News – New BMW K 1200 R: the trump card? – Used BMW

New BMW K 1200 R: the trump card ?

News - New BMW K 1200 R: the trump card? - Used BMW

Unveiled to the public at the Munich Motor Show, the new BMW K 1200 R is finally announced in France for the start of the summer. With a big promise: to sweep all the other big-displacement roadsters in its path…

BMW cuts down its trump card … Unveiled to the public at the last motorcycle show in Munich (read), the new BMW K 1200 R is finally announced in France for the beginning of the summer with a significant promise: sweep on its passage to all other large-displacement roadsters on the market Indeed, this new model is quite simply the decarenated version of the recent BMW K 1200 S, the long awaited new sporting flagship of BMW…

As such, it benefits from its main technical characteristics, and especially from its demonstrative four-cylinder engine of 163 horsepower in free version full of character, which makes it the most powerful roadster to date with the 100 km / h reached in 2.8 seconds. Ole! The top speed is conventionally concealed by the manufacturer, which just indicates that it is over 200. Thanks for the info … It should probably be around 250 to 270 km / h (read).

The high-performance engine block of the S version has only undergone a small change in the air flow, which only reaches the airbox through a single intake pipe on the right. This modified configuration only lost 4 horsepower to the roadster compared to the sport version (167 horsepower), which will deploy a maximum torque of 127 Nm at 8,250 rpm (110 Nm at 5,250 rpm in the flanged version). 100 horses in France). Hopefully this work on the admission will not change the very nice sound of this block !

The other engine parameters remain unchanged from the K 1200 S, as does the design of the camshafts, timing and gearbox. Only the final gearing of the universal joint has been adapted (2.91 / 1 instead of 2.82 on the S) to the slightly lower maximum speed of the motorcycle, which has higher air resistance due to the absence of fairing.

Safety innovations

Side cycle, the new German roadster benefits from all the technological innovations of the sports version, with some minor modifications, for an empty weight (all full made without ABS) of 237 kg. Thus, the K 1200 R benefits from the new Duolever fork which separates the guiding functions of the front wheel and the suspension, which eliminates friction and reduces the level changes undergone. For this roadster version, and in accordance with the BMW culture of the center of gravity as low as possible, this Duolever fork is slightly less inclined (-0.4 ° for a head angle of 61 degrees and a trail of 101 millimeters) , thus ensuring a gain in general handling, especially in the lower gear range, one of the complaints that had been made to the sport version.

Another innovation serving the dynamism of the chassis, the electronic calibration system of the ESA steering (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), inaugurated on the S version, allows the rider to adjust the combined spring / shock absorber by simply pressing a button on the handlebars, even while driving! This world novelty is however a paying option (670 euros for the sports version).

Finally, it is impossible to mention the added value of Bavarian technology without mentioning the EVO braking system, identical to that of all the other K series models and boxers, and enriched, as an option, also with partially full ABS. on the new roadster: when the brake lever is actuated, the two brakes (front and rear) are activated while the actuation of the brake pedal only releases the rear brake. Royal! If you pound and crush the brake lever, BMW promises you practically no risk of losing the front end, the ABS coupled with the very low center of gravity and the kinematics of the Duolever fork allow you to fully exploit the maximum grip which have the tires.

A design wiser than the engine

Everyone has their point of view on the very particular design of BMWs, and very often the debate turns into a dialogue of the deaf between "pros" and "antis". Moreover, the executives of the brand have integrated it well and have chosen to play with it, not hesitating to predict in black and white in the press kit of the new K 1200 R roadster that "its design will provoke controversial discussions, because designing a motorcycle of this caliber just to meet the criteria of classic beauty and to please would not have lived up to the ambition that BMW Motorrad has set for itself"… That is, without complexes, clearly said !

More seriously, everyone will have their own opinion on the aesthetics of the machine, but we can note a gently aggressive line and a result close to the trend observed on other large roadsters in terms of bodywork: visible mechanical assembly and cycle part at the foreground, muscles in front for a virile and rather extroverted look, wide and high handlebars for a rather straight and forward driving position, small oval mirrors, small bubble of reduced size above the headlight, in short, a great classic in the category of nasty roadsters that reduce the body to the essentials.

However, no fear for BMW design addicts: German designers have brought their added value in many aspects! First of all, the front part of the bike evokes the new trend of the manufacturer, in the tradition of the Rockster: sharp and organic contours at the level of the covers on the front part of the tank, which project the line to the front. towards the oil cooler fairing, itself housed under the prominent double headlight. This one (2xH7) is protected by smooth glasses and the "matt chrome" tint of the case emphasizes the stripped down and technical side..

The Duolever fork also sports side shields that conform to the basic shape of the wheel carrier, and serve as deflectors directing the flow of cooling air to the barely streamlined radiator. Finally, purists of the German brand will recognize the instrument cluster with speedometer and rev counter borrowed from the R 1200 GS, in new dials. No mistake, we are in the presence of a high-end machine given the information displays on the flat screen: coolant temperature, fuel reserve, time, gear engaged, all at all times. On call, current suspension setting (if the bike is equipped with the ESA option), total and daily mileage as well as the remaining range.

For the rest, the design of the roadster falls rather within the range of what is currently done: the tank adopts striking contours and a range of 19 liters including reserve, the front part of the saddle is slightly narrower than on the K 1200 S and offers a height of 820 mm, optionally lowerable to 790 mm. Finally, the "BMW Touch" is also revealed with the colors offered, which accentuate the character of the motorcycle and its possible customization: in addition to the body colors (dark graphite, white aluminum and sun yellow), various colors of the mechanical assembly. and cycle part (silver gray or black) and rims (silver gray or slate) are possible. The latter, identical in look to the new R 1200 ST, are offered in 3.5×17 size at the front (120/70-ZR17 tire) and 5.5×17 at the rear (180/55-ZR17 tire), or optional 6.0×17 at the rear with 190/50-ZR17 tire, as on the sport version.

What rivals? Which bikers ?

It is difficult to assess which rivals the new BMW K 1200 R roadster will speak to about the country … Its performance, its price and above all its philosophy place it out of the category compared to the big Japanese roadsters like the Kawasaki Z 1000, the Suzuki SV 1000 or on the Italian side, the Ducati S4R, which does not exceed 130 horsepower in the free version but is lighter, for a setback equipment but also a lower cost of more than 5,000 euros on average. Expected at around 16,000 euros, the new German roadster plays rather in the budget court of exceptional motorcycles: Benelli 1130 TNT, Yamaha MT 01 (150 Nm of torque at 3700 rpm!), Aprilia Tuono R, Agusta Brutale or Harley Davidson Street-Rod…

So many machines with very strong power of seduction, even if the performances are generally lower. These, not very usable on the handlebars of a roadster, are in any case a point to be put into perspective with the restricting to 100 horsepower in France, and the apparent foreseeable complexity to possibly give freedom to the engine of the K 1200 R. free version, only a real-fake roadster, the Street Bike Yamaha R1 Steelfighter, always available in dealerships, should keep pace without problems whatever the playing field, for 11,350 euros "only", but a lot of innovations and less active safety equipment as well … Besides, the aesthetic crush, the added value of useful innovations thanks to advanced technology, active safety elements such as ABS, the Duolever fork and the suspension ESA, the sensations offered by this muscular German and the loyalty of BMW enthusiasts who often afford the financial means to spend more to have fun, may be enough to ensure a successful career for the new K 1200 R.

With this model, BMW is pursuing its plan to renew and enrich its range. The image of its motorcycles wants to evolve to approximate that of its automobiles, known to be exciting to ride.

This is the logic of this new model, emphasizing the pleasure of driving, to capture a new (wealthy!) Clientele for whom BMWs are too serious motorcycles compared to more cheerful Japanese. With this in mind, the BMW Boxer Cup will be replaced this season by a new series of professional races "BMW Power Cup 2005", with a motorcycle based on this K1200 R. Like its big sister the Boxer Cup, it will be contested at the opening of the championship. of the MotoGP world, from Le Mans on May 14th. These K 1200 R Power Cups, lightened to 200 kg with carbon kit and competition exhaust, will develop 70 more horsepower than the Boxers of last year. It will move !

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