Pirelli Scorpion Trail tire test


The Sicilian Clan

Pirelli invited us for a “life-size” test on the small roads of Sicily with the Scorpion Trail. Three years after its presentation, the first Pirelli bigomme trail tire has undergone a slight technical development which has given us the opportunity to get to know it better on Sicilian asphalt..

Pirelli Scorpion Trail

"Times change, the automobile too"…. Fiat wrote on the rear window of his 128…. in 1969. Imagined more than 40 years ago, this advertising slogan applies just as much to motorcycles. As history is an eternal restart, on motorbikes as elsewhere, we can see in a certain form a return to basics. Derived from road bikes, the first trails, called "scrambler" were just good to make a few escapades off asphalt…. A bit like the machines we are offered today: BMW 1200 GS, Ducati Multistrada, Guzzi Stelvio, or Yamaha Super Tenere, etc. which weigh between 250 and 300 kg with full fuel.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail

But before arriving at these monsters and between these two periods spaced about fifty years apart, there were the first real light trails: Yamaha DT then XT, Suzuki TS then DR, Kawasaki KE then KLR / KLX or even Honda SL, then XL, XLS, XLR to name just the four Japanese. Machines that had real off-road inclinations and for which the equipment of nipple tires was essential, even if the only jumps they made were often sidewalks…. Under the influence of the Paris Dakar, they were given big tanks, big suspensions, big engines and often one more cylinder. As a consequence of this bulimia, a hundred kilos more, a hundred more horsepower too and another 100 km / h more in top speed, if one compares a Multistrada to a 500 XT. So obviously, we had to change the tires ….

Pirelli Scorpion Trail

To hell with pacifiers

It is in this context that Pirelli presented its Scorpion Trail 3 years ago. True to its image, the manufacturer has designed a very sporty tire! It begins with a particular drawing, called "four pitch" in English, the pattern of which is repeated only four times over the entire outline..

Pirelli Scorpion Trail

This very long route with triangular indentations offers great rigidity to the paving stones while taking care of water drainage. To provide a good level of grip on the corner, the water evacuation ridges are gathered towards the center and not very present at the ends of the profile.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail

Logically, in the rain, we won’t look for the maximum angle! In fact, by limiting them on the ends, we have more contact surface, which is good for offering maximum grip on dry ground. Also with this objective in mind, the scorpion trail is nothing more or less than a twin compound at the rear !

Pirelli Scorpion Trail

Finally, to give performance and even improve it during this evolution, Pirelli has used a mixture of carbon black-based gums for great stability. Another essential component on this type of tire: silica, which improves grip on cold or wet ground. Finally, the resin used is supposed to ensure good mileage longevity to this champion..

Champion is the word because the Scorpion Trail is the fastest and widest approved trail tire: 190/55 R 17 in W index, i.e. capable of supporting 270 km / h !

Pirelli Scorpion Trail

A real track tire !

Yes, but not necessarily the one we think of when we talk about trail running. We forget a little about the not really rigid studded tires. Even if he knows how to face the deserts (Paolo Pirozzi has completed a round the world in 100,000 km and 80 countries on a Multistrada with 8 successive Scorpion Trails trains), the scorpion trail prefers to eat asphalt.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail

In fact, after a test drive where we were able to appreciate its comfort, its responsiveness and its behavior in the face of enormous transverse or longitudinal drops, we went to the Pergusa autodrome to assess its grip..

Already on the road, the animal had won us over with its ease and level of grip on slippery asphalt to say the least. While the Angel ST had given a few warnings, the Scorpio went about their task without flinching. Of course, by doing it on purpose, we managed to trigger the Multistrada’s anti-slip system, but in normal driving, no problem. It was therefore confident but still a little curious that we took the fresher track of Pergusa. There is something odd about the idea of ​​doing the circuit with a trail tire. But in fact after a few laps we see that the Scorpion and the Angel ST are quite evenly matched..

Pirelli Scorpion Trail

Stable and efficient

Thanks to its designs and its radial carcass at 0 ° the Scorpion stays the course in all circumstances. Stable at high speeds, it is also under braking and does not straighten up when braking on the angle. Not very sensitive to bitumen connections, it absorbs unevenness with ease and lets the rider swing the bike with ease thanks to its very progressive profile.

On the track, the horses go by without skating and you can happily take a lot of angle without asking any questions. In use, at no time do you think you are on a motorcycle with trail tires.

The shape of the drawings, the presence of the bigomme rear make us forget this vocation. In fact, when you know the efficiency of big trails on secondary roads, you think that a 1200 GS or Multistrada / Scorpion Trail tandem must be difficult to follow. This is what Pierangelo Misani, director of the R&D department confirms: "on weekends, the big game for owners of 1200 GS is to go and provoke sports cars on small roads and give them a beating". And given the way he talks about it and how he knows how to turn the throttle, I think Pierangelo is one of the provocateurs in 1200 GS, because he told us to have one….

Pirelli Scorpion Trail

Table of dimensions: Note that to adapt to very different machines, depending on the dimensions, the Scorpion Trail may be radial or conventional, tubeless or with chamber.

Strong points

  • Grip on dry ground
  • Dual compound AR
  • Braking stability
  • Many sizes available

Weak points

  • Effectiveness on wet ground and in TT not evaluated
  • What about the performance of the versions with a conventional structure? ?

Dimensions table

  • Front tire

    90/90 – 21
    100/90 – 18
    100/90 – 19
    110/80 R 19
    120/70 R 17

    Rear Tire

    120/90 – 17
    130/80 – 17
    140/80 R 17
    150/70 R 17
    160/60 R 17
    180/55 R 17
    180/55 ZR 17
    190/55 ZR 17
    150/70 R 18

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