Practical – Yamaha revises its prices upwards – Used YAMAHA

Yamaha revises its prices upwards

Practical - Yamaha revises its prices upwards - Used YAMAHA

The global financial and then economic crisis causes an upward trend in the purchase price of new motorcycles: Yamaha Motor France, as others have done or will do, increases its prices by around 3.5% from from December 1. Details.

The Fazer case

Appeared in 1998 on the French market, the example of the Fazer 600 demonstrates Yamaha’s efforts to fight against rising prices: sold at the time 48,990 francs (7,470 €), the machine – faired version – s’ showed in 2008 at € 7,090 (5% … less!), despite the drastic switch to Euro3, the use of an aluminum frame and an engine derived from the R6 !

Impossible to miss today: the "crisis" which makes the headlines of the media is a worrying phenomenon which nobody seems to be able to stop and which draws the sacrosanct purchasing power down. Already hard hit by the increase in the liter of unleaded, two-wheeler users will also have to deal with a rise in the price of new motorcycles…

So, after Jean-Luc Mars for Honda (read), it is now Jean-Claude Olivier for Yamaha’s turn to announce price increases.

"For two years, the Euro has been very strong, which has enabled us not to pass on the increase in the cost of raw materials or the new Euro 3 technologies on retail prices", explains the emblematic CEO of Yamaha Motor France, at the top of the French registrations of 125 and more last October (read).

But these good results (the Tmax, precursor of the maxi scooters, sold 455 copies last month, that is to say 68 units more than the 600 Fazer and only 60 less than "the usual" best selling French, the Kawasaki Z 750) are not enough to counter the surge in the cost of raw materials and the unfavorable monetary parity: "the Euro has depreciated by 25% against the Yen since April 2008", says Yamaha.

Consequently, "reviewing our pricing policy is a difficult but necessary decision", JCO tranche:"our prices will be readjusted on average by 3.5%. This increase will apply from December 1, 2008 for the 2009 motorcycle range and from January 1, 2009, for the 2009 quad range.".

A substantial increase that the brand with three tuning forks also justifies by "the constant striving for quality and innovation that Yamaha owes to its customers. Technological evolution, research and development, a high standard of finish and workmanship are and will remain a priority towards which Yamaha strives to always work", specifies the manager of the French subsidiary.

If we note a measured inflation for the highly demanded X-Max 125 and YBR 125 (€ 9 more than the prices communicated in mid-October), the recent YZF R 125 takes almost 2.7% (4,099 € against 3,990 previously). The medium displacement are also harder hit, with a small 3% increase on the FZ6 N S2 (6,999 € instead of 6,790) and on the streamlined version (7,499 € against 7,290 previously), while the sulphurous YZF R6 jumps just under 4% (€ 11,660 against 11,200).

The 1000cc for their part show an increase of around 4.5% on the FZ 1 and the Fazer 1000 and a little less than 3% on the MT-01 (€ 14,000 instead of 13,590).

More surprisingly, the venerable TDM goes from 8,790 € to 9,150 €, or nearly 4% more to pay for this motorcycle that one would have thought to be largely amortized and not really concerned by the costs of research and development or sophisticated technologies. Same reflection for the FJR 1300 which takes more than 650 € in its standard version – without the robotic box – and which is now exchanged at 16,250 € !

For their part, novelties like the XJ6 N will be invoiced 6,149 € (6,549 € with ABS, available in January) while the faired version XJ6 S will cost 6,549 € in standard version and 6,949 € in ABS version ( available in March, read).

The eagerly awaited 2009 R1 (read) charges a ruby ​​on the nail for its motorization in direct affiliation with the 800cc MotoGP of Valentino Rossi: at 15,290 €, the sporting flagship of the brand has jumped 1,300 euros compared to the posted price at the release of the 2007 model (read our) !

Available from March 2009, the new R1 2009 will undoubtedly appeal to fans of "always more", but the wallet of many bikers may direct them to the promotions granted on the already very efficient previous model…

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