Practical – Paris is testing a new motorcycle parking lot –

Paris is testing a new motorcycle parking lot

Practical - Paris is testing a new motorcycle parking lot -

The City of Paris has just inaugurated a new type of motorcycle parking reserved for motorized two-wheelers. She waits to analyze the remarks of the bikers to duplicate it in several hundred copies. Discovery.

Much criticized for its lack of consultation during the redevelopment of bus lanes (read in particular and from), the City of Paris today invites bikers to send their comments on the new motorcycle parking lot located rue Theophile Roussel, in the 12th arrondissement.. Certainly, a motorcycle parking lot remains a motorcycle parking lot and fans of innovative prototypes will be at their expense, because it is not the angle of the herringbone parking in relation to the sidewalk that will revolutionize the life of the urban biker..

"But the goal was not to innovate !", objected Denis Baupin, deputy mayor in charge of transport."We wanted to find an inexpensive solution that would work well for users. We have often been pointed out that there were difficulties in attaching the lock, problems of cohabitation with the bikes, efforts to be made to enter and exit, etc.."A technical committee on motorized two-wheelers has therefore been set up, in which the FFM and FFMC participate in particular."We are well aware that the city is lagging far behind in terms of hanging furniture for motor two-wheelers., continues Baupin. As a result, bikers go wherever they can, at the risk of disturbing the disabled, parents with strollers, etc. This creates a tension in the population which is very noticeable during public meetings. People bitch about motorized two-wheelers when they don’t even notice the annoyance of cars. We absolutely had to do something".

The "something" is therefore visible on rue Theophile Roussel, behind Square Trousseau, in the form of two car parks with 6 spaces each. Main difference with the current locations: they are reserved for motorized two-wheelers, excluding bicycles. Exit therefore the double central bar which made it possible to maintain the bikes – without a stand -, but which prevented the owners of certain large models from getting off easily. However, it will be necessary to continue to do with where they exist, because the new models will only be installed in future car parks. The other modification concerns the entry into the site, still in reverse but facilitated by the absence of a prominent ledge (the parking lot is at the same level as the roadway). Purists will then be able to philosophize about the optimum angle of the groyne in relation to the sidewalk – 45 ° or 60 ° – but the least that can be said is that the advantages of one over the other do not skip. to the eyes. Another parameter to be validated: the height of the poles allowing the motorcycle to be hung up, placed at choice 30, 40 or 50 cm from the ground.

In the immediate future, bikers and passers-by interviewed rue Theophile Roussel are unanimous: the arches have the advantage of preventing cars from parking. "Before it was supposed to be a 2-wheel parking lot but without a tie bar, so cars parked there happily", explains Lionel, guaranteeing his XJR 1300."Too bad the arches are only arranged every two places, regrets Elodie in 600 Fazer, because the front wheel is generally turned to the left, only the left motorcycle can attach correctly. And the hoop allows you to attach the rim but not really the fork". Only Bertrand, installed in his C1, did not notice anything:"it’s like before, except I can’t park on the sidewalk anymore without picking up a plum !"And unfortunately, despite a small gutter that runs along the back of the parking lot, the dog-dog grannies continue to piss their filthy critters anywhere…

The City of Paris, which has split an instruction manual on a temporary panel – "Engage your vehicle in reverse from the roadway"- count on user comments before validating this scheme:"Test the parking at 45 ° or 60 ° and the height of the poles at 30, 40 or 50 cm from the ground. Make your comments until May 31, 2003 by mail, fax or email".

To send your comments:
Roads and transportation department
Mobility Agency, Road Safety Division
40 rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris
Fax: 01 40 28 70 15
E-mail :


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