Practical – Folder Z 750: Kawasaki’s stroke of genius! – Maintenance: how reliable is a Z 750?

Z 750 dossier: Kawasaki’s stroke of genius !

Practical - Folder Z 750: Kawasaki's stroke of genius! - Maintenance: how reliable is a Z 750?

Unbelievable, the Kawasaki Z750? This is suggested by its dominance in the mid-size roadster segment. How did the Zed become the darling of many bikers and dealers? Back on the trajectory of a phenomenon with green blood.

Maintenance: how reliable is a Z 750 ?

Powered by a deflated Z 1000 engine (itself driven by the revised and fire-corrected "4-legged" ZX-9R), the Z 750 benefits from solid and proven mechanics. Scheduled to spit 144 hp on the former big sports car of the brand, the four-cylinder does not have to force much to release 106 hp at 10,500 rpm from its 748 cc.

Under these conditions, this block of 68.4 * 50.9 mm (bore * stroke) and "nicely" compressed to 11.3: 1 (a Hornet displays 12: 1 and an FZ 6 S2 12.2: 1) benefits exemplary reliability, consumes little or no oil and does not reserve any unpleasant surprises for its owner … in the context of "normal" use !

Praised by young licensees or "stunters" of all kinds, some second-hand Z 750s may have taken it for their grade … Mistrust therefore in the event of redemption from a private individual: "personal" paints and accessories. the eye can hide abuse due to practices hardly respectful of mechanics, or even one (or more) fall (s).

Another point to watch: the mileage! If the Z 750 easily withstand high mileage ("some accumulate more than 50,000 km without worries", says Pierrot, mechanic at Magik Moto), its engine does not have the service intervals of modern blocks.

Recommended every 6,000 km, maintenance thus provides for valve clearance (5 hours of labor) at 24,000 km. If you buy a model around 25,000 kilometers, check that this costly intervention has been carried out: otherwise, a substantial discount can always be requested from the seller..


Personally, I preferred the first versions in terms of mechanical accessibility, "explains one of the four mechanics at the Marne concession."However, apart from this detail, the Z 750 is a healthy and uneventful motorcycle: you just have to make sure to tighten the manifold nuts during the first overhaul (1000 km) and in some cases, the throttle control tends to slightly seize due to a little machining".

According to this familiar with Kawa mechanics, the bike has paints, plastics and an electrical network that withstand the ravages of time very well, as does the long list of Kawasaki-stamped accessories (mirrors, clogs, windshields, etc. .).

"It is simply necessary to be attentive to the changes of muffler made "house": some force on the engine, causing the cables of the exhaust valve and this can be harmful and cause the lighting of a warning light on the panel. on board", notes Pierrot.

A special case which suggests – as is often the case – to favor the purchase of a second-hand model with its original silencer or for which the fitting of an adaptable has been carried out by a professional of the brand.

A success that owes nothing to chance


Thank you to the Magik Moto dealership for its warm welcome and for its kind participation in the development of this Z 750 Special Report. Located Route de Soissons in Tinqueux, near Reims (51), this Kawasaki, Triumph and KTM dealership has succeeded make it a must in the Champagne-Ardenne region thanks to the professionalism and the sympathy reigning in the store as in the workshops.

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Reliable, efficient, dynamic and very well placed against the competition, the Z 750 takes advantage of its superior displacement to trample the roadster market. However, in view of its qualities and the results of our investigation, it turns out that this success is not accidental or unjustified. !

More pleasant to drive than a "screaming" 600 cc, less intimidating (and much less expensive) than a big 1000 cc, the 750 of the "Zed" combines the advantages and arises like an almost ideal displacement. And as the plumage is worth the ramage and the line of the Z 750 does not take a wrinkle – while gaining in build quality – the star roadster of the Greens certainly has all the cards in hand to convince against its Japanese rivals.

However, for 2011, if Kawasaki reviews the dynamic behavior on the attack (although it improves significantly by adopting a more sporty tire) and the weight a tad high, it is a safe bet that even the most charismatic Europeans will continue to be dominated by the already legendary Z 750…

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