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Harley-Davidson Summertour Germany

Travel, stamp, collect, win! *

This year many vacationers in their own country are on the program. The perfect occasion to finally go on the long-awaited motorcycle trip, to explore unknown corners and to go where you have never been. With the H-D Summertour Germany, Harley-Davidson invites all motorcyclists to make this trip an unforgettable road trip – and to really win. The details are waiting to live under freedom, collect stamps and win *.

The Harley-Davidson Summertour Germany is about driving, about living the freedom on two wheels and meeting other bikers. And by the way, there is a task to be mastered. And it looks like this: saddle up, cruise through the republic and have your riding pass stamped at as many H-D dealers as possible. Whoever has the most stamps in the end can win big. * And since you have until September 15, 2020, it doesn’t matter whether you go on many day tours, several weekend trips or the really big motorcycle trip. Incidentally, on Sundays, rest days or public holidays, a picture of yourself in front of the H-D store is sufficient, which is enclosed with the Riding Pass at the end. Everything together will be sent to Harley-Davidson either by post or a photographed email at the end of the campaign. And you’re there!

The raffle is: your own test drive event. *

Harley-Davidson is raffling off an unforgettable day that you can’t really create for yourself. The main prize is the Harley trailer for one day. * This is equipped with various Harley bikes for test driving. But it gets even better: the trailer will be brought to the winner’s doorstep. In other words: You only win a test drive event for yourself and your friends. The neighbors will be amazed – if not the entire district! If there is not enough space at home, the trailer can alternatively be driven to the H-D dealer near where you live. And anyone who takes part can also win one of three legendary Harley leather jackets and one of three strong H-D helmets. *

Tips for planning your trip.

The route for the summer tour can be easily planned at or with the route planner in the Harley-Davidson app. Of course, every Harley dealer also has secret tour tips ready. And if you don’t have a Harley, but still want to ride a Harley cruiser or chopper in proper style, simply ask for a rental motorcycle.

But now it’s first of all: pick up your riding pass, collect stamps and unforgettable memories. The pass is available at the H-D dealer while stocks last, and at

Download Riding Pass

* The conditions of participation can be found at or at the participating H-D dealers. The closing date for participation is September 30, 2020 (midnight CET = Central European Time), only stamps with a date up to and including September 15, 2020 can be counted.

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