Sport – Timoteï Potisek wins without sharing –

Timoteï Potisek wins without sharing

Sport - Timoteï Potisek wins without sharing -

For the thousands of spectators on site, the Enduropale du Touquet 2009 did not disappoint: under a radiant sun, Timoteï Potisek left only crumbs to his opponents while Demeester unfortunately ended his career with a retirement…

The first 10 of the Enduropale moto

  1. Timoteï Potisek / Honda (the 11 laps in 3h14min and 6 sec)

  2. Yves Deudon / Kawasaki (at 3 min 54)

  3. Pierrick Paget / Yamaha (at 6 min 23)

  4. Rudy Vergriete / Yamaha (at 10 min 37)

  5. Mickaël Pichon / Honda (at 13 min 52)

  6. Adrien Van Beveren / Yamaha (at 14:01)

  7. Milko Potisek / Yamaha (at 17 min 33)

  8. Alexandre Morel / Yamaha (at 19 min 10)

  9. Thierry Bethys / Honda (20 min 59)

  10. Mateï Potisek / Honda (1 lap)

More and more professionalized and citizen (read), the famous race contested on the sands of the Opal Coast still draws as many audiences, but also pilots determined to shine during this great meeting of the Enduro !

Demeester does not regret anything

Spared by the weather on the day of the race, the many spectators were able to fully experience this 2009 edition of the Enduropale du Touquet and above all the long-awaited confrontation between the “young” Timoteï Potisek and the experienced Arnaud Demeester! In 2008, the record holder for victories of the event had indeed signed in the very last moments of the race his seventh success against a yet pugnacious Potisek. !

Suffice to say that the fight promised to be fierce between the two men … Especially at 35 years old, Demeester had expressed his desire to withdraw from the competition after this 2009 edition! Unfortunately for the Dunkirk and his many fans, the immense champion was betrayed by his mechanics at the end of the race and it was therefore with a retirement that his career ended….

As a great competitor, the pilot admits, however, that he does not regret anything about his Enduro career, as he confided after the announcement of his decision to our colleagues from France 3 : "It’s a beautiful part of my life. I won’t relive it. These sacrifices were worth it", explains Demeester.

The Potiseks mark the 2009 edition !

Let it be said: in Enduro, one Potisek can hide another! Leading the race after just two laps, Timoteï Potisek (25) signs a brilliant victory after crossing the finish line with nearly four minutes ahead of the northerner driver Yves Deudon (Kawasaki) !

Already victorious in 2006, the Honda rider had a revenge to take after being "taxed" manly by Demeester a few hundred meters from the finish in 2008! But what will permanently mark the minds of the spectators and the competitors of this Enduropale 2009, it is indeed the "Potisek festival": Milko Potisek, the cousin of the winner, ranks brilliantly 7th and Mateï Potisek, the twin brother of Timoteï , finished 10th !

Jura’s Pierrick Paget (Yamaha) finished 3rd at 6 min 23 sec. He is ahead of Rudy Vergriete (Yamaha) at 10 min 37 sec and Mickaël Pichon: pointing 13 min 52 sec from the winner after having worried him in the race, the double supercross world champion (2001 and 2002) is the victim of setbacks mechanics that force him to release the gas…

The young KTM driver from Reims (51), Damien Prevot, for his part pocketed the bonus of € 1,500 by making the holeshot. He was one of the protagonists of this particularly disputed Enduropale, before also experiencing problems with his machine..

"Mechanical grains of sand" which did not disturb the well-oiled mechanics of an imperial Timoteï Potisek which arises, logically, as the successor of Arnaud Demeester.

Alexandre BARDIN – Photos DR

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