Road Safety – KTM Motorcycles Ready to Automatically “Race-Pect” Safety Distances! – Used KTM

KTM Motorcycles Ready to Automatically Race-Pect Safety Distances !

Road safety - KTM motorcycles Ready to & quot; Race-pecter & quot; automatically the safety distances! - Used KTM

The Austrian manufacturer KTM, whose slogan is "Ready to Race", will offer adaptive cruise control on certain motorcycles from 2021. This system, which is still in development, will be accompanied by a speed detector. blind spot, already installed by BMW on its maxi-scooters. Explanations.

The announcement has something to surprise – even shock – fans of the Orange brand: KTM wants to make a "strong commitment to safety" by installing adaptive cruise control on its motorcycles in the short term. In other words a system which reduces the speed without human intervention (yes, yes!) In order to respect a safety distance from the vehicles driving in front of you.

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Derived from the automobile, this "Adaptive Cruise Control" works by means of sensors which detect "any type of vehicle" (motorcycle, scooter and car) located upstream and check the distance between the two. If this space drops below a certain value (equivalent to "two seconds", calculate KTM), the device will automatically lower the speed of the motorcycle by intervening on the opening of the throttle valves..

If necessary, a "light pressure" will be applied to the front brake, develops the brand of Mattighofen. In short: the motorcycle will brake on its own! KTM is quick to point out, however, that this is not comparable to the automatic emergency braking systems found in some high-end cars, which can "decide" to stop if a pedestrian crosses, for example.. 

Road safety - KTM motorcycles Ready to & quot; Race-pecter & quot; automatically the safety distances! - Used KTM

The biggest European motorcycle manufacturer demonstrates this "Adaptive Cruise Control" in the video below, in which a rider does not deliberately put his right hand on the handlebars, nor his right leg on the footrest to show that the motorcycle actually slows down on its own, without human action on the accelerator or the brakes. 

It should be noted that this adaptive regulator only works when the "Cruise Control" is engaged: the rest of the time, KTM motorcycles remain entirely under the control of the pilot! At least, for now: this first step in assisted driving seems inevitably to lead to autonomous motorcycles with fully automated driving

KTM towards the autonomous motorcycle ? 

A hypothesis that shivers down your spine, even leaves one wondering about the very interest of the practice of two-wheelers: driving your motorcycle and performing each of its key stages – acceleration, braking, steering – are for the most of us the very essence of the desire and the need to be a biker. 

 Road safety - KTM motorcycles Ready to & quot; Race-pecter & quot; automatically the safety distances! - Used KTM

If the bike of the future balances on its own – like self-stabilizing prototypes or – and then steers by itself, scrupulously respecting speed limits, many will be tempted to hang up the gloves. Especially if the said motorcycle is electric motor. You might as well take the train: the sensations will be similar and the cost price significantly lower !

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Do you think MNC is blacking out the picture? Not at all: let us remember that the European Road Safety Council (ETSC) has been pushing for the generalization of an automatic speed limiter called "Lavia" for ten years. The principle of this "Limiter Adapting to the Authorized Speed" is childish: a GPS locates the vehicle and the system adjusts its speed to legal recommendations. Unstoppable !

It would then be enough to couple this Lavia with the adaptive regulator presented by KTM to obtain a motorcycle almost completely autonomous in terms of authorized speed and safety distances. The step would then no longer be very high to switch to 100% automatic…

 Road safety - KTM motorcycles Ready to & quot; Race-pecter & quot; automatically the safety distances! - Used KTM

KTM is also developing another system, this time much less intrusive: a blind spot detection ("Blind Spot Detection") which lights up a warning light on the dashboard and in the rearview mirror when a vehicle is about to overtake you.. 

"There is no doubt that these innovative systems (the adaptive regulator and the blind spot detector, Editor’s note) will contribute to the emergence of new technologies based on sensors already under study", rejoices KTM, thereby confirming our fears above…

2021 target with a blind spot detector

KTM nevertheless specifies that these tools are still in the development phase and that they will be part of a "new electronic pack" which will be offered "from the 2021 range". High-end road bikes will probably be equipped first, like the and . 

 Road safety - KTM motorcycles Ready to & quot; Race-pecter & quot; automatically the safety distances! - Used KTM

"When finalized, adaptive cruise control will allow the rider to customize the safe distance to be observed and the speed at which" Adaptive Cruise Control "is operational" (r) assures Katoche. "The advantage of ACC will never let go of its attention and react faster than a human being in an emergency.".

Aware of the shock that such a technical orientation will cause, KTM claims that these devices will not interfere with the pleasure of driving, on the contrary: according to the director of public relations of KTM for the road range, Luke Brackenbury, this regulator and this detector will "offer a higher level of control without compromising the pleasure of driving". 

"As a manufacturer of motorcycles, it is our responsibility to guarantee the safety of bikers", continues the Austrian leader, revealing to half-motorcycles the real motivation to develop this type of assistance: car and motorcycle manufacturers must propose areas for improving road safety which will then become mandatory. 

 Road safety - KTM motorcycles Ready to & quot; Race-pecter & quot; automatically the safety distances! - Used KTM

There is no shortage of concrete examples: ABS or combined braking on small-displacement motorcycles are now required on all two-wheelers to meet Euro4 standards. A constraint which precipitated the end of the career of certain motorcycles, too old or too expensive to equip with this type of braking.

Will we experience the same scenario in the medium term with these adaptive cruise controls and other blind spot sensors? Our little finger is blowing us – alas? – Yes. We do not "regulate" progress…

KTM Adaptive Governor Video Demonstration

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