Race bike: TTSL-Suzuki GSX-R 750


Race bike: TTSL-Suzuki GSX-R 750

Race bike: TTSL-Suzuki GSX-R 750

TTSL-Duo bring a new race bike version of the Suzuki GSX-R 750

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The TTSL follows a clear philosophy: getting hobby racers up to lap times in a way that is easy on the nerves. It may sound like a paradox, but braking is crucial.

Dolly’s gaze indicates the direction: Always forward, cowboy! But the 750 has plenty of lard.

Clear body language, bare breasts anyway, and a look that lasciviously gazes at where we all want to go – forward quickly. The "Dolly"-Sticker on the TTSL flank attracts TunerGP-Techtelmechtel. "Come on cowboy…"

As a real speed freak you don’t really need a comic chick, no matter how horny. A well-made motorcycle – that ensures an increased pulse! So it’s good that the TTSL gentlemen brought a Suzuki GSX-R 750 (K7) to Hockenheim instead of a GoGo girl who had become incarnate.

The fine ingredients such as the exclusive Brembo RCS19 brake pump, the PPT folding lever on the clutch or the ratchet system and stub from the same forge ensure that your fingers will be itchy to expect. Which increases when you see the milled fork bridges with variable offset and the entire design of the in-house cladding with the carbon frame and swing arm guards. In general, the TTSL duo managed to create a posh structure again. Just those sparkling clean, milled and polished front brake calipers that are milled to a minimum! The eye is most pleased. It will soon also be the feeling center?

The radial brake pump is finely dosed with an ultra-stable pressure point.

The growling sound of the Akrapovic system raises expectations when rolling out to the track. A quick control look back, up on the racing line and cock immediately! The pressure wave comes immediately and never ends until the shift light. Even the front wheel lifts in anticipation of the first full lap. 750, really? Okay, the looped cams, modified valve seats, intake port and combustion chamber, the compression 13.4: 1 – that makes for smoke. A kit control unit is still in there. Bazzaz traction control and quickshifter are also on board.

What is missing, however, because of weight savings, is the standard balancer shaft, which is why the motorcycle is below 4000 rpm. runs rough. But these are speeds that are only needed in the pit lane on the racetrack.

The first asphalt hook is already there. Brake on, downshift! That seems to be the parade discipline of the TTSL-Suzuki. Thanks to the TSS anti-hopping clutch, you can rigorously engage the right gear without touching your left hand and slow it down with the Brembo stoppers like on the postage stamp. We’ll leave it there a lot longer next time, cowboy! Especially since the motorcycle does not make any attempt to wedge or buck in any other way when the braking attack is severe. This corresponds exactly to the philosophy of TTSL Platon Rainer Tschauder: "For me, the perfect hobby racer motorcycle has to be able to do one thing above all: great braking while being ultra stable." And how she can do that.

"Topology-optimized" The expert calls it when every superfluous chip has been milled away on the brake calliper.

But that also has its price. Because for the merciless braking stability, which is breathtaking at the end of the Parabolika, the TTSL guys not only chose a corresponding fork setup, but also lowered the rear. So it is not surprising that Suzi does not count playful relenting among her strengths. It has to be put down a bit. And that despite her delicate 170 kilograms, after all the fourth lightest in the TunerGP series.

If it is tilted accordingly, it then runs extremely stable as if on rails through the Sachs, Opel and Nordkurve. A Ducati can’t do that better either. However, Suzi doesn’t really like course corrections. The line should therefore be chosen carefully. Anyone who cares intensively about their performance during braking maneuvers and wants to keep the stress factor as low as possible during even the toughest deceleration attacks has the right, high-quality and powerful motorcycle with the TTSL.

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Power on crankshaft, measurements on Dynojet roller dynamometer 250

TTSL has done a very good job of the engine. The power output does not allow itself a breather and harmoniously delivers pressure up to the limiter. With 161 PS, it is also very good in the juice with moderate engine tuning.

Weight: 170.7 kilograms

front / back: 53.1 / 46.9 percent

Power: 161 hp

Price: 26,000 euros

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