes, redesigned rims and front fender, elliptical optic highlighted with a line of LED…

But the Brutale 800 did not just get a makeover: it also wanted to stay healthy despite a serious detox diet: its complies with the Euro4 standard. She loses 9 horses in the process (116 against 125 previously), but manages to compensate…

"The torque rises 25% and reaches 8.46 kgm at 7600 rpm", warn the transalpine engineers. The old Tre Pistonni reached 8.25 kgm at 8600 rpm, ie a gain of 2.5% if we consider the maximum values. This does not mean that the additional quarter of torque is not present at low or mid-speed. !

By closely scrutinizing the technical sheet of the Brutale, Site already notices that the engineers have slightly modified the gear ratios of the gearbox in order, no doubt, to retain all the vigor of the resumptions of their roadster. According to MV Agusta, the top speed "on the track" drops from 245 to 237 km / h. Who will complain ?

Like the, the new Brutale 800 "short" comes as standard with the electronic "up & down EAS 2.0" gear change system, allowing up and down gears without touching the clutch – "now hydraulically operated with anti-chattering system".

Apart from the rims, the rest of the chassis is unchanged: the essential frame in steel tubes, the inverted Marzocchi fork of 43 mm and the Sachs mono-shock are renewed in their functions. Ditto for the Brembo braking system assisted by ABS "Bosch 9 Plus".

Currently displayed at € 11,590 in France, the Brutale 800 should not see its price change in 2016. The new generation will land next January in dealerships and will always be available in three colors: White / Graphite, Red / Silver or Black /Silver.

Dragster RR LH44

Also unveiled at EICMA 2015, "the Dragster RR LH44, the second novelty for 2016 from the manufacturer of Schiranna, is dedicated to the most demanding collectors and enthusiasts", prefer to warn Italian officials.

"Mercedes AMG driver Petronas collaborated with the designers of the MV Agusta, helping to define more than fifty details that differentiate the LH44 from the production Dragster RR", proudly recalls MV Agusta (read .

Inspired by the design of the helmet of the three-time British champion, the LH44 is full of parts "made of Ergal and carbon with a 3K matte finish", underline the Italians. It shows the logo of" the panther "on its padded saddle in Alcantara and displays the number of race on its extractors and on its fork crown.

This same fork crown is signed by Mister Hamilton Himself: enough to legitimize, for the biggest fans of the British pilot, the stratospheric price reached by the 244 copies of this LH44 Dragster: more than 23,000 euros each. !

Finally, MV Agusta informs its visitors – and future customers ?! – that the rest of the range developed on the 3-cylinder platform will be "now recognizable at first glance thanks to the glossy black color of the engine".

The Dragster and Rivale of the year 2016 are further differentiated from their predecessors by new graphic decorations and new colors. La Rivale even receives a "new larger tank which increases the capacity by more than three liters, from 12.9 to 16 liters".

"All 2016 models will be available by December " inform Schiranna’s brand managers, "while the first deliveries of the Brutale 800 are scheduled for January 2016".

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