Sporty – RSV4 Factory APRC SE test: the electro-Superb Bike! – The paradox of electronics

RSV4 Factory APRC SE test: the electro-Superbe Bike !

Sporty - RSV4 Factory APRC SE test: the electro-Superb Bike! - The paradox of electronics

Getting to know the exceptional, going beyond its limits: these are the feelings felt when testing the sculptural and sophisticated Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE (Aprilia Performance Ride Control Special Edition) on the MotoGP circuit in Jerez (Spain)…

The electronics paradox

Aesthetically, the Aprilia APRC SE differs from the "standard" RSV4 Factory by the 3D inlay of the "RSV4" logo, the superb tricolor livery on the lower fairing, the "Superbike World Championship 2010" stickers and those with the glory by Biaggi positioned on the tiny seat cowl.

The finish is still as sumptuous and only a careful examination reveals the presence of a less bulky exhaust (and lighter 2 kg), a wider rear tire of 10 millimeters (200 mm), a shifter called "AQS "(Aprilia Quick Shifht), toothed crowns on each wheel and "+/-" controls pinched to the Mana on the left commodo.

It is precisely these last which make it possible to parameterize the action of the “learned chips” which hide behind this convoluted name APRC: anti-skating (ATC for Aprilia Traction Control), anti-wheeling (AWC for Aprilia Wheelie Control) and even departure assistance (!) ALC for Aprilia Launch Control. All completely disconnectable so as not to steer bikers resistant to technological escalation !

Because on reading the technical sheet, some may indeed feel this unpleasant feeling of frustration born from the idea that this electronic assistantship worthy of an Airbus is designed and intended only for "Geek" able to hack the server of the Élysee from their iPhone !

But where Aprilia hits a big blow, it is by offering a system as sophisticated as it is intuitive, programmable at the stop of a flick of the left thumb for the AWC and the ALC (both adjustable in three positions ) and at any time for the famous Traction Control and its eight levels of intervention.

If the calibration of the latter can be adjusted by driving by simply pressing the "+" or "-" controls, it is however necessary to press the "Mode" button (on the left stalk) to scroll and change the graduations of the anti-wheeling or assistance at the start.

The opportunity to see that the on-board console offers a practical dual display: one with a "road" profile with engine temperature, gear indicator engaged, time, ATC and ALC level, odometer and speed in large figures , and another oriented "track" with chrono, gear indicator engaged, injection mapping selected, ATC level, engine temperature and speed in small characters.

With the assistance set to maximum (3 for anti-wheeling and 8 for Traction Control), the RSV4 Factory APRC allows you to discover a new track with new and cold tires (the all new Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa Sport Production) without fear kicks or swerves: the "Indomitable Lion" is as gentle as a lamb when accelerating !

The phenomenon is astounding: thanks to the comparison between different mechanical parameters (engaged speed, revolutions per minute, throttle opening, etc.) and the inclination and acceleration values ​​measured in real time by two gyroscopes, two accelerometers, the forward / reverse speed sensors and the degree of assistantship requested, the ECU (Electronic Central Unit) instantly modulates the torque delivered to the wheel by adjusting the opening of the injection butterflies and the ignition advance.

Between 6 and 8, the Traction Control prevents any slips during the go-around with surprising transparency and softness: far from the brutality of certain devices, the action of Aprilia electronics (developed with the Ecole Polytechnique de Milan and Magneti Marelli) simply causes the sensation of having entered a curve with one or even two too many gears.

Except that as we straighten the bike – well helped by an agility in no way affected by the change to 200 at the rear – the electronic intervention gradually cedes the management of 180 hp to the only right wrist !

With the added bonus of slight drifts at the end of the curve and front load shedding when the tachometer needle oscillates between 10 and 13,000 rpm on the first three gears with shortened reduction for more punch.

As if the APRC device subtly wanted to whisper in your ear: "you see what could have happened without my help?". This extremely fine transition causes a feeling of absolute control in the Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE: paradoxically, the electronics allow this" competitor "to be as accessible for the leek without experience as it is efficient in the hands of a confirmed tracker.

And how the balance of the aluminum double beam chassis (which offers all the adjustments possible, including that of the height of the engine in the frame!) Gives unparalleled agility and stability to the RSV4 and that the responsiveness and the progressiveness of the luxurious Ohlins suspensions fitted to the Factory versions forgive almost all mistakes, a single session is enough to make your mark !

Never seen before with a Hypersport! Especially since the 999.6 cc V4 – whose lubrication circuit has been revised – picks up strongly from low revs, balances its considerable aggressiveness from 7000 rpm and the Brembo monobloc calipers provide powerful decelerations. incredible !

Riding this motorcycle becomes a real orgy of sensations, a symphony of pleasures, an almost orgasmic challenge: all you have to do is concentrate on the different phases of its piloting while letting the electronics manage its excesses. !

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