Sportive – CBR1000RR 2019: Honda shakes its Fireblade chips – Used HONDA

2019 CBR1000RR: Honda shakes the chips of its Fireblades

Sportive - CBR1000RR 2019: Honda shakes off the chips of its Fireblades - Used HONDA

Honda improves the operation of electronic assistance on the 2019 vintages of its CBR1000RR and CBR1000RR SP. Objective: more efficiency on the track … Explanations.

MNC readers recall that Honda hit hard in 2017 with its new generation of losing weight (196 kg), gaining muscle (192 hp) and adopting – finally – a level of technology expected of a modern Superbike.. This motorcycle (Portugal) had however left us the impression of having to better educate its new electronic "chips"…

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"Electronic management to be fine-tuned (ABS and traction control intervention)", then noted the Motorcycle Journal of the Net in the weak points of our, after having regretted the interventionist character of the ABS on circuit and a certain lack of progressiveness of the control traction and wheelies. A few months later, during our, we made the same observation…

Good news: the winged crest seems to have heard these criticisms and reveals "major developments in electronics, in particular thanks to the experience acquired in MotoGP by the official HRC team", skilfully specifies the manufacturer who won the three main titles in: driver with Marc Marquez, manufacturers and teams !

These optimizations relate in the first place to the traction control – which Honda insists on calling "torque control" – whose operation would be more "uniform and more precise" when the bike is tilted. Thanks to a recalibration of the electronics, the traction control would offer a "smoother out of turn" behavior..

Sportive - CBR1000RR 2019: Honda shakes off the chips of its Fireblades - Used HONDA

In addition, Honda has separated the slip and nose-up management systems: the wheeling control of the CBR1000RR was previously correlated with the level of traction control, it will now be adjustable independently. Three settings are available for this "Wheelie Control" signaled by a new "W" indicator on the beautiful colored dashboard.

This pitch-up control also benefits from a new algorithm aimed at smoothing the way in which the front wheel returns to the asphalt after a load shedding. Honda announces a return to the ground "more progressive and controlled", which again goes in the right direction as the Fireblade surprised us by its (relative) brutality during these phases..

Finally, the electronic throttle control benefits from new settings to improve its responsiveness, while the level of ABS intervention has been reduced to give more leeway to the driver on the track. Remember that the CBR1000RR also benefits from and that its price starts at € 17,999 (€ 22,499 with shifter and Ohlins piloted suspensions).

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