Peugeot Satelis 500 RS review


Peugeot Satelis 500 RS review

Peugeot Satelis 500 RS review

Sporty luxury scooter

With the Satelis 500 RS, Peugeot defines sportiness differently: Cultivated torque, easy handling and powerful brakes are combined here with discreet luxury.

It was only two years ago that Peugeot dealt with the S.atelis ventured into the territory of the fully grown scooters. In 2005, the comfortable but rather compact Elystar 150 marked the upper end of the model range, which otherwise consisted of partly good, partly sporty 50s, 100s and 125s, while the competition has long since made an impression with large-volume maxi scooters.

In 2006, the Satelis also brought size and luxury to Peugeot. That means a very relaxed seating position, in which long-legged people find the footwell limited to the front by the center tunnel and a pronounced step successfully prevents them from sliding back on the rather narrow bench. The pleasures of the Satelis include good weather protection and equipment that includes details such as large, aspherical mirrors on but rather short arms, a seat cover and a helmet compartment that can be opened electrically with the ignition key. There is also a spacious compartment for a water bottle in the leg shield and a small compartment under a flap on the handlebar. The Peugeot also has bright lights, hazard warning lights, side stand with ignition interruption and an exemplary, easily functioning main stand. Except for a parking brake, even demanding scooter drivers don’t miss anything.

Drive and smooth running

The sporty top model of the Satelis range, which also includes 125 with and without compressor, a 250 and a 400, is the Satelis 500 RS. Its single cylinder is the further development of Piaggio’s tried and tested, powerful and rumbling 460 cubic drive. Dual ignition and 33 cubic centimeters more displacement noticeably improve smoothness and throttle response and increase torque by two Newton meters.

It takes a long time for the 500 RS to reach the top speed of 160 km / h. But the area of ​​the Satelis is not so much the motorway anyway, it is more the city and the country road. The 500 kicks off vigorously from a standing start, and beyond 60 km / h there is enough power for relaxed overtaking maneuvers. With four liters per 100 kilometers, the consumption is kept within contemporary limits. Especially people who like to be a little more dynamic on the scooter will appreciate the pitch black Satelis 500 RS. It encourages rapid locomotion, is agile and manoeuvrable despite its 222 kilograms, steers neutrally on its 14-inch wheels and remains stable even when leaning. In the tin snake slalom, the massive Peugeot does better than expected because its mirrors are higher than those of most cars.

One limitation are the standard Michelin Gold Standard ?? rather conservative all-weather than sport tires, which can neither offer a transparent border area nor excessively precise steering behavior. On the other hand, the Nissin double disc brake in the front wheel is a pleasure, the double pistons of which grip gently but decisively and which can be finely dosed. The work of the rear suspension is sometimes sabotaged by the drive train swing arm ?? When driving over manhole covers, you can feel that powerful unsprung masses under the scooter lead a life of their own. The bottom line is that this hardly spoils the good impression, especially since Peugeot offers its synthesis of dynamism, style and luxury at an attractive price.

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