News – News 2016: BMW improves its C650 maxi-scooters – Used BMW

New in 2016: BMW improves its C650 maxi-scooters

News - News 2016: BMW improves its C650 maxi-scooters - Used BMW

At the end of 2011, BMW unveiled big ambitions around its two new maxi-scooters powered by a twin-cylinder engine designed in-house and assembled by Kymco. Overall well-born, the BMW C600 Sport and C650GT nevertheless suffered from a few design flaws and a finish that could be improved over time: so many weak points in principle …

At the end of 2011, BMW unveiled big ambitions around its engines with a twin-cylinder engine designed in-house and assembled by Kymco. Overall well born, the BMWs and nevertheless suffered from some design flaws and a perfectible finish over time: so many weak points a priori settled on the new 2016 models.

BMW corrects the situation

First change for 2016: the C600 Sport is renamed "C650 Sport", a much more logical and readable name given the displacement of its vertical twin-cylinder of 647cc built by Kymco. The BMW marketing department is therefore backtracking, as it did with the late F650GS. Who will complain ?

To support this change of identity which values ​​this direct competitor of the famous Tmax, the propeller brand has redesigned its front part and refined it by taking inspiration from that of its S1000RR. The C650 Sport – like its more road-going counterpart, the C650 GT – adopts new optics and fairings with more dynamic lines..

On the practical side, a central stand announced "easier to handle" and an automatic control of the daytime running lights are emerging..

Two features in addition to the very practical automatic parking brake as standard, which is activated as soon as the side is unfolded, or the clever variable-volume Flexcase boot discovered on the C600 Sport (see photo gallery below below)

A richer and more sophisticated equipment 

The dials of the instrumentation also enjoy a facelift and include a new indicator: that of ASC anti-skating now installed as standard on both models in addition to ABS, as on the electric scooter. The C650 GT even adds equipment installed for the first time on a two-wheeler: a blind spot side view assist (SVA).

Derived from the automobile, this technology detects vehicles located in the blind spot and alerts the driver of their presence by activating a warning light in the branch of the mirror. A real plus when overtaking.

More lively and melodious reminders !

Appreciated for its power and its full mid-revs (60 hp and 66.6 Nm), the twin cylinder is however less unanimous concerning its reactivity at start-up and its sound. Compared to the "King Tmax" with its particularly neat soundtrack, that of the current BMW scooters rather evokes a public works machine…

Aware of this penalizing characteristic, the propeller brand has reworked the acoustics of these 2016 models, announced as "particularly serious" thanks to a new silencer with dual outputs.

Predisposed to meet Euro4 standards as soon as it was released in 2011, this block inclined at 70 ° also receives a new injection map to meet this mandatory standard next year..

The C650 Sport and C650 GT would also be more lively at start-up thanks to a "new adjustment of their continuously variable transmission associated with new clutch linings". The adjustment of the weights has also been revised in this direction.

In terms of cycle parts, the German maxi-scooters identically renew their frame in steel tubes with bolted aluminum rear frame. On the other hand, their inverted 40 mm fork and horizontally mounted mono-shock absorber inherit a general calibration described as "more comfortable", even offering a compromise deemed "ideal between sportiness and comfort".

Too bad their fairly substantial weight (respectively 249 kg and 261 kg on the current Sport and GT) has apparently not been the subject of a small slimming cure…

Rising finishes

Finally, BMW Motorrad states very briefly in its presentation of the progress in terms of quality of realization by evoking "high-end finishes", without going further on the subject … The propeller brand has logically improved the one of the faults often criticized for its scooters assembled in Berlin: a disappointing finish over time with regard to their "Premium" price. 

In addition to some youthful defects (read in particular our), the first vintages suffered from perfectible adjustments which did not improve over time, such as for example at the level of the storage compartment hatches. Some concerns about electrical connections and waterproofing also returned to MNC’s ears.

A priori, all these problems have been gradually resolved over the years and should now be a thing of the past. More beautiful, better equipped and cared for down to the smallest detail, the 2016 vintages of the C650 should logically experience even better commercial results as soon as they arrive in concession, expected in December.. 

Their prices, however, have not been communicated and will undoubtedly be at the Milan motorcycle show at the end of November. To follow naturally on MNC: stay connected !

2016 C650 Sport and C650 GT photo gallery

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