Practice – 2020 Motorcycle Meetings in the USA –

Motorcycle Meetings 2020 in the USA

Practice - 2020 Motorcycle Meetings in the USA -

The USA is a popular tourist destination every year. Its immense territory is indeed conducive to discoveries of all kinds, whether you are there to visit natural sites or emblematic places such as the Statue of Liberty, Las Vegas or the White House in Washington DC..

If you are a fan of two-wheelers, you can also find what you are looking for here, since the United States is also a place where many biker gatherings take place..

Here are the 2020 motorcycle gatherings not to be missed for your special trip to the USA, why not on a raod trip !

Going to the USA: what are the formalities to accomplish ?

The United States has established an electronic travel authorization system or ESTA in order to alleviate the formalities to be carried out at the level of customs and immigration services. On the one hand, this authorization simplifies the procedures for travelers, and on the other hand, it alleviates the work of civil servants..

This form is intended to replace the traditional entry visa, and allows travelers to tour the USA for 2 years.

France being one of the countries whose nationals can access this form, you can therefore request your ESTA in order to be able to attend a motorcycle rally in the USA.

To do this, you will need to fill out an online form with your personal information, including that contained in your passport. Regarding the documents to be provided, it suffices to present your passport and a payment card. It is also imperative that you provide an e-mail address, as this will be used to receive your form in PDF format. Generally, the will be sent to you within 24 hours and at the latest within 72 hours.

You are now ready to go find all the best motorcycle gatherings in the USA !

Practice - 2020 Motorcycle Meetings in the USA -

The best must-see biker gatherings in the USA

After having settled the administrative details of your departure, all you have to do is find out about the events that bring together the bikers and the best motorcycles in the USA for this year 2020.

The great Sturgis rally

The Great Sturgis Rally has been one of the busiest and most legendary biker gatherings in the USA since 1938. Turning 80 this year, it usually takes place in Sturgis, 20 minutes from Deadwood.

Every year, this rally brings together no less than 500,000 people from the other 50 states, and for special birthdays, this figure can go up to 740,000. Many motorcycle fans from other countries like France do not. do not hesitate to close the ranks of these followers.

Even if you cannot drive your own racing car, you will surely find pleasure in observing beautiful 2 or 3 wheel machines, and in attending all kinds of events such as: concerts, parades, various competitions (tattoo, hamburger eaters, longest beard, etc.) .

It will also be an opportunity to explore the Rockies. All the beauty of Yellowstone, Ruster Park, Cody Rodeo, Rocky Mountains and more. will reveal themselves to you.

The next edition of the great Sturgis Rally in Black Hills must be held August 7-16, 2020.

Daytona Motorcycle Week

Of March 6 to 15, 2020 will be Daytona Bike Week or Daytona Bike Week. In addition to being able to take advantage of the beautiful Florida weather, you can dive into the heart of an event that brings together up to 500,000 bikers. Qualified as being the largest motorcycle gathering in the world, a true two-wheeler fan will find happiness there! Among other activities, you can participate in circuits, attend races, exhibitions, demonstrations, etc..

Fancy a little extra visit? Meet at the Kennedy Space Center located in Cape Canaveral.

Americade Lake George in New York

The Americade is a gathering of bikers sponsored by the giant Honda, and which takes place on Adirondack Mountain in upstate New York, in the town of Lake George. Here, the priority does not remain with the Harley, and other famous motorcycle brands are also rubbed shoulders there..

This event brings together an average of 75,000 motorcyclists. This is the opportunity to participate and attend many activities:

  • trade shows,
  • haunted house tour,
  • motorized parades,
  • poker,
  • charity races,
  • vintage motorcycle exhibition,
  • musical and humorous shows,
  • factory spare parts demonstration,
  • motorcycle stunt demonstrations, etc..

For an unforgettable vacation, you can also take advantage of the Americade to take cruises to admire fireworks, visit historic attractions, hike in the mountains, and even attend a festival of lights..

Take the opportunity to indulge in shopping, take walks on the beach or in a boat on the lake, and taste the culinary specialties of the region.

Important information to know : in the Adirondacks, the climate is often capricious and can change very quickly from hot to cold, and even downright rainy. Vary your clothing accordingly! The Americade will take place this year from June 2 to 6, 2020.

Arizona Motorcycle Week

Arizona Motorcycle Week or Arizona Bike Week is a motorcycle rally that will take place April 1-5, 2020 at the Westworld of Scottsdale in Arizona. On the program: motorcycle demonstrations, exhibitions of works by renowned manufacturers, track races, live music, and miss contests….

Note that this event will celebrate its 22nd anniversary this year, and plans to welcome 100,000 visitors, bikers and spectators alike. This is because it is as famous as that of Sturgis or Daytona. To furnish your stay, consider taking part in charity trips and other trips organized as part of motorcycle week. You can discover the magnificent landscapes of Arizona, between mountainous areas and Native American ruins.

As you can see, motorcycle week will be an opportunity not only to party, but also to go sightseeing. !

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