News – New S1000RR 2012: BMW sharpens its Hypersport! – Used BMW

New S1000RR 2012: BMW sharpens its Hypersport !

News - New S1000RR 2012: BMW sharpens its Hypersport! - Used BMW

When it was released in 2009, the BMW S 1000 RR had the effect of a bomb: overpowered and sophisticated, the German Hypersport rose directly to the top of the sports motorcycle category! And its competitors can continue to tremble because in 2012, BMW decided to sharpen its fine blade even more…. Presentation.

During its, the BMW S 1000 RR had the effect of a bomb: overpowered and sophisticated, the German Hypersport directly rose to the top of the sports motorcycle category! And its competitors can continue to tremble because in 2012, BMW decided to sharpen its fine blade even more … Presentation.

2012 objectives: more usability and control

Champion of France Superbike and Superstock in 2010 (read), holder of several pole positions in Endurance and a second title in, the BMW S1000RR has successfully entered the very closed circle of (hyper) sports motorcycles !

Apart from where success is surprisingly long in coming, the S 1000 RR is nothing but joy and pride in BMW..

Because not only this "tool" of 193 nags badly rejuvenates the image of the brand with the propeller, but it also sells rather well: 10,200 registrations around the world in 2010, an enviable score on a market in full regression !

No great surprise given its astonishing outcome – insofar as BMW started not only from a blank sheet, but also from a white "workshop"! -, the S 1000 RR received only slight upgrades in 2012.

Starting with some cosmetic touch-ups (pierced and refined rear shell, grafting of small aerodynamic appendages at the front, triple trees, footrest plates and redesigned side fairings) and the launch of new colors: a very red-white " racing "and a very" MotoGP Suzuki "blue-black !

The 999 cc in-line 4-cylinder engine and its titanium pawl-actuated valves did not experience any major changes. At the same time, this compact and light engine (59.8 kg) is already developing more than respectable (!) Power (193 hp at 13,000 rpm) and torque (112 Nm at 9,750 rpm), What is the point of struggling to find him a few extra watts ?

On the other hand, its operability and its punch at low revs have been the subject of care of the German engine manufacturers: the pulling of the throttle grip has been reduced, the torque range optimized and an additional tooth has been added to the crown of secondary transmission (45 instead of 44).

Likewise, the power curves attributed to its configurable injection maps go from two to three: a very smooth one for the rain mode (the Rain map, now restricted to 163 hp instead of 152), another more "direct "for Sport mode and a third specific to Race and Slick modes.

The exhaust has also received some changes, while the width of the air intake duct has increased by 20%: all improvements that allow the S 1000 RR 2012 to claim torque curves (three different curves instead of two in 2011) better filled.

First production hypersport motorcycle to offer traction control informed (among others) by gyroscopes and an ABS compatible with "sport" driving, the S 1000 RR does not carry any new electronic crutch in 2012.

But here again it would be unfair to accuse BMW of immobility, since most of its rivals are still very far from its level of development in this area..

On the other hand, the manufacturer has apparently heard the complaints of Site (read the "Weak points" of our), since the anti-wheeling function of the Dynamic Control Traction (DTC) has been optimized to offer more smoothness when it comes into action. Traction control benefits from a few adjustments to improve its efficiency in Race and Slick modes..

Cycle part: the S 1000 RR 2012 will be more agile !

Designed "à la Japonaise", the aluminum perimeter frame of the 2012 S 1000 RR does not undergo any major changes: its shapes and fixings do not change, but some of its dimensions have been revised in favor of handling and especially agility.

Not really a "truck" to handle, the German Hypersport was indeed slightly less keen on reaching the rope than some of the most incisive of its rivals (the RSV4 in particular: read our).

But in 2012, the situation is likely to change: the wheelbase was reduced by 9.3 mm (1422.7 against 1432 previously), while the fork offset goes from 32 to 29.5 mm and the housing pad of the swingarm is fixed 4 mm higher.

Weight remains contained at 204 kg in running order (206.5 with Race-ABS), while fuel tank capacity (17.5 liters) and seat height (820 mm) are also unchanged..

The suspensions made some modifications intended to improve their efficiency: the inverted 46 mm fork notably adopted new hydraulic laws and a medium speed valve, while the diameter of the shock absorber rod increased from 14 to 18 mm in order to ” increase the oil flow through the valves during small impacts. And to fine-tune the barbaits, the steering damper now has ten notches.

Finally, the on-board console has been modified to offer more brightness – and therefore more readability – while new functions have been added. On the track, the "chrono" function can now inform the pilot about his pace every 100 meters (!) And indicate to him if he achieves a lap time lower or higher than his best time..

Naturlich, BMW has not forgotten its road users: the Speedwarning function is introduced to indicate the exceeding of a speed defined in advance. Convenient for long journeys, especially with such a bomb in your hands…

The "S1000Ristes" fans of long trips, whatever the weather conditions, will also appreciate that heated grips (adjustable on two levels) are now part of the equipment available. Admittedly, these elements are offered as an option, but to the knowledge of MNC this is a first on a Hypersport! And if the other manufacturers could imitate the Germans, we would have nothing against: a sports car is already delicate enough to handle like that, so with numb fingers…

BMW Motorrad has not yet communicated the availability or the price of its 2012 S 1000 RR, but it should remain close to the prices currently applied: € 16,200 without the "Race-ABS / DTC" pack (+ € 1,230) and the shifter (+360 €).

 Video: BMW presentation of the S 1000 RR 2012

BMW S 1000 RR 2012 technical data sheet (Manufacturer data)

  • Type : 4-cylinder in-line, 4-stroke, liquid cooled
  • Displacement : 999 cc
  • Bore x stroke : 80 × 49.7 mm
  • Distribution : double overhead camshaft, 4 valves per cylinder, controlled by
    by individual latches arranged at the bottom
  • Valves : 33.5 mm intake, 27.2 mm exhaust
  • Volumetric ratio : 13 to 1
  • Max power : 193 hp (143 kW) at 13,000 rpm (Free World), 107 hp at 8,750
    rpm (France)
  • Max torque : 112 Nm at 9,750 rpm (Free World), 89 Nm at 8,500 rpm (France)
  • Food : Injection, BMW Motorrad BMS-KP digital management, 48 mm throttles
  • Starter : Electric  


  • Clutch : Multi-disc anti-dribble in oil bath with mechanical control
  • Gearbox : 6 gears, selection by forks and dogs
  • Primary reduction ratio : 1 / 1.652
  • Secondary reduction ratio : 1 / 2.647
  • Secondary transmission : By chain 

Cycle part

  • Frame : Perimeter in aluminum, motor with carrier function
  • Steering head angle : 65.99 °
  • Hunt : 98.5 mm
  • Front suspension : 46 mm inverted fork, fully adjustable
  • Suspension Ar : Combined central spring / shock absorber, fully adjustable
  • Front travel : 120 mm
  • Travel Ar : 130 mm
  • Front brake : Double disc, 320 mm, Brembo 4-piston fixed radial calipers
  • Ar brake : Single disc, 220 mm, single piston floating caliper
  • ABS (option) : BMW Motorrad Race ABS (partially integral and disconnectable)
  • Front rim : 3.50 x 17 in cast aluminum
  • Rim Ar : 6.00 x 17 in cast aluminum
  • Front tire : 120/70 ZR17
  • Tire Ar : 190/55 ZR17 

Dimensions and weight

  • Length: 2,056 mm
  • Width (with mirrors): 826 mm
  • Seat height: 820 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1422.7 mm
  • Empty weight: 178 kg
  • Weight in running order: 204 kg (206.5 with Race-ABS)
  • Fuel tank: 17.5 liters 

Commercial information

  • Availability : not communicated
  • Colors : Alpine red-white, "fire" blue and "sapphire" black in the
  • Main options : Replica colors Superbike, Race ABS, DTC, anti-theft alarm, Shifter, heated grips adjustable on two levels, HP titanium exhaust line with / without homologation, HP carbon fairing fins, Race HP data logger with GPS.
  • Price : Not disclosed
  • Guarantee : 2 years, unlimited mileage, 24 hour assistance for 3 years

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