Practical guides – How to choose the right motorcycle or scooter 125? – 125 motorcycles: several genres for a unique pleasure

How to choose the right motorcycle or scooter 125 ?

Practical guides - How to choose the right motorcycle or scooter 125? - 125 motorcycles: several genres for a unique pleasure

Tired of traffic jams or the metro, motorists and transport users turn to the 125. On what criteria should you base your purchase? Is the scooter the panacea in town? What are the basic rules? All the answers in this practical guide !

125 motorcycles: several genres for unique pleasure

The different categories of motorcycles available on the market are closely linked to the production of larger displacement. No wonder then to find 125 with the solutions (and the look) of certain speed bikes, off-road or even custom … Genre review !

Trails and Supermotards. Closely derived from off-road motorcycles, trails are ultra-versatile machines due to their significant suspension travel, their proven road capabilities, their solidity and their mixed tires. Leggy and rather masculine, they make it possible to "dominate" (at least visually) the traffic and to step over a sidewalk without fear. The large wheels provide stability and good guidance, while the duo can be envisaged over medium distances, especially on two-cylinder machines.

Conventional in design, they often only require reduced maintenance and will subsequently be used as supermotards: the same principle, but with road tires and reduced suspension travel. The practical aspects are not necessarily the most numerous, but knowing that your machine is capable of crossing the embankment of the neighboring municipal park or approaching a crossroads while sliding sometimes contributes to the purchasing impulse. Cause after all a little escape never hurts !

Best seller in the 125 trail category, the Honda Varadero (read our) is notably opposed to the Aprilia RX, the Beta RE and Urban, the recent Derbi Terra (read our), the Hyosung RT Karion, the Jialing JLR , the MZ SX or the Suzuki DR and Van Van. The supermotard clan is also provided and includes in particular the Rieju SMX Street, the Hooper 125 SMR, the Derbi Senda or the Aprilia SX.

The Roadsters. Two wheels, a handlebar and a motor: the very essence of the motorcycle would reside in the roadster! Benefiting from a look and a driving position adapted to the greatest number, the roadsters cultivate a stripped down style, in particular by the absence of fairings or windshield. As a result, these models are generally stingy in practical aspects and long-distance driving or in difficult conditions (rain, cold) are not always the most pleasant….

Teasers, roadsters often offer a chassis to match their quality peripherals (adjustable suspensions, inverted fork, front and rear disc brakes, etc.). The target clientele is therefore quite large and mixed, from the 30-something anxious to stand out to the quadra or fiftieth who sees in his motorcycle something other than a simple means of transport..

The offer includes among others the Daelim Roadwin, the Derbi Mulhacen Cafe (read our), the Hyosung GT Comet, the MZ RT (read our), the Regal Raptor Aventura RS or the Rieju NKD.

Sporting. Developed to titillate the limits and exacerbate the sensations, the sporty 125 urges frank and angry acceleration and generous angles. Directly inspired by Grand Prix models, they have their exclusive character, the constraining position (tilted forward) and an aerodynamic fairing.

Equipped with peripherals up to (and sometimes much more!) Their performance, sports cars are fantasy machines making particular use of double discs at the front, an inverted and adjustable fork and a fast and precise gearbox. On the other hand, the comfort is as basic as their practical aspects and the maintenance can quickly skyrocket, especially if we go to the latest 2-stroke machines….

Intended either for young people (with a good budget!), Or for quads (with a good youthful look!), The 125 sports cars are brilliantly represented by the Aprilia RS, the Cagiva Mito 525, the Daelim Roadsport R, the recent Yamaha YZF R 125 (read our), the Honda CBR 125 R, the Hyosung GT 125 R, the Kymco Quannon, the Rieju RS2, etc..

Customs. The favorite motorcycle par excellence! Often inspired by the Harley-Davidson model, the custom 125 genre unashamedly exhibits the characteristic design of the famous Americans.

They therefore do not shrink from the use of "chrome" (often polished plastic, for reasons of weight and cost), wide handlebars, low saddle and enveloping mudguards, all often enhanced with saddlebags. leather and long exhausts (chrome of course!) distilling – in most cases – the syncopated sound of a valiant twin-cylinder.

Equipment and minimum protection are among the weak points of the genre, as well as an often substantial turning radius and improved handling, especially in urban areas. The typical buyer is generally in his forties and wishes to combine utility and pleasure, or even pure pleasure for some who choose this type of motorcycle for weekend getaway..

However, contrary to popular belief, to the valor of their motorization are added a decent autonomy and a road behavior without (big) defects, to accomplish the task with happiness! The 125 customs category is notably animated by the Jinlun Highlander, the Daelim Daystar, the Keeway Superlight, the Fym Idaho, the Hyosung GV Aquila, the Regal Raptor Raxter and other Suzuki GZ Marauder.

Utilities or Basics. Beyond an unflattering name, the category of 125 basic lists all machines with a functional vocation, generally propelled by simple and proven engines (sometimes a little fair outside urban areas), benefiting from a handling as remarkable as the sobriety of their design.

Designed to take their user from point A to point B without fuss and above all without worry, utilities make great everyday companions, without real areas of excellence or incompetence. Inexpensive to buy as well as consumables, they often show a bird’s appetite, a stable rating on the second-hand market and an affordable cost to insurance..

Light and manoeuvrable, the 125 utilities are still not among the best equipped, but their attractive purchase price and their versatility rightly place them high on the list of choices of riders of all walks of life. Mixed, they will suit the experienced as well as the neophyte and will fulfill as easily "work-sleep" journeys as long-distance excursions..

Unbeatable (4,143 units sold in 2008), the Yamaha YBR (read in particular) asserts itself as the safe bet in a category representing no less than 13% of the 125 French market share. A status envied by the new Honda CBF 125 (read our), but also by the Jialing JH, the Jincheng Abila, the Keeway Speed, the Kymco Pulsar, the Sym XS, etc..

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