News – New Honda 2014 motorcycles: all over the place! – Used HONDA

New 2014 Honda motorcycles: all-round !

News - New Honda 2014 motorcycles: all over the place! - Used HONDA

The sun is not setting on the empire of Honda novelties: CBR300R, CTX1300, CB1300 Super Bol, CB400 and Dunk are arriving this fall at the shows in Chongping in China, Milan in Italy and Tokyo in Japan! First glimpses.

The 12th Chinese Motorcycle Show was held from October 17 to 20 in Chongping (a small town of 18 million inhabitants which covers more than 82,000 km2!). Naturally present, the world n ° 1 in motorized two-wheelers presented their latest sports car: the CBR300R !

"China’s motorcycle market, which is the largest in the world, has steadily diversified in recent years.", explained at the opening of the exhibition Seiji Kuraishi, head of the Reds in China,"and the number of customers who practice motorcycles for leisure is also increasing".

This is why from next year, Honda will set up dealerships in Shanghai and Beijing aimed at marketing its first "big" (for the local market) motorcycles: CBR500RRs to begin with … then perhaps the famous CBR300R !

Based on the CBR250R, the "300" inaugurates a new fork crown, lifted in order to resemble the charismatic CBR1000RR. Produced in Honda factories in Thailand, the small CBR "will retain its 250 cc displacement for the French market", specifies Honda France to Site. To be discovered from all angles next week on MNC live from Milan…

Because it is in just a short week that the EICMA 2013 show will open its doors … Other new Honda motorcycles are eagerly awaited there, starting with a certain CTX1300 "surprise" by our American colleagues from Curtain.

Like the CB500 series last year, the big sister of was kicked "without the knowledge of her own free will" in the middle of the shooting of her promotional film … Thanks to the stolen photos of a certain Chris Doane, we discover that the next Honda uses a big V4, probably stolen from the Pan European 1300.

The use of the DCT box could not be confirmed by these same pictures, Site questioned the technical team of Honda France which is categorical: according to them, "it is not possible to couple the DCT to the V4 1300". The new model inspired by the concept"Comfort Touring eXperience"will therefore certainly ignore this option.

This system – fitted as standard on the CTX700s intended for the French market – could have made F6B owners jealous, also deprived of a double-clutch transmission and automatic mode….

With its side cases, its low semi-fairing surmounted by a small nose screen and its cardan transmission, the new Honda does not have much to envy to the Bagger from the "GoldWing", if it is not two more cylinders … but a lot of euros less? Site will try to find out more in Milan !

In Tokyo, at the end of November, three other two-wheeled Honda vehicles will be presented: a new version of the CB1300S and two models – for the moment – intended for the Japanese market alone, the CB400 Super Four and the 50 cc Dunk scooter..

Officially published on the Honda website, the first photos of these other 2014 novelties are accompanied only by a few words, the manufacturer of cars-motorcycles-mowers-robot-aircraft giving pride of place to these four-wheeled concepts S660 and NSX…

"A number of models will also be on display in the motorcycle section, including several new ones, such as the Dunk, a 50 cc scooter equipped with a new liquid-cooled engine and the CB1300 Super Bol d’Or, whose attractiveness is enhanced. by adopting LED headlights and a 6-speed gearbox", say the Japanese.

Not the slightest info on the little "Cebe" whose look – and the price? – could however crack a lot of European bikers, in particular the "sleeping licenses"(those who do not use their A license) that Honda has failed to wake up with its Crossrunner, DN-01 and others…

Finally, last info and not the least: don’t count on Honda to unveil its next Superbike this year! Certainly, the future "winged" pistarde is in the starting blocks and Honda Italy has reaffirmed its existence to our transalpine colleagues, but at the same time the manufacturer has denied the rumor of a presentation at the next EICMA show in Milan !

An announcement that is not surprising, as the Honda Pata team has already confirmed that the Fireblade with the same Jonathan Rea and Leon Haslam…

It will be necessary to wait until 2015, at the earliest, to see rolling the replacement of the CBR1000RR … Replacing in competition only, since like the Ducati Panigale Superleggera, this future Honda will be produced only in very few days. ‘copies and will be very expensive. The CBR1000RR should remain in the catalog to satisfy "amateur athletes". Confirmation in the coming months: stay tuned !

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