News – New 2012 Honda new salvo in Milan – NC700S: the naked expected

New 2012 Honda series salvo in Milan

New releases - New 2012 Honda series in Milan - NC700S: the expected naked

Four novelties that complete the Honda 2012 vintage will be exhibited tomorrow at the EICMA in Milan. As expected, two models take the twin 700 from the Integra (NC700S and NC700X). The Crosstourer and a new Wave are also detailed. Presentation.

NC700S: the expected naked

Honda had already presented us with five new models from the 2012 vintage: the all new and, the, as well as the evolutions of the and. On the occasion of the Milan Motor Show, the Tokyo Reds detail four other new products for next year…

Availability, colors and prices

  • Availability: end of March 2012

  • 3 versions: standard, ABS or ABS + DCT

  • Colors: Black "Graphite", White "Pearl Sunbeam" or Metallic Silver "Seal"

  • Price: around € 5,800 (standard)

Presented in all its glory two weeks ago (read), the Integra is joined on the stand of the world number one by two other machines powered by the same 700 cc twin..

From the presentation of this new engine, Honda warned that three models would benefit from 2012 from this parallel twin as compact as it is economical, and ready to receive the second generation of the house double clutch (DCT or Dual Clutch Transmission).

Surprised in the Alps during its last road tests (read), the roadster version – Honda prefers to speak of "naked" – will indeed appear in the 2012 Honda catalog under the barbaric name of "NC700S".

"The theme behind the development of the NC700S was "New Concept Fun Naked". The machine had to be fun to drive with lively, intuitive and reassuring handling.", summarize the Japanese. A replacement of the CB500 in short, for Honda which no longer offered a real entry level.

It is for this precise reason that the engine power has been deliberately limited to 35 kW. Foresight, the new little Honda "already complies with the future A2 European regulation on driving licenses (applicable in 2013)", indicates the manufacturer.

The maximum torque is also slightly lower than on the Integra: 60 Nm from 4,750 rev / min against 62 at the same speed for the "scooter". Forget the stopwatch or the sensations: "the arrival of power is delivered gradually and with such flexibility that even new riders will be able to appreciate its performance", assures Honda.

The NC700S also shares its cycle part with the Integra: same type of "diamond" steel frame and same suspensions, wheels, single front and rear discs, 14.1-liter tank placed under the rider’s buttocks … The little one "naked" takes advantage of this last element to offer a clever trunk.

"The NC700S has – in the usual location of the tank – a secure storage space large enough to accommodate a full face helmet", reveal the Japanese engineers. Even if the full is now done under the saddle, the new Honda marks here a point which could be decisive for urban bikers !

Honda considers the ease of handling of its new machine to be one of its great assets: low seat height (790 mm), good turning radius (35 °), intuitive dynamic behavior – if a brand knows it. in the matter, it is Honda – and the center of gravity lowered.

Once equipped with combined ABS braking and DCT transmission – in automatic D mode, you are more relaxed than in S for "Sport" or in MT for "Manual" -, the NC700S could well become a real queen of the jungle urban.

The instrumentation is just like his motorcycle: borrowed directly from the Integra, the digital panel goes straight to the point: digital speedometer, bar-graph-type tachometer, watch, segmented fuel gauge and two daily totalizers.

Revisions are also only recommended every 12,000 km – "replacement of iridium spark plugs every 48,000 kmHonda adds. Many bikers – even experienced ones – looking for a tireless ride could be tempted.

Only the weight of the beast will limit the enthusiasm of some: from 211 kg all full made in its standard version, it goes up to 215 kg with the C-ABS to reach 227 kg with the DCT. We will have to wait a little longer to know the exact price and availability date of this new Honda 2012…

Stay connected and take the opportunity to discover on the following page the last of Honda’s 700 "triplets" in 2012: the NC700X !

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