Road safety – Road safety inside: user associations are against! –

Road safety in the interior: user associations are against !

Road safety - Road safety inside: user associations are against! -

Whether for bikers or motorists, the project to transfer the supervision of Road Safety from the Ministry of Transport to that of the Interior worries users: the FFMC and 40 million motorists are against.

While the project to transfer Road Safety under the tutelage of the Ministry of the Interior (instead of transport) is making headway in the offices of the Elysee, the associations of bikers and motorists are clearly opposed to it..

Questioned by Site, representatives of the French Federation of Angry Bikers but Soon Citizens (FFMC) notably argue that this transfer of supervision, which should be announced in the coming days by Nicolas Sarkozy, "does not bode well for the future of the current "road safety policy", which seems to boil down to the proliferation of verbalizations and repression, nor for road users who will continue to be fined. arm circumference", even if "the DSCR is an interministerial delegation which therefore already depends in part on the interior, such as equipment and transport".

FFMC: "Radars are like an addictive drug: the more you use, the less the number of deaths drops!"

"We keep repeating that only education, training and information are the guarantees of a lasting improvement in road safety, whereas on the contrary radars are like an addictive drug: the more we use and the less the number of deaths drops", remarks Eric Thiollier, general delegate of the FFMC."We saw the limits of this system last month and we will also note the blues of some cops who tell us that they have never verbalized so much (policy of the number) but who despite everything recorded an increase in mortality in their department"…

Same story for Philippe Leduncq, member of the National Bureau of the biker defense association: "the logic of our government is respected: the spectacle and ultra-fast policy in terms of figures works in public opinion. The forecast of this change of ministry was not difficult to see from the appointment of our national Brice! We must prepare for a long year 2010"…

Even among motorists, generally more inclined to let themselves be mowed without mowing, the 40 million motorists association also makes it known that it is "not in favor of placing it under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior, because it shows that we are solely on the whole repressive and the control".

40 million motorists: "we obviously give an answer to the associations of victims, that is to say to the pure emotional"

Its delegate general Laurent Hecquet, interviewed by AFP, recalls that "since the 1970s, the improvement of vehicles and infrastructure has contributed greatly to the reduction of road insecurity", while by evoking the hypothesis of a change of supervision,"we obviously give an answer to the associations of victims, that is to say to the pure emotional", he regretted.

40 million motorists, which claims over 320,000 members, advocates an overhaul of road safety statistics, under the responsibility of "neutral body"integrating"a plurality of analyzes: that of users, insurance companies and victims".

Michèle Merli and Jean-Louis Borloo: "no comment!"

Within the government, the positions are certainly more nuanced than they appear in the official statements, but for the moment only those who are openly in favor of the change of supervision express themselves: questioned by Site, the interministerial delegate Michèle Merli let us know that she had "no comments to make", no more than the main interested party, the Minister of Transport Jean-Louis Borloo himself…

The Minister of the Interior Brice Hortefeux for his part confirmed that the attachment of Road Safety to the interior was indeed "contemplated", while the Secretary of State for Transport Dominique Bussereau declares this morning that he will not oppose it:"it is a reflection which is in progress and as Minister in charge of transport, I do not see any problem".

"I think we are there in the royal domain", estimates Mr. Bussereau:"the fact that it is a sovereign ministry which takes charge of the file, working of course with all the other ministries (…), me that does not shock me at all", he continues, promising not to"no rearguard combat"on the subject, even if"of course Jean-Louis Borloo must agree, it’s a discussion that is ongoing"…

And why not the Defense ?

To clearly show that road "safety" now essentially involves more and more unjust repression, perhaps we could directly consider its attachment to the Ministry of Defense, with roadside no longer radars but gunfire. automatic bursts triggered by the slightest excess kilometer / hour ?


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