Spanish GP – Quartararo winner of the Spanish GP MotoGP 2020! –

Quartararo winner of the 2020 MotoGP Spanish GP !

Spanish GP - Quartararo winner of the Spanish GP MotoGP 2020! -

Cocoriquartararo! Author of a new record pole position on the Jerez circuit yesterday, Fabio Quartararo has just won his first motorcycle Grand Prix in the premier category. The opening of the 2020 season was also marked by the double fall of Marc Marquez… What GP, and what foot !

Finally, there it is, 245 days after the Valencia final in 2019: "MotoGP is Back"! Unlike their young comrades from Moto3 and Moto2 who were able to compete in their first race in Qatar in March, this 2020 Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix is ​​the first event of the 2020 season for the stars of the premier category….

Like last year, our "Fabiolous" Quartararo managed to beat the Spaniards – Marquez and Vinales in the lead – on Saturday, beating his own track record at Jerez. With this seventh pole position (in 20 races!), The n ° 20 of the Yamaha SRT team dethroned in the process Christian Sarron, author of six poles in GP500.

But this is another feat that our "El Diablo" has been aiming for since the end of last season: joining the only three French drivers to win in the premier class, namely Pierre Monneret (1954 French GP), Christian Sarron (German GP 1985) and Regis Laconi (Valencia GP 1999)…

Two riders start the season in a much less festive and ambitious way: falling respectively in qualifying and in the warm-up, Alex Rins (Suzuki n ° 42) and Cal Crutchlow (Honda n ° 35) cannot take part in this first race in Jerez. .. The drivers they were to precede on the grid gain one or two places !

Departure : All the riders in the premier class have chosen hard rubber at the front and soft at the rear. All? No, the two Yamaha factory riders, Vinales and Rossi, prefer a soft tire up front as well. A winning bet ?

Fabio Quartararo started well from his first place, but unfortunately for him – and us, his French fans! – Maverick Vinales starts even stronger, followed by Marc Marquez. The three strong men of the weekend are ahead of Jack Miller, Francesco Bagnaia, Andrea Dovizioso, Pol Espargaro, Franco Morbidelli, Brad Binder, Valentino Rossi, etc..

Jack Miller passes in front of his friend Fabio in the middle of the first lap. A few seconds later, Maverick Vinales got hot by accelerating too early in turn 8 but remained on his wheels and leading the race! Johann Zarco completes the first lap in 18th place.

Quartararo gave way to the surprising Bagnaia in fourth place at the start of the 2nd lap while Vinales and Marquez isolated themselves in the lead. "El Diablo" however returned to "Pecco" in the last corner. Joan Mir falls in the 3rd lap, but the attention of the (TV) spectators is focused on the two leaders who fight several turns in a row !

Aleix Espargaro drops his Aprilia n ° 41 on turn n ° 10. Johann Zarco takes the opportunity to climb in the points: our double Moto2 champion is fifteenth behind Lecuona, Smith, Olivera and Petrucci. Far ahead, the n ° 93 Honda prints a sacred rhythm, that Vinales follows with difficulty…

Marc Marquez goes off the track! He has just lost the front in curve n ° 4 and ran away by forcing on his knee and his elbow … "à la Marquez"! The six-time MotoGP champion sets out again, in last position, just behind Tito Rabat. Vinales therefore inherits the lead of the race, ahead of Miller and Quartararo still.

In a short lap, Marc entered the Top 15. He did not take the time to show his brother the right lines: the beginner – and reigning Moto2 champion – Alex Marquez was 17th on the second official Honda. Marc passes his opponents with amazing ease…

Ten seconds ahead – only! -, Vinales is now tracked down by Quartararo, the "Frenchie" being passed in front of the "Aussie" Miller when braking the final hairpin. Our compatriot quickly climbs back into the rear wheel of his future teammate … who rolls economically so as not to hit his soft front tire too much !

Maverick’s false tempo "Bof Gun" allows the peloton to reform. Then at the end of the 9th lap, Maverick misses the braking of the final turn, widens and involuntarily cedes the reins of the race to Fabio who certainly did not ask for so much. !

Miller takes advantage of the gap of the M1 n ° 12 to slip his Desmosedici n ° 43, and tries to hang on to the backsplash of the M1 n ° 20 … At the same time, Marquez’s "monte" does not weaken: after having overtaken the diminished Danilo Petrucci (the n ° 9 Ducati has "full neck" since his fall in the tests), Marc finds himself in the wake of Miguel Oliveira.

Despite the traffic, the MotoGP champion (2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019!) Is the fastest rider on the track and even breaks the lap record in the race. But it is our "best rookie 2019" who is leading an impeccable race and has a small second ahead of the future Ducati official, Jack Miller..

Shortly before the halfway point, Rossi seems surprised to see Marquez appear alongside him at the exit of hairpin n ° 6! Marc easily takes eighth place and focuses on the distant silhouettes of Franco Morbidelli and Pol Espargaro who are competing for sixth place, at the back of the pack…

Our French "tasty 20" stands out visibly from his pursuers: the Yamaha SRT team rider spins half a second faster than Miller, himself a cut above Vinales. Dovizioso is several lengths away from the factory Yamaha n ° 12 but remains closely followed by the impressive official KTM n ° 44 !

At the controls of his Ducati Avintia n ° 5, Johann Zarco is in thirteenth place. Too bad he could not take the wheel of Marquez who, nine laps from the end, seizes seventh place from Morbidelli, then sixth place from a Bagnaia in total distress !

While our Quartararo parades at the head of the race – or almost – Marquez strips down to catch up … his catch! In the last corner of the 19th lap, Vinales passed Miller, as warned that about ten meters behind them, Marquez placed an unstoppable attack on Dovizioso to seize his fourth place. !

Valentino Rossi stops his Yamaha at the edge of the track and must abandon the first race of his 25th motorcycle Grand Prix season. On the circuit, Marquez and Miller put on a show by fighting for the third step of the podium. The short but intense battle – won by Marc, yes! – summarily benefits Vinales.

Excited, Marquez made a mistake for the second time in turn 3. But the high-side of which he is victim leaves him absolutely no chance to stay on his wheels. The Spanish pilot is suddenly ejected by his RCV then collides and rolls violently in the gravel.

Quickly taken in charge by the marshals, the n ° 93 must sit down to accuse the blow and hold the right arm. As in Sepang last year during qualifying, it seems that our "Diablo" from Fabio forced Marc to ride over his boots…

For lack of giant screens – as a reminder, this GP is played without an audience – Fabio Quartararo has no way of knowing what is going on, unless he is paneled. And it might be better this way: the seven-time poleman focuses 120% on his driving and performs an exemplary end of the race..

As hoped since his first pole last year in Jerez itself, Quartararo puts an end to nearly 21 years of deprivation, without Marseillaise at the end of a premier class race … He thus makes our national anthem resound for the first time since the advent of modern MotoGP (2002) !

To better illustrate the scale of the feat: the young man victorious on July 19 – a new public holiday for the French? – was barely five months old when Regis Laconi had won in the – European – final of 1999 on the drying track of Valence … which does not take anything away from the feat of n ° 55, but must be specified !

It was under a boring sun, on a scorching tarmac and facing boiling hot opponents that Fabio won the first race of a 2020 season which should have started four months ago already, with a Marc Marquez then weakened from the shoulder … MNC has a thought for the Spanish pilot who broke the humerus and will be operated from tomorrow. As well as for Rins and Crutchlow.

We could almost forget the two pilots who accompany our national hero on the first prodium of the year: the "winter test champion" Maverick Vinales and the courageous Andrea Dovizioso, who had a collarbone surgery just three weeks ago..

Finally, Johann Zarco finished his first race on the Desmosedici in an encouraging eleventh place but 25 seconds behind his – our – compatriot … The n ° 5 of the Ducati Avintia team has a few days to study his race data with a view to ‘improve his performance in the second race in Jerez next weekend, on the occasion of the Andalusian GP! Stay connected…

MotoGP result of the Spanish Grand Prix 2020

Spanish GP - Quartararo winner of the Spanish GP MotoGP 2020! -

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