Practice – Open days of the 2006 circuits –

Open days of the 2006 circuits

Practice - Open days of the 2006 circuits -

Remy Heitz inaugurated Friday in Carole the first session of the Open Doors of the 2006 circuits operation organized by the FFM, which this year includes ten dates on six circuits: Carole, the Mas du Clos, Croix-en-Ternois, Albi, Nogaro and Issoire.

Organized by the French Motorcycling Federation (FFM) in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the 2006 "Open Doors of Circuits" operation started on Friday 12 May on the Carole circuit with something new this year: financial participation from the Ministry of Transport.

Admittedly, Ile-de-France bikers are not the most to be pitied in terms of speed infrastructure since the Carole circuit, free on weekends, was created for this purpose. But to move the interministerial delegate for road safety Remy Heitz, "very happy to be for the first time today on this Carole circuit which I have heard a lot about", the 9-3 department seemed more judicious than Nogaro, Pau or Albi…

Paris, 05/12/2006 – Official launch of the "Open Doors 2006 Tours" operation Video Site.

The two ministries concerned are indeed contributing 45,000 euros each to this initiative aimed at promoting "learning, mastering and the pleasure of riding on the track", all in "making motorcyclists aware that for their own safety, driving at high speeds is only possible on roads which are not open to public traffic and which are secure", jointly explain the FFM and Road Safety."We leave repression to the government and we focus on prevention", summarizes Jean-Pierre Mougin, the president of the FFM.

"By opening up access to the speed circuits more widely, motorcyclists will (re) discover track driving", further explain the FFM and Road Safety."Advised by state-certified educators, motorcyclists will more easily understand the behavior of their machine and better measure the reactions to the handlebars in a secure environment, thus improving their driving.".

An approach to be encouraged

"Any approach that aims to take bikers on a circuit is to be encouraged !", congratulates Christophe Guyot, at the origin with the Mutuelle des Motards of the project" Open the circuits "(read and) renamed in the meantime" Open doors ", a term less demanding and more institutional."I notice that more and more operations are going in this direction (Honda Days, Pirelli Days, etc.) and I find that great !", continues the team manager of GMT 94.

Under the sun of Carole, after a first theoretical session and a short break "fruit juice petits fours" in the company of Remy Heitz and Jean-Pierre Mougin, the first twenty participants were able to set off again for 20 minutes of track.

The opportunity for bikers registered to review in a fun and secure environment, under the watchful eye of two State instructors, the fundamentals of entering a curve, looking, braking or placement on the bike.

Operation (sinking) Open doors (circuits) ?

And the opportunity for Remy Heitz, his nose in his bubble "speed = danger", to hammer out his leitmotif for the umpteenth time: "although motorized two-wheelers constitute less than 1% of traffic, they represent 15.6% of victims". An inadmissible shortcut – and very far from the rigorous reasoning that one is entitled to expect from a professional magistrate – insofar as not being protected, bikers are obviously more severely affected than a motorist at the slightest shock…

The interministerial delegate would gain credibility if, instead of highlighting the seriousness of the accidents to point the finger at bikers and try to justify that "on the next 300 automatic radars, almost all will take from the rear", he communicated on the number of motorcycle accidents proper, about which insurers claim that in 75% of cases the biker is not responsible (read)…

Another obvious statement widely conveyed on the "Heitzien" network: "the risk for a motorcyclist to be killed per kilometer traveled is 19 times higher than that of the user of a passenger car"… We could suggest to the interministerial delegate to complete his" argument "by the following formula: the risk for an egg to break while falling is 10,000 times greater than that of an egg which has remained in its box. Or even, in application of the precautionary principle, to that of an egg not yet laid … When will an operation "Sinking open doors of circuits 2006" ?

As interesting as the operation "Open doors of the circuits" may be, which deserves to be encouraged and multiplied everywhere in France, it should however not be trapped by the opening of a handful of circuits once a year in exchange of ever more ferocious repression the remaining 364 days…

Because we can explain – and rightly so! – that the circuit is an excellent place to let off steam and progress in complete safety, the fact remains that we rarely go looking for bread on the circuit, nor do we go to work on the circuit in the morning or that we do not go for a walk with Germaine in August on the circuit…

Tour Open Doors Operation – 2006 Calendar

  • Friday June 2: Circuit Carole (93) – Tel. :

  • Friday June 9: Circuit of Mas de Clos (23) – Tel. :

  • Saturday June 24: Circuit of Croix-en-Ternois (62) – Tel. :

  • Sunday June 25: Circuit d’Albi (81) – Tel. :

  • Friday September 8: Circuit Carole (93) – Tel. :

  • Sunday September 10: Nogaro Circuit (32) – Tel. :

  • Monday October 9: Circuit d’Issoire (63) – Tel. :

  • Saturday October 14: Circuit d’Albi (81) – Tel. :

  • Sunday October 15: Circuit d’Albi (81) – Tel. :
  • Registration required with each circuit.

  • Maximum fee for access to the track: 15 euros.

  • Access open to all (beginners and experienced, session by levels) and to all displacements, on condition that the bike and the exhausts are road approved.

  • Mandatory equipment: full face helmet, gloves, boots and leather outfit (pants and jacket or jumpsuit)

Finally, the FFM intends to promote the development of ten circuits by 2010 with in particular Bresse, Chenevières in Lorraine, Orleans and Malestroit in Brittany. Other circuits could also emerge in the regions of Montluçon and Rouen … To be continued !


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