Sport – Robbie Maddison flips the back flip over Tower Bridge! –

Robbie Maddison passes the back flip over Tower Bridge !

Sport - Robbie Maddison flips the back flip over Tower Bridge! -

At the origin of some of the most impressive jumps and figures, the Australian Freestyle Motocross rider, Robbie Maddison, has just crossed the famous bridge crossing the Thames … in a back somersault !

At 27 years old, Robbie Maddison is part of this generation of gifted two-wheelers a little crazy, aspiring only to jump higher, further, faster … while embellishing their incredible stunts of somersaults to cut the breath !

Victorious in numerous Freestyle Motocross competitions, this young man, insensitive to notions of gravity, distinguished himself this winter by completing the longest and highest jump ever on a motorcycle. Above the replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas, it reached 106.9 meters in length – the size of an American football field! – and 25.9 meters high! Visible on its official website, the video of this waterfall alone gives goosebumps !

Addicted to the "always-more", Robbie Madison could not stop there and perfected a new "feat" which he brilliantly performed last night in London: using the 286.50 m of the venerable Tower Bridge as a ramp giant, the Australian performed a spectacular back flip above this English structure from a height of 43 meters !

"The experience was amazing !", commented Robbie Maddison after his crazy stunt."Since the Las Vegas jump, I wanted to achieve something exceptional in England. For months, I’ve been studying Tower Bridge in secret. I calculate all the factors, I analyze the amplitude, the distance, all the technical parameters. I knew I had to be even more specific as with the Red Bull team, we only had a few minutes to make this jump. I had no right to make mistakes. Some people call me crazy, but I feel like pushing the boundaries of my sport and setting yourself challenges is what you can do. And then, that’s what I love! Jumping over the Thames between these two world famous towers was just magical !".

Robbie Maddison will return to London for the Red Bull X-Fighters on August 22 at the heart of the old Battersea power station.

Alexandre BARDIN – Photos DR

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