Oil trap in the Bavarian Forest

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Oil trap in the Bavarian Forest
State Building Authority Passau / Police Grafenau


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Oil trap in the Bavarian Forest

Oil trap in the Bavarian Forest
Third time on the same sharp turn

Motorcycle haters at work? Again the police discovered a dangerous oil trap. This time in the Bavarian Forest, which is popular with bikers.

Michael Schumann


The police in Grafenau, Bavaria, no longer believe in a coincidence. For the third time in the same place, namely in a sharp 90-degree bend on the federal highway 355 just east of Grafenau (near Passau), strangers apparently deliberately placed a red full oil canister on the road at night. The result: cars rolled over the canisters that burst and the oil turned the curve in the area of ​​the “Lichtenecker grater” into a greasy trap. Fire hazard, “especially for two-wheelers,” said the police.

First two canisters found at the end of 2016

Or did the canisters just fall from the tractor unnoticed? “Somehow I can’t imagine that,” says Superintendent Andreas Traxler from the Grafenau police. On the other hand: “The motive against the thesis of motorcycle hatred is that the weather was bad and hardly any motorcyclists were out and about in the Bavarian Forest.”

The first two canisters, both red like the present one, were found on the morning of September 12th and November 9th, 2016. The last one in the morning hours of April 20th. Traxler and colleagues are investigating dangerous interference in road traffic. The Grafenau police have published a photo of the last canister found and are asking for information on Tel. 08552/96060. Who uses or misses such canisters? Who observed how such a canister got onto the B 355 at the time in question or can provide information about the origin of the canisters? The police also have one Call in Facebook started.

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