Sport – Nicky Hayden: one year already … –

Nicky Hayden: one year already…

Sport - Nicky Hayden: one year already ... -

A year ago to the day, Nicholas Patrick Hayden, known as Nicky, died following a serious bicycle accident in Italy at the age of 35 … The world of motorcycles once again pays tribute to the American rider, champion of the MotoGP world in 2006.

Tributes continue to multiply one year to the day after the death of the American champion, while the mayor of Misano (Italy) is preparing to inaugurate a Nicky Hayden memorial at the scene of his fatal accident.

"I can’t believe it’s been a year already, I miss you buddy", tweeted Casey Stoner, his former Ducati teammate in MotoGP, while Marc Marquez assures us that he is "always with us"…

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The facility will be located at the corner of Ca ’Raffaelli streets and via Tavoleto, where Nicky Hayden suffered a serious traffic accident last year while training on his bicycle. It will be built and maintained by its former mechanic at Honda Repsol, Denis Pazzaglini.

Nicky Hayden Garden

"The installation will be called the Nicky Hayden Garden", explains the mayor of Misano, Stefano Giannini, who has agreed to make a portion of municipal land available to fans of the 2006 MotoGP world champion..

At the Austin circuit, theater of, Turn 18 was renamed after Nicky Hayden while a huge number 69 was painted on the grass.

And in his hometown of Owensboro (Kentucky, of course!), A bronze sculpture by George Lundeen, representing Nicky Hayden with a flag in hand during her, is due to be unveiled on June 9 (the "6/9" according to the American date format, in homage to its race number)…

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