Practice – Ride video game: an MT-09 to be won this week! – Used YAMAHA

Ride video game: an MT-09 up for grabs this week !

Practice - Ride video game: an MT-09 to be won this week! - Used YAMAHA

On the occasion of the release of the new motorcycle video game “ Ride ” this Friday on Playstation and PC (mid-April on Xbox), the Micromania stores are organizing a contest whose jackpot is a Yamaha MT-09, very real ! At your controls…

To participate in this contest, it is essential to have a PS4 and to download the playable demo version of the game Ride (read). To win it then, it is strongly recommended to entrust the controller to your young cousin, niece or grandson !

Indeed, the competition promises to be as simple as it is difficult: complete the three laps of the Sierra Nevada circuit as quickly as possible at the controls of a Ninja ZX-10R. Once your record is established, all you have to do is share it via a YouTube video that you will call "Micromania Ride Competition".

About forty participants have already posted their performance … But no trace of our great champions: Marolls, banfr, Romano69, ScalityStreet or other dad, who turned faster than their shadows on the three circuits of !

While searching a little, the Journal Moto du Net still came across the video published by a certain "DriverR1", who could well be the author of the 7th best time on our track n ° 1, who knows ?! FYI, this player finished his race on PS4 in 5 ‘13.768 (see his video below)…

Will our other – virtual – handlebar Aces who own a Playstation 4 be able to beat him and win the MT-09 (a Paddock pass for the 24h of Le Mans Moto or 10 full games)? Site advises them to quickly download the Ride demo and to practice seriously to post their video before March 27 (Friday evening), date of the end of the contest. Gas !

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