Scooter – New Tmax: the offensive continues! – A little more GT

New Tmax: the offensive continues !

Scooter - New Tmax: the offensive continues! - A little more GT

Marketed at the end of 2007, the new Yamaha Tmax maxi scooter immediately established itself as the second best-selling over 125 cc in 2008. The least we can say is that it was quickly adopted! Let’s go back to the reasons for this success. Test.

A little more GT

The 2008 Tmax widens its wings even more to travel far: with less greedy electronic fuel injection and one more liter in the tank, autonomy progresses, fortunately !

It was indeed the big weak point of the old model, which passed on the reserve well before the 170 km. Now we can hope, by driving normally, to reach 200 km before turning on the light.

We noted an average consumption of 6.2 l / 100 km, but it can quickly climb above 7.5 liters when the driving is more muscular….

The protection of the pilot and the passenger has improved significantly: the screen does its job well without creating an unpleasant depression in the back. The Tmax is also more comfortable in the saddle and in suspensions.

The old model, with his more lying position, could be quite tiring in the lower back, but this is no longer the case today.

Even more than before, we can therefore really consider traveling far and long with the Tmax. And there is hardly that on the German autobahn that we regret its low top speed…

Tmax, motorcycles don’t say thank you !

The public has already responded favorably to this new, perfectly accomplished Tmax, which rose to second place on the podium for sales of machines over 125 cc in 2008 (with 5,869 registrations, read), despite a rising price !

With ABS, an option which it would be a shame to do without (if only for resale), the Yamaha scooter is exchanged for € 9,749! Argh, it’s still expensive for a 500 cc (9 349 € without ABS) … And given its success, it is also quite difficult to negotiate a discount in concession.

Nevertheless, it is clear that we have not finished hearing about the famous Tmax, but also about the whole family of maxiscooters that it drags in its wake and which continues to take market share. Proof that these machines meet real needs !

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