Sportive – Test Yamaha R3 GYTR Word Supersport 300: pilot factory – Test R3 GYTR WSSP300 Page 1: MNC factory pilot!

Yamaha R3 GYTR Word Supersport 300 test: pilot factory

Sportive - Test Yamaha R3 GYTR Word Supersport 300: pilot factory - Test R3 GYTR WSSP300 Page 1: MNC factory pilot!

A production Superbike gives access to the great thrill from 20,000 euros … Otherwise, Yamaha can also prepare a real racing bike for 12,000 euros, ready to participate in the Supersport 300 world championship. ! Test of the YZF-R3 GTYR WSSP300.

Test R3 GYTR WSSP300 Page 1: MNC factory pilot !

Testing a racing motorcycle is an experience apart, especially when the machine in question is in the world championship … And this even if its power is more like the beginner’s motorcycle with the A2 license than a MotoGP! Because MNC can attest to this: the configuration (WorldSSP300) generates its share of sensations, despite its only fifty horses..

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The first emotions are visual: apart from the general appearance, the contrast is total with the "nice" R3 series. This R3 in WorldSSP300 configuration sweats the competition thanks to its parts from the Yamaha Racing catalog, the (GYTR). Poly fairings, Fabbri screen, GB protections, Ohlins cartridges and shock absorber, Gilles Tooling controls, Akrapovic line: beautiful and efficient at the same time (all details in) !

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Perched on its stand, its Pirelli SC1 tires wrapped in heated blankets, our YZF-R3 GTYR provokes both a smile … and a touch of apprehension. The first suddenly disappears and the second settles in permanently when the 321 cc twin is awakened by a launcher. The cow, she snores !

The Akrapovic exhaust releases a throaty rumble in slow motion, which resonates furiously against the walls of the box during the rise in temperature of the mill … Delicious backfiring when the gas is cut off follow the muffled barks of acceleration. Difficult to imagine at this moment that this motorcycle develops less than 50 horsepower !

Sportive - Test Yamaha R3 GYTR Word Supersport 300: pilot factory - Test R3 GYTR WSSP300 Page 1: MNC factory pilot!

Its modifications are however limited, in accordance with the regulations of the WSSP300: its GYTR engine kit includes forged pistons with anti-friction treatment, specific intake horns and camshafts, a thinner cylinder head gasket and an approved ECU control unit. by the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) and Dorna Sports, promoter of the WorldSBK World Championship. 

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Yamaha – which is running its young hopes via its – estimates the power at "49 horses", or 7 more than the standard R3. However, the technical description examined by MNC seems to neglect the contribution of the line and the BMC air filter: as often in competition, a certain vagueness – even a certain intoxication! – reign around real performance! So they are modestly announced at "more than 250 hp"…

50 thoroughbred horses ! 

However, each acceleration confirms this superior performance: the racing R3 leaves the production models tested at the same time by our colleagues! Admittedly, the Domino short-pull throttle improves responsiveness, but all the same: MNC dislodges a standard R3 from the outside in a long curve as if it were a moped..

 Sportive - Test Yamaha R3 GYTR Word Supersport 300: pilot factory - Test R3 GYTR WSSP300 Page 1: MNC factory pilot!

This superiority could have been even more pronounced with a shifter, which makes it possible to up the gears without disengaging and thus to save time with each passage. But this equipment, however common in competition, is strangely missing … Fortunately the original box is quite fast and frankly locks, if not super soft.

More torque, the R3 WSSP offers an additional force which allows straightforward a higher report in certain curves. Its operating range appears to be considerably better filled and impressive than on the production model, even if pure chrono efficiency is obtained between 9,000 rpm and 12,850 rpm (switch). His surprising resentment then unfolds at full speed !

In general, the bike takes its turns quickly and efficiently, without the inertia encountered on the standard R3 between low and mid-range. The twin is expressed here all at once to the point of gently relieving the front on a very strong go-around! A reaction impossible to envisage on the standard version tested before, much less demonstrative.

Sportive - Test Yamaha R3 GYTR Word Supersport 300: pilot factory - Test R3 GYTR WSSP300 Page 1: MNC factory pilot!

The other explanation for this difference in temperament is due to the weight: the original R3 weighs 169 kg with the full tank, when its race variation evolves in the 140 kg dry imposed by the WSSP 300 regulations. Note that the and registered in this class are limited to 150 and 156 kg respectively to counterbalance their higher displacement.

The difference between the two versions of R3 is therefore in the 15 kg with the 14 liter tank filled, a difference which is mainly explained by the removal of all legal road fittings (lighting, license plate, mirrors, indicators , etc.) and the lack of a starter on the Supersport motorcycle. Yes, its headlights are fake: they are stickers, like in WSBK and WSSP !

Efficient but demanding

With such a fun engine, it is better to have a cycle part up to the task: fortunately this is the case with this R3 WSSP300! The original tubular frame and the swingarm perform their functions perfectly, despite the additional stresses exerted. The proof of the quality and of a certain oversizing of these elements, however without ostentation and designed in steel.

 Sportive - Test Yamaha R3 GYTR Word Supersport 300: pilot factory - Test R3 GYTR WSSP300 Page 1: MNC factory pilot!

The main difference with the standard model comes from the geometry largely tilted to the front, which places the nose "naturally" in the bubble and the legs far behind on the rear controls. This radical ergonomics is also expressed by the fine and generously raised saddle, and by the very wide handlebars even lower. Comfort ? Forget !

The R3 WSSP puts its rider directly at the heart of the matter and it is a real treat to obey the instructions: the bike is exquisitely lively and with formidable precision. Its front axle sublimated by Ohlins cartridges offers such a sharpness that one almost expects to see the curves "bleed" from the fresh tar !

Its tires with a pointed profile play an obvious role, in addition to offering irreproachable grip and traction. MNC is also surprised by the efficiency of the front brake, which nevertheless retains the "simple" original 2-piston caliper: thanks to the new Brembo disc and "racing" pads, the power and responsiveness are beyond compare. the rather weak one of the "stock" R3 !

Sportive - Test Yamaha R3 GYTR Word Supersport 300: pilot factory - Test R3 GYTR WSSP300 Page 1: MNC factory pilot!

The ground clearance is also improving very clearly, where that of the original motorcycle is relatively limited: the pilot’s helmet must probably touch the asphalt before the footrests! Maintaining a high incline and high speed in a curve then becomes an exhilarating exercise … which however requires involvement..

Like all racing motorcycles, the R3 GYTR WSSP300 is indeed quite physical to handle despite its size and light weight. Blame it on its radical ergonomics, its unsurprisingly dry damping and especially the constraints it is able to withstand. 

Its pilot, him, must have the "body" sufficient to push back always further its braking thanks to its stability of foreground, then to tackle it on the angle without asking questions while relying on its rigor. Intoxicating, but energy consuming: MNC returns to the box with painful shoulders despite the short duration of our session (15 min). But what kif !

Verdict: small but strong  !

The Supersport 300 World Championship will start on April 5, 2019 at Motorland in Aragon (Spain), will span all European rounds of the World Superbike and will end for the first time in Qatar at the end of October. Descending from the R3 GYTR SSP300, MNC thinks that Yamaha riders have a hell of a weapon to shake up the outgoing champion,, on her Ninja 400 !

Sportive - Test Yamaha R3 GYTR Word Supersport 300: pilot factory - Test R3 GYTR WSSP300 Page 1: MNC factory pilot!

This desirable bike will undoubtedly reveal talents and allow them to express themselves, while providing incredible sensations for a reasonable budget: Yamaha estimates the price of its preparation at around "5000 euros", to be added of course to 5899 euros from the original R3. Or a global envelope of 12,000 euros by adding labor.

A price that is both high and damn enticing in terms of its capabilities: think about it before buying a Supersport 600 at the same price to do only the track, or a Superbike almost twice as expensive. Because this R3 gives as much as it demands: in this, it is a real pilot plant !

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