Sporty – Storming the competition – Used HONDA

Storming the competition

Sporty - Storming the competition - Used HONDA

Despite being redesigned in 1998, the current 900 CBR has failed to regain its top spot on the big sports charts. Today, her position is further weakened by the arrival of her replacement.

With the arrival in April 2000 of the new 900 CBR RR, Honda wants to set the record straight for the ZX9 (Kawa) and the R1 (Yam). Despite being redesigned in 1998, the current 900 CBR has failed to regain its top spot on the big sports charts. Today, its position has been further weakened by the arrival of its replacement, to the point that some dealers are wondering how they will get rid of this rather cumbersome ancestor … Posted today at 69,900 FF, the 900 is already on sale. But in the current context, it is not excluded to obtain an additional discount. Is it worth buying a 900 CBR before the arrival of its replacement? Moto-Net’s responses, after testing a 98 model over 17,000 km.

A well-born machine !
Kawasaki and Yamaha having taken more than 5 years to dethrone the 900 RR, we can assume that the machine was born. On the aesthetic side, the two curved beams that surround the cylinders give the bike a manly and muscular appearance, all with a finish that does not suffer any criticism..

The chassis has flawless rigidity which allows the bike, even with standard settings, to attack very hard when entering a corner with a very acceptable safety margin. Indeed, unless you are a professional driver, you will never be able to fully exploit the potential of the 900, hence the safety margin. In addition, this bike is surely the most democratic of the big sports in the sense that it allows an average rider to have fun without spending 4,000 balls in a driving course beforehand. The bike is tolerant and very easy as long as the asphalt is conciliatory.

Because as soon as the coating deteriorates, the CBR becomes a little tricky to manage. The front wriggles and the back carries all the information through the kidneys. In short, it’s a real ordeal and on this kind of secondary roads, the slightest Transalp will stick you 10 seconds per kilometer … As for braking, the rear is nonexistent: no wheel lock in perspective, and the front allows to stop in peace.

A linear but powerful motor
Engine side, nothing very exciting: the revs are linear, too linear, and do not provide unforgettable sensations. The times are a little weak in terms of the displacement. However, absence of sensation does not mean absence of power. In this regard, the 900 authorizes, at your own risk and in truly abominable conditions, a small 260 meter (on circuit of course).

On the other hand, the 4 in line is very flexible both in town and during violent downshifts. The engine starts correctly when cold and fuel consumption remains reasonable. At 180/200, the 900 is very stable and the switch to reserve is 204 kilometers, which represents about 15 liters of SP. In similar circumstances, a VFR 800 yet equipped with injection goes into reserve at about the same time, while its tank is larger..

Poor comfort
In general, the comfort is quite poor. The saddle and the suspensions are hard. The bumps and grooves of the A6 on the outskirts of Paris, for example, are becoming difficult to bear. In contrast, the inherently uncomfortable lying position limits butt aches, but sends everything back to the back. In any case, a sports car is not designed to be comfortable and, as versatile as it is, the 900 CBR does not reverse this jurisprudence..

The duo is possible, but the absence of grab handles, the position and the stiffness of the suspension risk causing prolapse in your passenger in the event of long journeys. In addition, the motorcycle is extremely sensitive to the movements of the passenger, who must therefore adopt a perfectly neutral and irreproachable behavior..

In town, the engine is flexible, the bike is manoeuvrable and its lightness is a significant advantage. However, successive stops at traffic lights quickly tire the wrists. With a high screen, the protection is correct for a sports car. The pressure on the shoulders is bearable as long as you are not 1m85 tall. Finally, in the rain it is imperative to provide overboots, because the feet are absolutely not protected. Not to mention the rest.

Safe, reliable and sporty
The 900 CBR model 98 is effectively overtaken by the competition but remains a reassuring motorcycle, very reliable and with real sporting abilities. Today, it can be a smart buy as long as you pay for it at the promotional rate with a good list of accessories (or below that price without accessories). Also, plan a resale within a few years. Indeed, a model that is no longer made is difficult to sell 6 months after the release of its successor. Also look at recent opportunities that are at risk of a significant discount. Finally, we should also watch the ZX9, whose replacement is scheduled for soon…

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