Roll-out Munch Mammut 2000

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Roll-out Munch Mammut 2000

Roll-out Munch Mammut 2000
And yet she is moving

Motorcycles whose appearance was announced with glory and glamor are not necessarily ever ridden. The Munch Mammut 2000 is different.

Waldemar Schwarz


When the curtain went up on April 6th at the Wurzburg Fortress as part of the presentation, a new chapter in the history of Munich’s motorcycle began. Friedel Munch, the builder of the mightiest motorcycle of the 1970s, had been silent for around 25 years. Now she complained Munch mammoth In 2000, like the creation of the Hessen at the time, several superlatives of their own again. 260 hp and 295 Nm torque, these are the impressive figures. But the skeptics quickly appeared on the scene, and they said that this motorcycle, like other examples from the past, would have its tires flat and be quickly forgotten. Now the pessimists can breathe a sigh of relief: Thomas Petsch, head of Munch Motorrad Technik and initiator of the project, invited MOTORRAD to roll out.
The editors are eagerly awaiting the first expressions of life from the two-liter turbo engine. The engine willingly takes up its work after the starter button is pressed, and after a short warm-up phase, it begins to babble to itself. Somehow the sound seems familiar, and suddenly we remember Formula 3 monopostos that idle exactly in this pitch. Even when Thomas Petsch and Munch set off on small country roads in the vicinity of Wurzburg, the sound remains distinctive but unobtrusive. Amazing with the small volume of the silencer. Intake and exhaust noises sound sonorous, but thanks to the low speed level, they are never annoying.
The boss does his laps for a while, but without ever mobilizing all the horses. According to the test bench, these are gathered in large numbers at the first test vehicle with well over 300 hp. Sharper camshafts than the planned small series of 250 units elicit additional horsepower from the engine. Because, the technicians hope, if the power transmission can cope with the additional power in the test phase without complaint, the series is on the safe side.
It is clear that everything does not go smoothly with the first prototypes. For example, the spring struts under the engine hit the ground even at a moderate lean angle. Their position must first of all be modified before making many further detailed changes. But this requires a significantly narrower oil pan, which means new molds, changes to the frame, new costs. Nevertheless, Thomas Petsch seems relieved after his first trip, as no serious problems have arisen.
Now the driving test with number 1 and two other built prototypes is entering the hot phase. After the boss, it is now the turn of the test drivers, who are likely to be on the road frequently in the next few months, as the first Munch will be later than originally announced, but will be available to customers this year. Incidentally, she already has change requests ready. The wives of some future owners have already requested a two-seater variant.
It will probably take a while before it is built. The Munch company has already planned the distant future for this. In contrast to its four-legged ancestor, the mammoth is said to be immortal on two wheels. That is why every owner receives a small cassette with microfilms of all construction drawings after ten years so that specialists can still produce spare parts 50 years from now.
Back to the present, and for the time being, Munch has at least proven what had to be proven: and yet it is moving. MOTORRAD will soon have the opportunity to exclusively test drive the Mammut 2000.

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