Polo Qbag 04: Waterproof tail bag luggage roll in long-term test

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Polo Qbag 04: Waterproof tail bag luggage roll in long-term test
Markus Jahn.



Polo Qbag 04: Waterproof tail bag / luggage roll in a long-term test

Polo Qbag 04 in the 5,000-kilometer long-term test
Waterproof tail bag / luggage roll

The Polo Qbag 04 was our loyal companion over 5,000 kilometers. How did the tail bag / luggage roll fare in the long-term test?

Tobias Beyl


This bag is definitely not for organizer types with a tidiness frenzy. Because it is actually just a piece of truck tarpaulin formed into a dull roll. But that is exactly what describes its ingenious advantage: Made from tarpaulin, an extremely resistant PVC fabric, it is ideal for swallowing gigantic quantities for a long motorcycle holiday and always shipping it clean and dry “under tarpaulin” through the area.

80 liters of storage space

The professional traveler can easily organize himself in the roll with a maximum capacity of 80 liters. Our tip for sorters: fabric shopping bags from mum’s pantry. And as a second tip for tensing up on the bike: Our often quoted Rok straps are available for example. B. also at polo for 24.95 euros / pair.

With the easy-to-use roll closure and robust, clickable straps, the bag is compactly compressed to size. The shoulder straps can also be converted into rucksack straps for easier transport. And after our 5,000-kilometer extreme test over hill and dale, the material still felt good.

Noticed positively: Waterproof, robust, small outside pocket

Noticed negatively: quickly smudges in yellow on the outside

Volume: 80 liters

Price: 49.99 euros

MOTORCYCLE Rating: 4.5 stars out of a possible 5


The Polo Qbag 04 bag made a good impression over a distance of 5,000 kilometers. It offers a lot of space, is waterproof and very robust. Clear buy recommendation!

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