Practical – Kawasaki extends the warranty of its motorcycles due to containment – Used KAWASAKI

Kawasaki extends warranty on motorcycles due to containment

Practical - Kawasaki extends the warranty of its motorcycles due to containment - Used KAWASAKI

Faced with the forced immobilization of a majority of motorcycles due to the coronavirus, Kawasaki triggers a warranty extension that will initially cover the period of confinement of the main European markets. Explanations.

After, it is Kawasaki’s turn to extend the warranty period of its new motorcycles in reaction to the confinement "to take into account the fact that owners cannot use their machines for the moment", announces the European subsidiary of the manufacturer from Akashi.

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This extension will cover "initially" the period of confinement of the "main countries of the European market", develop the Greens, ie a priori the countries also most affected by Covid-19: Italy, Spain and France.

To date, the warranty of the motorcycles concerned in France would therefore be extended by almost two months since the confinement extends – for the moment … – from March 17 to May 11. Aware of the unstable nature of the situation, Kawasaki however plans to review it in the case of "possible further extensions" of the containment…

Useful clarification: motorcycles used for professional use or "for commercial purposes" (delivery men, motorcycle taxis, etc.) are excluded from this extended warranty, warns Hans Sipkema, deputy director of technical service at Kawasaki Motors Europe (KME).

"Ready to return to maximum capacity"

Regarding the activity in the manufacturer’s factories, Kawasaki explains being able to prepare "orders for spare parts" while respecting the directives in terms of "social distancing and health". The Greens stand ready to restart on the hats of wheels as soon as the situation allows…

Practical - Kawasaki extends the warranty of its motorcycles due to containment - Used KAWASAKI

"New motorcycles and other stocks are still arriving from Japan and our aim is to operate at this level for the foreseeable future," said the director of the logistics section of KME. "We will be ready to return to maximum capacity as soon as the restrictions are lifted and it is possible to do so safely," says Dick van Honk.

It remains to be seen when the lifting of confinement will take place and under what conditions: will the resumption of activities require tests for the detection of the coronavirus? Will people deemed vulnerable have to observe an additional period of confinement? So many unanswered questions to date, according to the President of the Republic himself in his last speech. Stay connected … at home !

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