Practical guides – How to choose the right motorcycle or scooter 125? – Electric two-wheelers: for trendy city dwellers?

How to choose the right motorcycle or scooter 125 ?

Practical guides - How to choose the right motorcycle or scooter 125? - Electric two-wheelers: for trendy city dwellers?

Tired of traffic jams or the metro, motorists and transport users turn to the 125. On what criteria should you base your purchase? Is the scooter the panacea in town? What are the basic rules? All the answers in this practical guide !

Electric two-wheelers: for connected city dwellers ?

Last type of motorization possible: electric! A real fantasy of the most environmentally friendly consumers, electric motorization is still struggling to develop, both in two-wheelers and in cars. Clean and inexpensive energy, the electricity fairy is debated – mainly because of the still low battery autonomy – and is mainly found on scooters. In motorcycles, the recent Quantya Strada 48 V and Zero Motorcyle X offer original off-road variations, just like the E-Tricks of the French manufacturer Scorpa..

Certainly, its excellent energy efficiency, its silent operation and its consequent torque thrill users. But the electric arouses a moderate enthusiasm on the part of manufacturers, not necessarily smiling at the idea of ​​throwing to the nettles their long experience of the good old gasoline engine … In addition, the electric comes up against a limiting energy equivalence the less powerful models at 45 km / h and concerns about weight, size and battery costs, as well as their capacity and recycling.

For the moment reserved for city dwellers ready to spend a much higher budget and to sacrifice performance on the altar of ecology, electric two-wheelers tend despite everything to represent a solution of the future, especially on fairly long journeys. short. The e-Solex 2.0 (read) is a perfect representative of this, with its range of 25 to 40 km and its maximum speed of 35 km / h. More efficient, the EVT 4000e allows a speed of 45 km / h and a range of 40 to 45 km.

Met at the 2007 Paris Motor Show and at the 2008 JPMS, the French distributor Sweet’Elec offers scooters assembled in China with still limited performance (read our). But the future e-max and other developments could prove to be much more convincing in the future (read). Long-awaited, the American Vectrix has also been available this year and is the equivalent of a 125 cc.

Its 20 kW engine gives it guns, a top speed of 100 km / h and a range of up to 75 km (at 45/50 km / h on average). However, its prohibitive cost of € 8,990 and its dry weight of 230 kg (a hundred kilograms more than its thermal competitors!) Requires a wallet that lives up to its convictions. !

Electricity is therefore proving for the moment rather expensive and relatively restrictive. But the fact remains that given the speed with which the weight and capacities of the batteries evolve (remember the size and the autonomy of your first mobile phones!), This type of motorization is potentially called upon to supplant the motor. explosive, at least in urban areas.

As for the hybrid scooter, it "could" land this summer in the form of an MP3 … This is what Jean-Philippe Dauviau carefully announced to us, Marketing Manager of Piaggio France during the presentation of the Gilera Nexus 125 ie ( read)…

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