Norton Superlight

Norton Superlight (2019)

Sports motorcycle with a new 650 twin

With the Superlight, Norton has presented the study of a two-cylinder sports motorcycle. The recently introduced Atlas series donated the 650 cm³ twin.

At first glance it looks NOTOrton Superlight looks like the V4 RR. In terms of engine power, with its 650 cc twin, it lags significantly behind the 1,200 cc V4 with 200 hp, from which the twin was derived. In the Superlight, the two-cylinder, which makes 84 hp in the Atlas, should come to 105 hp and 75 Nm of torque, which are present at 12,500 tours. The increased performance results mainly from increased compression. If a titanium racing exhaust is fitted, a further 6 hp should drop.

Lightweight thanks to carbon

As for the chassis, the Superlight, like the V4 RR, relies on an aluminum tubular frame construction with adjustable swing arm bearings on the single-sided swing arm and adjustable steering head bearings. The wheelbase is specified as 1,399 mm, the seat height as 824 mm, and the dry weight as 158 kg. The tank under the seat has a capacity of 18 liters – this results in a weight of around 180 kilograms (ready to drive). All cladding parts, the dummy tank and the seat are also formed from carbon fiber laminate in a visible construction. The fender wraps itself around the front wheel. The wheels from supplier BST are also made of carbon.


The exclusive 650 will cost around 24,000 euros.

Exclusive fabric also for the spring elements. At the front there is an Ohlins NIX 30 USD fork in the triple clamps, at the rear the British rely on a TTXGP strut from the Swedes. Brembo contributes the brake components, with radially bolted M50 calipers and 330 mm washers installed on the front wheel. The electronics armada includes ride-by-wire, three driving modes, ABS cornering, traction and launch control and a blipper. All of these beautiful features come at a price. Norton calculates the equivalent of around 24,000 euros for the 650 Superlight.

The Superlight 650 will be available in the race version without homologation from June 2019. The street version homologated according to Euro4 will then follow in December 2019.

TT outing 2019

Stuart Garner / Twitter

Norton boss Stuart Garner also made it clear on Twitter where the journey with the Superlight should go. In 2019 the Superlight will compete in the class of the same name at the TT on the Isle of Man – and of course win. TT legend John McGuinness could be won as a driver.

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