Presentation: Husaberg models 2011

Innovations 2011: Husaberg (with video)

Model upgrade at Husaberg Enduros

With the current generation of models, Husaberg reported back to the upper level of the enduro scene last year. Now the climbing maxes have been modeled.


The new Husaberg FE 450.

Those responsible for Husaberg have every reason to roll out a blue and yellow prayer rug in the north in the morning and to thank Jens Elmvall on his knees. After all, it was the 41-year-old engineer who opened the door to a successful future for the economically struggling brand in the outsourced development department in Orebro, Sweden. His idea: to place the rotating mass of the crankshaft as close as possible to the center of gravity of the motorcycle. His concept: a motor housing installed on edge with a cylinder tilted 70 degrees forwards. As simple as it is ingenious. In 2009, the vision became reality, giving the exiled Swedes – Husaberg has been part of the KTM Group since 2003 – with over 5,000 machines sold, the record result in the company’s history straight away.


Good breath: overhead air filter, a Husaberg trademark.

It is understandable that the development department has taken things a little easier since then – and there is a reason. Because the few current modifications (see "That is new") preserve the character of the Husaberg, that of a sports enduro in the most original sense. As before, the good-natured engine dredges the Husaberg enduro bikes effortlessly and with excellent control over tricky passages, the injection allows sensitive response even at low speeds, and the transmission and clutch are child’s play to operate. Traction is the buzzword around which the conceptual orientation of the Husaberg revolves – and for which part of the revving pleasure of the Ohc single cylinder has always been sacrificed.

We are happy to note that the frame’s beams, which are pulled far back due to the engine concept, create additional ground clearance in rocky terrain. In the same way that the tighter coordination of the spring elements is more in the marginal area, which is the "mountain" gives a little more punch through reserves, but preserves the basically soft and sensitive chassis design. OK then.

Finally, the success of the 390 cm³ version launched in 2010 confirms that Husaberg customers in particular appreciate ease of control. The FE 390 takes second place in the brand internal sales statistics behind the 450-strong workhorse. Those who like it less meek can still switch to the beefy FE 570 (566 cm³) or to the even more tightly tuned, non-approved cross country racer FX 450 – and toast to the north at the award ceremony with the trophy.


  • FE 390: 8,895 euros
  • FE 450: 9.095 euros
  • FE 570: 9395 euros
  • FX 450: 8,895 euros

What’s new:

  • Fork with closed cartridge damping system
  • Reinforcement of the frame in the area of ​​the steering head
  • Tighter suspension tuning.

Fourstroke Force, already in the company slogan, Husaberg clearly showed its colors: four-stroke single-cylinder engines were the manufacturer’s creed. Tea legendary subtitle disappeared a long time ago, and the restriction to large four-stroke engines will drop immediately. TE (Twostroke Enduro) is the name of the first two two-stroke models from Husaberg – even if the faith conversion is not so intimate. Behind the blue-yellow plastic format are the 250 and 300 two-stroke models from the parent company KTM. The reason for the change of heart: 70 percent of Husaberg dealers do not have KTM in their product range, so those interested in two-stroke vehicles have had to serve two-stroke customers with competing brands. After all: a significantly softer suspension, two ignition curves that can be selected by means of a handlebar switch, milled fork bridges, a standard plastic engine guard and an eleven-liter tank (KTM: 9.5 liters) are intended to underline the spirit of endurism that stands for Husaberg . The prices are 7945 euros (TE 250) and 8195 euros (TE 300) each 200 euros above the tariffs of the KTM counterparts.

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