Sporty – Suzuki GSX-R 1000 ABS test: Absolutely Gexy! – GSX-R 1000 2015: perfect, not redone …

Suzuki GSX-R 1000 ABS test: Absolutely Gexy !

Sporty - Suzuki GSX-R 1000 ABS test: Absolutely Gexy! - GSX-R 1000 2015: perfect, not redone ...

The GSX-R 1000 can benefit in 2015 from ABS and a MotoGP colorway but still ignores the traction control, shifter or electronic suspensions present on competing sports motorcycles. Out of date, the Suzuki Superbike ? Test.

2015 GSX-R 1000: perfect, not redone…

Although markedly slowed since, the race that the motorcycle manufacturers engage in the hypersport segment continues. So in 2015, Yamaha released a brand new R1 (read our), BMW deeply reworked its S1000RR (read our), Aprilia tweaked its RSV4 (read our) and Ducati inflated its Panigale.

GSX-R1000: availability, colors and prices

  • Availability: immediate in the

  • Colors: Blue, Black / Gray or Red / Black

  • Price: € 14,099 (ABS + € 500)

The simultaneous outings of these four particularly sharp motorcycles – but much more expensive too! – naturally eclipsed the arrival of ABS and a MotoGP livery on the GSX-R1000 … But Suzuki France has put the spotlight on its Gex by celebrating the 30 years of this emblematic model (read our ).

And this anniversary did not take place just anywhere: Suzuki took over the legendary Bugatti circuit, the scene where SERT stood out this year with its n ° 30 motorcycle painted in the colors of the Grand Prix GSX-RR, wearing to nine his number of victories on the Sarthoise track.

Invited to this great event – it elicited many very positive comments from participants on the Suzuki France Facebook page! -, Site took the opportunity to take back the controls of Hamamatsu’s Superbike, the last update of which was in 2012 (read our).

We remember that three years ago, the GSX-R1000 dropped its left silencer, exchanged the Tokico radial-mount calipers of the 2009 model ("K9" for close friends) with prettier and more efficient Brembo, shortened (from 5 mm!) The travel of its Showa "Big Piston Fork" and improved the grip of the saddle.

On the engine side, the 999 cc in-line 4-cylinder had received a multitude of corrections but its maximum power and torque values ​​remained unchanged: 185 horsepower at 11,500 rpm and 114.5 Nm 1,500 rpm lower (see our sheet technique on last page).

At the same time, Suzuki announced a decrease in fuel consumption of -8%. A data that the Journal moto du Net could not verify during the press presentation of the GSX-R1000 2012 which was held only on the track of Alès.

In the 2015 argument of the official website, "Suzuki sports car"is described as"perfect, that’s it". Site editorial staff obviously have to moderate what the Japanese say … and even reshape them !

"Not-redone" for 2015, the Suzuki receives a Bosh M9E type ABS which cannot be disconnected. Its addition results in safer braking in the wet, by an increase in weight of 2 kg (205 kg all full) and by an increased invoice of 500 euros (14 599 €).

From an aesthetic point of view, the tiny black toothed crown and the sensor hidden under the fork foot go unnoticed … unlike the Replica MotoGP colorway that our two test models wore: that of 106 hp to go down to Le Mans by the road, and that of 185 hp to attack the track !

This new Grand Prix livery (recently completed by the "vintage" one of the first GSX-R) suits him and is a real eye-catcher. "Traditionally, the black color is by far the one that works best on our Gex", says the marketing manager of Suzuki France,"but this year the blue is a huge success".

We must admit that metallic blue is as brilliant as it is deep. The white "SUZ" and "UKI" lettering inscribed on either side of the bike stand out clearly and the touches of fluorescent yellow and bright red on the rims and fairing perfectly energize the whole..

Curiously, the Japanese did not take advantage of this new decoration to highlight the cubic capacity of the beast. Discreetly inscribed on the raw plastic part – carbon imitation, really ?! -, the mention "1000" goes unnoticed … "No, no, it’s not a 750 but a 1000!" MNC replied to a good number of bikers during his test. A little annoying, no ?

Customers who fall for the MotoGP version or that of the 30 years are right to do so: their motorcycle could well become "collector", because without betraying a secret, this Gex L5 will be replaced next year by a new model which will break with the current dynasty…

For nearly fifteen years, "the GSX-R1000 offer an excellent road / circuit compromise", underlines our interlocutor at Suzuki France, Dominique Li-Pat-Yuen. But to return to the forefront of the market and the Superbike championship, the Yellows of Hamamatsu have no other choice but to radicalize their" Gex "…

The specifications are such that they will undoubtedly have to start from a blank sheet because the list of developments is long: maximum power of 200 horses, MotoGP size, Supersport weight, ride-by-wire throttle control, configurable traction control, anti-wheeling function, starting assistance (gun!), "up and down" quickshifter, electronically controlled suspensions … Some even mention a variable valve timing.

While waiting to discover this revolutionary GSX-R1000 2016 at the Milan and Paris shows at the end of the year, Site therefore left on the handlebars of the latest "Gex" to join the great family of GSX-R gathered on the Bugatti circuit. On the way, very good troop !

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