Presentation of the Sachs study Beast


Presentation of the Sachs study Beast


Thinking in the future? indispensable for the success of a brand. And Sachs wants to be successful. With ideas that will eventually become reality. Hopefully the beast is one of those.

As is well known, taste is an excellent argument. So it is not easy for the professional taste makers, the industrial designers, to hit the nerve of the customers. Nonetheless, the Target team seems to have succeeded with its new study. In any case, the Intermot stand of the small German company Sachs was heavily besieged. The motorcycle fans tried to catch a glimpse of an extreme object of desire. “Beast” ?? Just beast – a filigree motorcycle that consists of little more than an engine and two wheels. A pure power machine without any frills.
Initially free from the constraints of industrial series production, the design team around Hans Georg Kasten was allowed to ?? Long known to MOTORRAD readers as a creator of advanced design, just think of the Suzuki Katana ?? go to the max. “We wanted to make technology visible, no plastic part should obscure the view of the technology,” says Kasten, who only a few months ago was commissioned to give the long-established two-wheeler company a new profile. “We used the beautiful and very compact 1000 cc V2 from Swedish designer Lars Nilsson as the engine,” reports the designer. And agrees with Hartmut Huhn, head of development at Sachs, that this engine, because it is fraught with teething problems, is of course unsuitable for series production. “We just wanted to prove what would be possible with this kind of engine,” explains Huhn. He knows that KTM had given up on developing this V2 years ago and without further ado designed a V2 for the LC 8 itself. Sachs-Mann Huhn is also toying with that. He would prefer to take another European motorcycle manufacturer on board to build a slim V2 engine together.
In earlier models, the V-twin-cylinder TL 1000 was supposed to serve as the drive, which Suzuki would have liked to sell. But that already existed in too many competing products. An excursion into the field of four-cylinders ?? Target had already finished a study with the Hayabusa engine ?? failed because Suzuki did not want to push out the injection system.
Nun so beast. The box-profile frame, which is open at the front and welded together from sheet steel, also serves as an intake duct for the engine, the injection system of which is a prerequisite for a regulated catalytic converter to be installed later. The conventional steering tube has simply been omitted, as the fork bridges rotate in bearings in the box frame. The swing arm, on the other hand, simply hangs on the engine housing and its suspension strut does not need to be deflected. Too heavy and superfluous, as there are excellent working progressive dampers / spring elements.
“The water cooler should later find space in the rear, while we placed a large oil cooler in the box below the engine,” explains Target employee Hans Geiger. “We took a little inspiration from Star Wars. It’s a children’s film, but designers are kind of children, «laughs Geiger.

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