Portraits – Meet Sylvain Barrier, WSBK 2014 rider –

Meet Sylvain Barrier, WSBK 2014 rider

Portraits - Meet Sylvain Barrier, WSBK 2014 rider -

Winner of the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup twice in a row, Sylvain Barrier is one of the greatest hopes of French motorcycle speed. Without his injuries at the start of the season, he could have played for the Evo title in World Superbike.. Portrait.

To get to know our representatives at the highest level of motorcycle competition better, Site contacts new French riders registered in World Superbike every year and submits them to its MNC questionnaire..

After and in 2011, in 2012 and last year, it was Sylvain Barrier’s turn to be listed by the Journal moto du Net…

Site readers – who, as everyone knows, are a little more fortunate than others – know that "Syl’20" is the first French rider to have lifted the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup (in 2012) and that he is the second "straightforward" driver – after James Ellison – to have doubled the stake the following year (read).

In 2014, the double champion logically made his entry into the big leagues: that of the Superbike. Before the start of this 2014 season, the rookie was clearly aiming for the "title" in the all new – and very fleeting! – Evo category.

Unfortunately, our dear compatriot was the victim of a nasty fall during: n ° 52 – a nod to his mentor James Toseland, "his" favorite n ° 20 already on the fairing of the EBR d ‘Aaron Yates – was therefore deprived of an opening round.

A month later in France, Sylvain was more seriously injured, following one this time. For three months, the BMW Italia rider will be forced to watch his replacement Leon Camier ride and confirm the great potential of "his" S1000RR…

"Sylv’1" finally had to wait for the seventh round, scheduled, to take part in his first race of the season, while his little comrades completed their first half of the season. Alas – three times alas! -, the bad caught him in Laguna Seca, where he broke his foot (read our).

It was therefore between two physiotherapy sessions that Sylvain Barrier kindly played the question-and-answer game. MNC warmly thanks him again, and wishes him a speedy recovery and an excellent end to the season..

News from the front

  • Site: First of all, what is your assessment of your debut in World Superbike? ?
    Sylvain Barrier: Considering the ups and downs of this season, I remain a little frustrated because I feel that I could have fought at the forefront in the Evo category.

  • Your goal for Aragon ?
    I will try to be the best Evo in each race remaining, although I am aware that I will not be able to make up for lost time. I am already planned for the next season and I intend to give the maximum.

Sylvain Barrier technical sheet

  • Last name :Barrier

  • First name: Sylvain

  • Date of Birth : October 20, 1988

  • Place of birth : Oyonax (01)

  • Current domicile: Swiss

  • Family situation : single

  • Cut : 180 cm

  • Weight: 75 kg

Personal informations

  • Right or left handed ?
    Right handed.

  • Studies, diplomas ?
    I studied marketing.

  • Odd jobs ?
    A boost in my parents’ society, renovation of buildings.

  • Current occupation ?
    BMW Motorrad Italia driver. Interior renovation work in addition.

  • The quality that we recognize most often ?
    Difficult to answer … Persevering I think.

  • Your main fault ?

  • Your hobbies ?
    Motorized sports, running, cycling, swimming. I particularly like triathlon.

  • Vehicles currently in your garage ?
    BMW 3 Series Estate

  • And in the garage of your dreams ?
    A Ford Mustang Shelby GT500


  • Your youthful idol ?
    Casey stoner.

  • Your first experience on a motorized two-wheeler ?
    At 14 years old on a Derbi 50.

  • Your first motorcycle race ?
    In Mauritius.

  • Your first victory ?
    Ditto on a 50.

  • Your best victory ?
    All victories are beautiful! But my first Superstock 1000 title in 2012 particularly marked me because it was in France in front of my audience (read our).

  • Your greatest defeat ?
    In 2013, during the Superstock 1000 race in Assen (Sylvain had bowed 2 hundredths of a second against Eddi La Marra at the end of a titanic battle, Editor’s note).

  • Your best memory on the track ?
    My victory at Misano in 2012. I was coming back from a shoulder injury that had been caused by my fall at Monza.

  • Your best memory in the paddocks ?
    Brands Hatch in England in 2006, I was in awe of the crowds in front of the pits.

  • Your best memory off the track ?
    My experience in Mauritius.

  • Your favorite circuit ?

  • Your favorite motorcycle ?
    Mine 🙂

  • The motorcycle that marked you the most ?
    The R1 (Sylvain rode on Yamaha in STK1000 in 2008 and 2009, Editor’s note)

  • A favorite race number ?
    # 20


  • Your strong points in piloting ?
    My changes of direction and the quick turns.

  • Your weak points ?
    Departures, acceleration.

  • Your daily training ?
    I put myself in a daily physical training to be on top physically. Good physical condition is a major asset in our activity.

  • Your entourage during race weekends ?
    I am almost always accompanied by my father on the various races, he is a great support for me because he helps me to channel myself. James Toseland is also an important person, he is always very good advice. Line Ce manages my communication at the same time, she keeps people who follow me informed via social networks by publishing my results as they go..

WSBK 2014

  • Your personal goal ?
    Always give the best of myself so that I never have anything to regret. Work again and again to become multiple world champion.

  • Your opinion on Aprilia ?
    It’s complicated to give a legitimate opinion on machines that you don’t know and on which I have never driven. The classification reveals quite well the level of each of the motorcycles, with the exception of the BMW which deserves to be better classified but I am working to change this perspective.
    The RSV4s are very good machines which are among the best in the field. In addition, they are piloted by experienced pilots. Their engine is efficient.

  • The Bimota ?
    Against all expectations, the BB3s are performing well which are not disappointing. To be confirmed next year.

  • The Ducati ?
    We could observe a progression at the level of the 1199 Panigale. It is more in the game than last year thanks to a significant electronic advance.

  • EBRs ?
    For a first appearance in World Superbike, the 1190 RX is doing quite well, but development seems necessary. I had few opportunities to see them on the track.

  • Honda ?
    The CBR1000RR are good machines but we can note a lack of homogeneity according to the circuits. They remain formidable motorcycles.

  • Kawasaki ?
    The ZX-10R are still performing very well this year. These motorcycles are well born and very developed in testing. Engine management and electronics are particularly well developed.

  • Suzuki ?
    In my opinion, Suzuki still has to work because the GSX-R1000 is aging. Their work in this direction is obvious, but they must progress because the machine is reliable..

  • Your BMW ?
    The S1000RR evolves season after season and I adapt my driving to the needs of the bike. The engine is efficient, even if it lacks a bit at low revs. The electronic side and braking stability still have to be worked on. But overall it’s a great machine, nice and reliable.

  • The Pirelli ?
    They are very easy to use, efficient and provide a good feeling on the bike..

  • What will be your life in ten years ?
    I hope to still be on the bike and win races … To cringe the young people who will arrive on the track !

Interview by Matthieu BRETILLE

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