Practice – The Ducati network’s strategy in the face of the coronavirus – Ducati dealers attacking deconfinement

The Ducati network’s strategy in the face of the coronavirus

Practice - The Ducati network's strategy in the face of the coronavirus - Ducati dealers attacking deconfinement

How is the Ducati motorcycle dealer network reacting to the Covid-19 crisis? What actions have been put in place to relaunch activity since deconfinement? Answers in our MNC interview with Ducati France. Interview.

Ducati dealers take on deconfinement

All motorcycle manufacturers are heavily impacted by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which in France is reflected in a drop in sales from and to. Bye bye the double-digit annual growth ambitions that the + 24% at the start of the year led to hope…

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The first country in Europe to be affected by the Covid-19, Italy is also the first to have placed its compatriots in confinement, to the detriment among others of Ducati, whose factory located in Bologna was. This braking just before the beautiful season is also spotted – especially? – in concessions, most of the time resulting in their outright closure during and therefore the stoppage of sales and maintenance operations.

Suffice to say that the points of sale of the transalpine brand are now pushing hard to overcome this long period of inactivity, which has led to inevitable "loss of sales at one of the most important moments of the season", as Ducati France explains it to us in .

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Interview Ducati France

  • How your network got through containment ?
  • In addition to the warranty extension that you have just granted on your motorcycles, what measures do you envisage to bring back customers to dealerships? ?
  • What are the first feedbacks from your dealers on customer behavior since deconfinement? ?
  • Do you have any idea of ​​deferred and upcoming purchase intentions ?

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