Spanish GP – Marc Marquez injured: an opportunity to seize for the MotoGP title! –

Marc Marquez injured: an opportunity to seize for the MotoGP title !

Spanish GP - Marc Marquez injured: an opportunity to seize for the MotoGP title! -

Marc Marquez, undefeated in the MotoGP championship since 2016, fractured his right humerus in his big crash four laps before the arrival of the Spanish GP in Jerez and could also miss the next race on this same circuit next Sunday… What opens up tempting prospects for its rivals: doesn’t the misfortune of some make the happiness of others ?! Decryption.

It was the scenario to be avoided: an injury in the first round of this "funny" season, while the Covid-19 reduced the championship to thirteen races (for the moment …) spread over only eighteen weeks. A new "marathon" format, very taxing physically and mentally: should you attack straight away or spare yourself to avoid the odds? ?

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Marc Marquez, true to his reputation, decided: full throttle during practice and a little more during the race! Beaten in qualifying by Quartararo and Viñales, the n ° 93 tried to change the situation by declaring on Saturday evening "to have given up the pole hunt because my mission was accomplished with a first row: you have to know how to seize the limit because the season has only just begun and lots of races will follow ".

Words full of wisdom … which he will contradict the next day by starting a fault for the first time in the fifth lap, miraculous rescue ended in the gravel! Stung at home, despite the absence of the public during this first closed-door race, the Honda official then made a spectacular comeback that evokes that of the 2018 Argentine GP.

In this situation, the true extent of Marc Marquez’s talent is revealed: his superiority in speed is breathtaking in the absence of filter and restraint. But as (over) gifted as he is, Marquez still sometimes allows himself to be overtaken by events: it is on the mat that his demonstration ended….

The eight-time world champion was about to tackle Maverick Viñales for second place with five laps to go, when his Honda went into a nasty high side at the exit of turn 3. Marquez, from far from the fastest on the track at the time, had overtaken no less than thirteen drivers before his violent crash !

"The trail was very difficult"

"In my opinion, Marc had the best pace of all of us," confirms Fabio Quartararo, happy winner of this incredible season opener. "But the conditions changed dramatically between practice and the race: the grip was really bad, difficult to understand. Maverick was surprised twice, then Marc: the heat and the rubber deposited by the Moto2 and Moto3 mean that the track was tricky ".

 Spanish GP - Marc Marquez injured: an opportunity to seize for the MotoGP title! -

"I wish him a speedy recovery and I hope to see him again soon on the track," adds the future official Yamaha rider, who signs his first victory in the premier class at age 21. A clean and flawless success, taken 4.6 sec ahead of the factory M1 from Viñales and 5.946 sec over the official Ducati from Dovizioso. 

Not sure, however, to see Marc Marquez again next Sunday on the same track for the Andalusian Grand Prix: the headliner of the HRC is suffering from a fractured right humerus, an injury serious enough to keep him away from the circuits. Especially since this area is his weakness: Marquez was operated on this winter on his right shoulder to resolve a recurrent dislocation…..

"Marc suffers from a complete fracture of the humeral shaft, not completely displaced, with possible palsy of the radial nerve, but we are not sure," comments Dr Xavier Mir. "His arm having been immobilized, they decided to return to Barcelona so that he could be properly treated".

“At this stage, we therefore cannot say whether he will be able to be present next weekend or in Brno (August 9, Editor’s note) or Austria (August 16, Editor’s note). is not the time: we will know more in a few days, "said Angel Charter, MotoGP medical director on Sunday evening.

"Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but the most important thing is to get up and move forward," comments the person philosophically on social networks. "I hope you enjoyed this ascent! Now I have to have an operation (next Tuesday, Editor’s note) to reduce the fracture of the humerus. I promise to come back as soon as possible and stronger".

Marquez "out", Quartararo, Viñales and Dovizioso "in" ?!

Marc Marquez, favorite to his own MotoGP title succession, is likely to miss the next event and could therefore score no points in two races: unheard of since his arrival among the elite in 2013. A disaster for the n ° 93 … but a godsend for its competitors !

Spanish GP - Marc Marquez injured: an opportunity to seize for the MotoGP title! -

Let’s be honest: beating the Spanish on a regular basis is extremely difficult as the "Marquez-RCV" pair has shown itself to be relentless with four consecutive titles since 2016, to which are added two more crowns in 2013 and 2014. Only the 2015 season has escaped him. ! Last year, this insolent success resulted in 18 podiums including 12 victories in 19 races..

To date, three riders are able to question this supremacy: the three-time vice world champion, Andrea Dovizioso, the official Yamaha rider Maverick Viñales and Fabio Quartararo on his private M1. And the young Frenchman, several times beaten on the wire by Marquez last year, poses a serious option with his great victory yesterday: here he is freed from a weight !

"Marc’s situation does not change anything for me", nevertheless assures "El Diablo". "Next week I can fall in my turn and score no point: everyone can fall or have a technical problem. And then we all know Marc’s mentality: he’s a winner", warns the n ° 20, by refusing to be intoxicated by success…

Mark under pressure… 

This caution is to the credit of the Petronas-SRT rider, as Fabio’s velocity is largely responsible for the downfall of the world champion. Because make no mistake: it is under the effect of pressure from the Yamaha that Marc Marquez made two errors of assessment fifteen laps apart. ! 

Spanish GP - Marc Marquez injured: an opportunity to seize for the MotoGP title! -

"Marc was much faster, but he fell twice and that is a mistake", analyzes Andrea Dovizioso, who knows the reactions of his Spanish rival on the tip of the gloves: as evidenced by his superb victories snatched from Score in the last corner for the past three seasons !

"I think his situation is changing something", continues the official Ducati rider, who has still not yet concluded an agreement with his employer … "Because Mac has lost points while the championship is short and tight, but mainly because he was injured to the point of missing a race ".

"When Marc is there, it’s different"

"This" zero "changes a lot of things", insists "DesmoDovi", before continuing by assuring that Quartararo and Viñales "have a chance to win the title, both. And when Marc is there, it’s different in the championship. ", concludes with honesty the one who is probably in the best position to know how difficult Spanish is to beat. !

We should also remember that two other drivers had to withdraw this weekend: Alex Rins, uncertain for the next race following his fracture coupled with a dislocation of the shoulder, as well as Cal Crutchlow who hopes to participate in the Andalusian Grand Prix Sunday despite his scaphoid fracture contracted during his fall in the warm-up…. 

"Dr Mir is going to operate on my wrist in Barcelona on Tuesday morning," announces n ° 35. "I will come back to the circuit, and I hope on track, on Friday," ambitions the LCR pilot, who will hand over the handlebars of his semi-official RCV to Alex Marquez next year. Stay connected !

MotoGP result of the Spanish Grand Prix 2020

Spanish GP - Marc Marquez injured: an opportunity to seize for the MotoGP title! -

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